Hello, all you lovely people! I welcome y’all to another kitchen review of mine at Bestkitchenbuy, where I try to ease the hassle involved in selecting the right products for your home. The aim of this particular review is to find the best kitchen sink that suits your kitchen in every desired aspect.

I remember back in the day, when we had recently moved in and I had to take charge of designing our new home. It was such a pain surfing through all those fancy appliances trying to figure out which would be best for me. I know you guys are already relating to me. That’s how you know you’re about to get some solid advice extracted through personal experience.

I’ve included a comprehensive kitchen sink buying guide further along this kitchen sink review , that I believe will escort you through your reluctance. All critical factors like sink styles, best kitchen sink materials, best kitchen sink brands and their consumer feedbacks have been discussed and considered while selecting our top picks. I’ve also researched thoroughly to compile my best sink recommendations among brands like Kraus, Ruvati, Elkay, Blanco and VIGO. Besides, if you’re specifically looking for a new sink and have a favorite material in mind, I’ve got you covered. You may refer my granite sink recommendations and copper sink reviews if these have your interest. Enough said, without any further blabbering, let’s dive right in!

Best Kitchen Sink Reviews (2020)

Product Category Bowl Config Size Cabinet Size Drain Type
1. Kraus KHU100-30 Best Undermount Sink Single Bowl 30 Inch 36 Inch Rear-Set
Check Price
2. Ruvati RVH8300 Best Workstation Sink Single Bowl 32 Inch 36 Inch Rear-Set
Check Price
3. Kraus KHF204-33 Best Farmhouse Sink Double Bowl 33 Inch 33 Inch Rear-Set
Check Price
4. Ruvati RVH8001 Best Drop-in Sink Single Bowl 33 Inch 36 Inch Rear-Set
Check Price
5. Zuhne Modena30 Best Customer Reviews Single Bowl 30 Inch 33 Inch Rear-Set
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Kraus 30-inch Single Bowl Best Undermount Kitchen Sink for small Kitchen
  • Dent resistant: Made out of dent resistant T-304 stainless steel
  • Smart Accessories: It comes with a stainless-steel grid to protect sink bottom
  • Easier cleaning: The commercial satin coating makes for effortless cleaning
  • Quiet: Over 80% of the sink area is covered with sound absorbing pads
  • Generous warranty period: Rest assured with a Limited lifetime warranty
  • Walls of the sink may retain watermarks and/or fingerprints
  • Satin finish may abrade over time
Overall Rating:

I need not mention the popularity of Kraus when it comes to kitchen and bathroom supplies. Top-notch quality and limited lifetime warranties on all their products being their prime assets, the brand continues to add value to modern kitchens. The KHU100 has received countless positive reviews on online retail platforms that swear by the value they got for their bucks.

The KHU100 undermount kitchen sink features an aesthetically appealing look while it also provides very efficient functionality. The exterior dimensions of this sink being 30” (length) x 18” (width) x 10” (depth), it provides adequate space to accommodate all your oversized cookware, platters and cutlery. Furthermore, this stainless steel sink easily contains splashing of water owing to the generous depth.

The sink is constructed out of grade T-304 steel that possesses commendable anti corrosive properties. Adding to that, T-304 stainless steel also imparts a high degree of resilience towards dents and fissures. You also need not worry about sharp cookware edges scratching the base of your sink as the stainless-steel grid (included in accessories) guards it.

Cleaning the sink is not even a job owing to the seamless satin coating applied over the stainless-steel body. Furthermore, the rounded edges/corners can be reached very easily unlike in other faulty designs. Additionally, the sink bottom is designed with grooves declined towards to the 3.5-inch drain opening to facilitate drainage. What else could you want to declare a design smart enough? I can’t point out a single flaw here.

Noise reduction, however remains the most influential aspect for most people when it comes to choosing a new kitchen sink for their home. I mentioned smart design a while ago, right? Well, this Kraus kitchen sink has everything sorted out. With over 80% of the sink area covered with sound absorbing pads, the KHU100-30 is one of the quietest sinks on the market.

