Planning a kitchen first-hand or remodelling it to upgrade your decor and the kitchen’s functionality remains a pretty challenging task on its own. Combine it with the burden of finding contemporary, resourceful yet economical kitchen fixtures and you’re probably looking at days of haphazard and futile groundwork. To help you avoid such pitiful instances, we do the work for you.

In today’s article, we’re going to be discussing about kitchen sinks; more specifically, about kitchen sinks from Elkay. Elkay kitchen sinks are popular among homemakers for their functional designs, durability, generous assurance periods and of course, highly competitive pricing. Elkay is also known for having a greater variety in sink materials as compared to some leading brands including Kraus, Ruvati and VIGO. Elkay manufactures stainless steel and granite composite sinks for the most part with durable composite granite sinks as their speciality. If you’d like to consider researching about more sink materials beforehand, you could refer our copper farmhouse sink reviews in addition to the standard stainless steel sink reviews on the market.

In this Elkay kitchen sink review, we’ve made sure to elaborate relevant aspects in relation to their products so that you know beforehand, what would be a realistic expectation if you’re looking for the best Elkay kitchen sinks in the market.

Elkay Kitchen Sink Reviews

1. Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322BQ0 Single Bowl Undermount Sink


  • Ample depth with a single bowl configuration enables you to handle large baking trays, tall pots and pans in the sink with ease.
  • Stone finish imparts an aspect of elegance to your kitchen
  • Multiple color options to match your kitchen décor scheme
  • Highly durable; sink material is resistant to cracks, chips and other impact damages
  • Matching bottom grid and drain strainer readily available


  • Quartz sinks are relatively heavy; installation might be a challenging task
  • Requires frequent cleaning to wash off soap water stains

Elkay composite sinks are undeniably sturdy, durable and resilient to factors that contribute in terrible aging of a common kitchen sink. The standard 33” sink fits easily in a pre-existing cut-out and upgrades your dishwashing experience to a whole different level. The smooth curved edges along with the ergonomic bottom gives you the convenience of enhanced drainage and easy cleaning. The build of the sink is best complemented with a designer upscale kitchen faucet with respect to both; appearance and functionality.  

2. Elkay Quartz Classic ELGU2522GR0 Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink


  • Reliability of quartz composite sink in a smaller size; ideal for kitchens with small base cabinets
  • 9 ½ inches of depth makes for a spacious bowl despite the reduced length
  • Composite material resistant to heat, scratches, stain and impact
  • A lot of color options to choose from to match your kitchen décor
  • Matching bottom grid and drain strainer available


  • Retains water marks
  • Sink surface might develop superficial scratches if used without a bottom grid

Perhaps you’d like the reliability of an Elkay kitchen sink with in a smaller size. Elkay manufactures a series of smaller kitchen sinks that span just over 24 inches in along the primary dimension. These sinks have still retained the generous depth and measure at around 9 ½” in the vertical dimension. Installing beneath the counter, these sinks provide a seamless continuity to your kitchen and sink interface while providing unmatched functionality for kitchens with smaller base cabinets. Like most granite and quartz composite kitchen sinks, this one too, is compatible with garbage disposals. You can find a good match to complete your set from our list of the best garbage disposals

3. Elkay Quartz Classic ELGU3322BK0 Double Undermount Kitchen Sink


  • 50/50 bowl distribution provides better utility for handling separate tasks side-by-side
  • Installing undermount, the sink sits seamlessly with your countertop
  • Non-porous sink material; naturally anti-bacterial
  • Extremely quiet as compare to metallic sinks
  • Resistant to scratches, stains, cracks and chips


  • Double bowl distribution may limit individual bowl space
  • Darker variants retain aftermarks from water and detergent

Combining the versatility of a dual bowl sink with the reliability of the quartz composite material, this one might just save the day! All our readers that find a double bowl configuration to better suit their needs can put their trust into this masterpiece from Elkay. The sink being crafted out of quartz composite material, it inherently carries all its benefits. To further augment the functionality of your double bowl kitchen sink, we’d advise a heavy-duty commercial kitchen faucet to pair it with. 

4. Elkay ECTRU30179RT Stainless Steel Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink


  • Constructed from durable T-304 16-gauge thick stainless steel
  • Undercoated with sound deadening pads to reduce noise
  • Industrial grade satin finish to protect the sink surface against stains and scratches
  • Generous bowl depth and grooved sink bottom make for easy drainage
  • Off-set type drain optimizes the available work space of the sink


  • Manufactured using a relatively thinner grade of stainless steel alloy
  • Despite being undercoated with noise cancellation pads, the sink is noisier than quartz composite sinks

Breaking the monotony , this stainless steel sink from Elkay is a neat alternative if you’re set on a metallic kitchen sink. Eliminating a major con of quartz composite sinks, their stainless steel counterparts do not retain any marks on the surface and hence, need not be cleaned as frequently. However, Elkay stainless steel sinks have their own cons that need to be analysed individually. We’ve listed these limitations above. 

5. Elkay ELGUS3322RBK0 Quartz Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink


  • Attractive built; complements some kitchen schemes better than rectangular sinks
  • Undermount flush installation gives your kitchen a clean and seamless look at the sink and counter interface
  • Doesn’t stain while withstanding heat up to over 500°F
  • Highly durable and resistant to scratches, stains, cracks and chips
  • Multiple color options to choose from


  • The sink is extremely tough; might break fragile dishes and other glassware if handled without caution
  • Darker variants retain after marks from soap and dishwashing liquids

If the regular rectangular sink doesn’t feel quite right to you based on your sense of design, this unique quartz composite sink might just be the one you’re looking for. The sink combines optimal proportions of design, durability and functionality. Further, despite the unique structure of the sink, you’d still easily find a fitting bottom grid for it. Needless to mention, the sink carries all inherent benefits of the versatile quartz composite. 