Now this is the best part, you get all of that covered with a Limited lifetime warranty! You also get a 3-piece basket strainer set, a kitchen towel, mounting hardware and a cutout template included in the accessories. Does it get any better?

  • Spacious: 30-1/2” x 16” inner dimensions provide extravagant working area
  • Dent and stain resistant: Constructed out of grade T-304 stainless steel
  • Non-erosive outer finish: Commercial grade brushed finish is resilient to scratches
  • Sleek modern look: Sharp 90° edges make for an attractive look
  • Quiet: Thick sound absorbing pads covering exterior surface eliminate excess noise
  • Bountiful warranty period: Ruvati covers your purchase with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Zero radius sharp edges and acute corners are hard to clean
Overall Rating:

Ruvati is a yet another go-to brand for people to find exceptional quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Arguably, it is the only brand that rivals the quality standards set by Kraus. Founded in 2009, the brand has ethically figured out the permutations for consumer satisfaction in a very short span of time.

The RVH8300 is a convertible Undermount kitchen sink that can be completely transformed into a workspace using the complementary accessories included in your purchase. The accessories include a wooden chopping board, a perforated stainless-steel colander and a roll -up rack that can be used to drain off dripping water and dry dishes. All of the three adjuncts can easily slide over the ledges provided on the front and back walls of the sink.

The Ruvati RVH8300 kitchen sink extends for a length of 32 inches and width of 19 inches (exterior dimensions) providing ample space to harbour all your pots and pans. Furthermore, 10 inches of depth ensures complete submergence. I reckon, you’d have sufficient clearance to work hassle-free even after stuffing all your night’s utensils at once.

The RVH8300 too is made out of grade T-304 stainless steel. So, the sink is inherently resistant to staining and corrosion. The final finish is however dissimilar to Kraus KHU100. Ruvati manages to eliminate the glitch of erosive outer finish by employing a commercial grade brushed finish rather than the generic satin finish.  The seamless brushed finish not only enhances the look of your sink but also alleviates cleaning.

The sink design exhibits sharp inside edges with zero radius curvature unlike the Kraus KHU100. Despite adding slight difficulty to reach sharp corners and edges, the design claims an enhanced modern look nonetheless. Secondly, the sink bottom is designed with grooves sloping towards the 3.5-inch drain opening to enhance drainage. Also, the stainless-steel grid (included) guards the sink for any potential scratches.

The external surfaces of the sink being covered with a thick rubber padding, the noise produced is very minimal. All in all, this model from Ruvati is quite comparable to my former pick and provides righteous value for money. Besides, you get a limited lifetime warranty on your purchase.

Note: Minimum base cabinet size required for this model is 36 inches. This sink is however available in a variety of sizes if your cabinet size concerns you.

  • Elegance: The exposed front edge of the farmhouse kitchen sink makes for an engaging sight
  • Sturdy construction: The sink being made out of grade T-304 stainless-steel offers high resilience towards deformation
  • Improved functionality: A 60/40 basin split allows to separate dirty and clean crockery
  • Noise Absorption: Over 80% of the sink base is covered with thick sound absorbing pads
  • Warranty: All kitchen sinks from Kraus come with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Satin finish on the apron is prone to scratches
Overall Rating:

What better than a gorgeous farmhouse kitchen sink that persuades your guests into complimenting your design expertise. Kraus presents a yet another masterpiece for people prioritising a farmhouse style kitchen sink over regular Undermount and Top-mount styles. The typical benefits of having an apron front style kitchen sink include better overall aesthetics and umm.. yeah, that’s pretty much it. But wait! That alone stays a decisive factor for many people. And you know I’m not exaggerating there. If you’re relating with me here, you might want to check my favorite materials for farmhouse kitchen sinks

However, this farmhouse kitchen sink from Kraus offers much more than just appealing looks. It being constructed from 16-guage T-304 grade stainless steel, add durability and dent-resistance to the list alongside sheer elegance. Besides, double bowl kitchen sinks are always more functional than single bowl alternatives. But, if for some reason, you’d prefer a single bowl farmhouse kitchen sink, this range from Kraus has multiple variants at your disposal.

The sink is 32.9 inches in length and 20.75 inches in width. So, you need a cabinet size of at least 33 inches for it to seamlessly fit in. It is however only advisable to consider installing a farmhouse kitchen sink when you’re redesigning or remodelling your kitchen. The reason being it often takes custom cabinet sizes to ensure accurate installation.

Other quality and functionality related aspects of this kitchen sink remain same as the Kraus KHU100. The stainless-steel construction is glazed with a satin finish for effortless cleaning. Both the bowls have a stainless-steel grid to protect the respective bottoms from scratching. Also, bottoms of both the bowls are designed with grooves declined to their respective drainage holes for efficient drainage.

Furthermore, with thick sound absorbing pads covering over 80% of the sink base, most of the noise produced while dishwashing is eliminated. Also, dare I do not mention that your purchase is covered with a limited lifetime warranty!

  • Spacious: The sink can accommodate even the largest pans in your kitchen
  • Scratch-resistant finish: The commercial brushed finish is highly scratch resistant
  • Easy installation: Being a top-mount sink, it is inherently easier to install
  • Functional: The sink has four holes drilled in the rear rim for additional fixtures
  • Brand reliability: Ruvati covers all their kitchen sinks with a limited lifetime warranty
  • The acute edges and corners might take some effort to clean
Overall Rating:

If you’re a fan of the top-mount look, you should search no further than this topmount kitchen sink from Ruvati. This 33-inch sink displays the perfect blend of build quality, aesthetics and functionality.

The sink’s exterior dimensions being 33 inches x 22 inches, everything from oversized pots and pans to full sized platters fit in easily. A vertical space of 10 inches ensures that you have sufficient clearance to work with.

Coming from a reliable brand, the sink is obviously made out of grade T-304 stainless steel and hence is corrosion resistant. Furthermore, the sink has a commercial grade brushed finish which is more resilient than the generic satin finish. Also, a brushed finish gives the sink a matching look to your other kitchen appliances.

The sink base is coated with a thick rubber padding to ensure minimal noise production. This drop-in kitchen sink sports zero radius sharp edges giving it a sleek modern look. 

This provision however compromises reach to the sharp edges and acute corners. Moving ahead, the base of the sink is designed with grooves declined towards the 3.5-inch drain opening to facilitate drainage. The base is further protected from scratches by a stainless-steel grid like we’d expect.

The rim of the sink has 4 pre-drilled holes dedicated to a faucet and other fixtures. The central (smaller) one is for the faucet. The other three holes have stainless-steel hole plugs in case you do not need them at the time of installation. Oh, and by the way, did I mention how swift is it to install it? The thing is called a “drop-in” after all.

The only flaw I can point out here is that the sharp edges and acute corners might accumulate grime over time. I’m, however, personally convinced that the RVH8001 from Ruvati is one the best Topmount sinks on the market. This sink is also covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Economical: Priced low as compared to similar competing models from other brands
  • Resourceful: Can be doubled as a workstation
  • Durable: Commercial grade T-304 steel construction renders the sink a high resilience towards corrosion
  • Trusted: Received more 5-star reviews than any other model on Amazon
  • Efficient sound insulation: Stainless-steel body is covered with thick sound absorbing pads
  • Lifetime warranty: Your purchase is covered with a lifetime warranty
  • Satin finish is prone to scratches
  • The side walls of the sink can retain watermarks
Overall Rating:

Although all models on my list have exceptional customer feedback, this Undermount kitchen sink from ZUHNE is a notch higher. Talk about value for money, quality standards and after sales service. The brand has it all balanced and consequently, remains people’s favourite.

This Undermount kitchen sink form ZUHNE is very reasonably priced when compared to similar models from other brands. Besides, it also comes with extra handy accessories including a perforated colander, sponge holder, drain strainer and a stopper. The colander, however, rests over your counter unlike in the Ruvati RVH8300 where it had dedicated ledges.