Elkay Sinks Buying Guide

Sink is an unsung hero in the kitchen– quietly lying about performing the most vital functions –washing dishes, veggiesand your hands in between cooking, saving endless visits in and out. It makes sense to carefully review your buying options before investing into one. We review today Elkay kitchen sinks – one of the top names in the industry. But if you’re interested in a general review of Kitchen Sinks which compares all the brands in the market, you must check our best kitchen sinks review roundup.

About Elkay – A Brief History

Elkay Kitchen Product Brand Review

The company has been in existence in Northern Chicago since 1920, started by Leopold and Louis Katz. The market at the time was devoid of good-quality sinks; the few that existed were unimaginably costly. Elkay entered the market as a bright ray of hope and has ever since spread out its wings across US as the only largest manufacturer of stainless steel kitchen sinks.

The company too started out as a family-run business like its other counterparts at the time. Interestingly, all others got sold off to private firms while Elkay is still owned and run as a family business. The company has made consistent efforts to establish its USP in the kitchen sinks market – highest quality offered at an easily affordable price.

Besides, Elkay stainless steel sinks are the company’s best offering to date, offering the customers maximum value for their money. The originally conceived baseline steel sinks are best known for their quality and durability but the company’s subsequent innovative product range is equally appalling. What makes Elkay stand out from the crowd is the importance it accords to the customer, ensuring that its customers are always 100% satisfied with the products purchased.

Why Elkay Sinks Stand Out

1. Meticulous sink designs

Elkay carefully designs its sinks to be a perfect blend of strength and elegance. This is why Elkay granite sink reviews suggest that these sinks are extremely smooth to touch and sturdy at the same time. Elkay kitchen sinks are built using a proprietary manufacturing process wherein natural quartz merges with high-performing, UV-resistant acrylic resins.

For additional impact resistance, organic fibres are also blended into these sinks.What’s more? Patented fibreglass webbing is moulded on to the sink’s base, further strengthening the functional area. Plus, Elkay granite composite sinks come in a host of beautiful shades for wide variety.

You can choose from black, greige, cream, grey, brown and white – as per your choice and to match with the kitchen décor.In addition, a rare combination of strength and beauty, Elkay composite sinks come in both single and double-bowl sink designs for added convenience and comfort.

2. Varied sink materials

Elkay isn’t just the leader in stainless steel kitchen sinks; there are a lot more stylish and innovative offerings in the brand’s kitty. All of these are equally popular among kitchen sink users and have made a niche for themselves over the years. Some examples include copper sinks, fireclay sinks, and quartz sinks.

In terms of popularity, quartz closely follows stainless steel. However, it’s important to note here that there still is no match to the invincible stainless variety in Elkay sinks. They’re built to last. In fact, the company’s baseline models use some of the best-quality stainless steel.

This is despite the fact that the company has of course come up with innovative variations over the years on popular public demand and to beat competition. But they can’t match up to the indomitable quality of their stainless steel counterpart – the original Elkay kitchen sinks pride.

3. Excellent built quality

Quality is what defines Elkay and all its products. The company was founded to offer the best quality product to the customer and it still proudly follows that principle to date.

This is why all the kitchen sinks from Elkay accord the maximum importance to build quality. Interestingly, where other competitors regard stainless steel kitchen sinks as low-price alternatives to other sink materials and thus offer low quality in their steel range, Elkay prides in its stainless steel variety.

The original offering from the company, its stainless steel sinks still rule the global market today with the highest quality offered at competitive prices. Unlike its competitors, Elkay gives top priority to maintaining the quality of all its sink materials – steel or otherwise. That, in no way, means that you can’t get any variety in this range. Elkay offers the best classy designs in stainless steel too. All variants are highly rated by existing users and hence can be approved for their durable quality. You might as well consider Blanco Silgranit Sinks if you’re into really tough and durable composite sinks. 

4. Limited lifetime warranties

Here too Elkay inevitably beats competition, offering limited lifetime warranty for all its products. Where kitchen sinks from other companies may start wearing off in some time, Elkay sinks are purposely designed to offer longer durability than the others.

This is also made possible due to the fact that Elkay primarily designs stainless steel kitchen sinks. Other companies focus more on quartz and other contemporary materials, keeping in tune with user demand, however, steel is made to last. Not to forget, Elkay accords high priority to the build quality of all its sinks, regardless of the materials used therein.

Coming back to its stainless steel variety, these sinks have relatively lesser chances of suffering considerable damage despite long use over a period of time. The only obvious damage you might come across are minor scratches on the sink surface, which are inevitable signs of regular wearing.


Elkay sinks stand out for their quality and affordability. And they’re rare to have retained their top position in this market on these terms. Other companies may falter on quality at times to offer lower prices to the customer. But Elkay has commendably maintained the cost to the buyer without compromising on their product quality.

In fact, Elkay would go the extra mile to make up for any loss to buyer from any of its products purchased. This is why Elkay remains the no. 1 preferred option for most kitchen sink buyers today. Most important, the promise of Elkay kitchen sinks that guarantees strength with style also attracts customers. It’s indeed a rare combination in this market and Elkay has succeeded in rendering this promise all these years.