ZUHNE Modena Undermount kitchen sink is fabricated form 16-guage T-304 grade stainless steel as favoured by users. The sink further has a brushed satin finish for it to be easy to clean. Also, this finish renders the basin a matching look with a luxury kitchen faucet and other stainless-steel appliances.

In line with the expectations, the kitchen sink comes with a stainless-steel grid that protects the bottom of the sink from scratches.

Also, the base of the sink is designed with grooves leading towards the drainage opening to ensure better drainage. Furthermore, this sink is equipped with advanced sound insulation technology making it an ultra-quiet kitchen sink.

The edges and corners of the sink are not sharp 90 degree turns but rather smooth curves making it easier to reach and clean them. For under $200, this I believe, is a steal deal. The quality of material used and complementary accessories were alone commendable at such price, the brand tops it off with a lifetime warranty as well!

Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

If you’re reading this, I’ll presume you’re a bit skeptical regarding the new kitchen sink that you’re about to buy. Also, I think you’d expect me to share all the critical information you should consider before buying the best kitchen sink.

Well, that’s exactly what’s about to down! Further ahead, I dissect all the factors that make a kitchen sink worth considering for evaluation. Give it a thorough read and I believe, you’d be able to crack the code for yourself. For your reference, I’ve also listed 5 of my personal best picks that are the absolute prime in their respective categories. Check them out once you’re through.

Here’s everything you need to know before buying a kitchen sink. So, without wasting a minute, let’s make it an easy job for you!

I. Types of Kitchen Sinks

As you might be already aware, kitchen sinks come in different shapes, sizes and materials. We’ve broadly categorized them into the following two categories.

A. Based on Installation Method

1. Undermount Kitchen Sink
Best Undermount Kitchen Sink
  • There’s no rim between the countertop and the sink. So, you can directly wipe small crumbs off your counter into the sink without worrying about anything getting caught up under the rim.
  • An undermount kitchen sink offers a sophisticated look to your kitchen owing to the seamless continuity from the countertop to the sink bottom.
  • An undermount sink is harder to install as compared to drop-in kitchen sinks
  • These are often a bit more expensive than top-mount sinks with similar configurations

As the name suggests, an undermount kitchen sink is installed from beneath the counter. Meaning, it is bolted to the under surface of the counter with the help of washers and nuts provided along with your purchase. Due to such installation, the countertop runs in perfect continuation with the sink walls. Installing an undermount kitchen sink is a bit laborious than a drop-in kitchen sink (discussed later).

However, an undermount kitchen sink adds a seamless touch to your counter. People are generally inclined towards this type owing to the sheer elegance it provides to the kitchen. A variety of materials can be used to manufacture undermount kitchen sinks. These include stainless steel, copper, composite granite and fireclay. Also, these are available as single and double bowl sinks.

Undermount sinks work great with waterproof countertops like granite and marble. However, these are not recommended with laminate countertops. Reason being the edge between the countertop and sink is exposed to water spillage and hence prone to water induced damage. You can read the pros and cons of Undermount kitchen sinks.

2. Drop-in Kitchen Sink
Best Drop in Kitchen Sink
  • Top-mount kitchen sinks cost less in the first place and also involve less labour charges owing to easy installation
  • Installing a top-mount kitchen sink might as well become an interesting DIY project for you
  • If at all, you need to change your kitchen sink, a top-mount sink can be easily replaced without altering the counter cut-out.
  • The counter residues get caught up under the sink rim and develop into gunk over time

Drop-in sinks are also popularly known as top-mount sinks. A top-mount sink has a clearly visible rim along the periphery of the sink that rests flat on the counter. Installing a drop-in kitchen sink includes very little manual labour unlike in the case of undermount sinks. It merely includes dropping the sink into the countertop cut-out and clamping the rims with the counter using the metal clips.

Cleaning the counter for crumbed residues may bother you here. Such tiny bits of gunk generally get caught in and around the sink’s rim. This aspect is, however, compensated by the fact that these can be easily installed, are inexpensive and are readily available for modifications.

Have a look at some pros and cons of Drop-in kitchen sinks

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
Best Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Reviews
  • A farmhouse sink claims attention. If you want your sink to be the centre of attraction in your kitchen, this is your go-to sink type
  • These come in a variety of materials including stainless steel, cast iron, fireclay and copper. Also, you’ll easily find single bowl and double bowl options fairly easily
  • Farmhouse sinks are typically installed under the counter, so you can easily wipe residues off the counter directly into the sink
  • Apron front sinks are generally pricier than undermount and top-mount variants
  • The exposed Apron front is prone to wearing in the long run

Ah! Are we here already? Pardon my drooling tone here, if you notice it, which I’m quite sure you will. I’ll try my best to not over-emphasize and keep it just.

Farmhouse sinks (also popularly known as Apron front sinks) have gained massive admiration owing to the cozy tenderness associated with it’s looks. These symbolically represent the good old country cottages and carry a warm homely feeling. Apron front sinks have been traditionally used for a varied range of purposes including scrubbing pots and pans, washing clothes and bathing babies.

Nothing adds sophisticated elegance to the kitchen like these do. Farmhouse sinks are long enough to accommodate baking trays and sheet pans, deep enough to stack a pile of them and wide enough to easily move things around. The exposed apron front catches the eye in an instant and is sure to be the focus of your kitchen.

Unlike Undermount or top-mount kitchen sinks, Apron front sinks are installed by sliding the sink in the custom gap created in the counter. The weight of the sink is entirely supported by the cabinet beneath. A custom-built cabinetry and countertop are, however, a prerequisite for installing most Apron front kitchen sinks.

There’s this one drawback I’d like to bring your notice. The exposed stainless-steel Apron on the front can get scratched over time due to regular contact with metallic elements at waist level like the Belt buckle.

B. Based on number of Bowls

Just for the sake of mentioning it, there are two prominent types of kitchen sinks based on the number of bowls: Single bowl and double bowl sinks.

1. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
Best Single bowl Kitchen sink
  • Single bowl sinks can easily lodge a pile of dirty dishes, pots and pans along with the cutlery all at once. You’ll still have plenty of space left to work.
  • Ideal for small kitchens
  • It requires some expertise to wash, rinse and then drain in the same bowl.

Single bowl sinks have a large solitary bowl. Some people prefer this type because of its ability to accommodate large plates and pans easily. These come in a varied range of primary dimension right from around 12 inches to a staggering 33 inches.

As far as you select the right size according to your personal needs, you’d never struggle cleaning baking trays and sheet pans. On the downside, you might have a hard time separating clean dishes from the dirty ones while dishwashing. You might as well need a separate perforated basket to let that excess water drip off of cleaned utensils.

Single bowls are mostly the preferred choice they can house all size of sheets and utensils along with  other additions based on your sink. You don’t need to worry about adding other fixtures like a dispenser or a garbage disposal. If you’re planning to get a quiet and functional garbage disposal along with your sink, refer our comprehensive guide for the best garbage disposals for models in ever price range. 

2. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink
Best Double bowl kitchen sink undermount
  • If you wash your dishes by hand, a double bowl sink can make your job much more organised.
  • You can pile up all your dirty dishes in one bowl while still be able to use the other for food prep tasks
  • Individual sink bowls may not be able to accommodate the largest pans amongst your cookware sets

Here, the sink is divided into two separate compartments in 30/70, 40/60 or 50/50 proportions. Some people prefer double bowl sinks because of improved functionality. Dishwashing becomes easier with one bowl containing soapy water for scrubbing and the other containing clean water for rinsing. Moreover, some models come with handy accessories like a drying rack that can be kept over the other bowl to help dry dishes.

Alternatively, you can choose to pile up dirty dishes in one bowl and still have a bowl for tasks like washing your fruits and vegetables. I’d recommend getting a 40/60 or 50/50 double bowl sink if organised dishwashing is your primary concern.

On the downside, people often deduce that individual bowls are not big enough to house sheet pans and other oversized cookware.

II. Kitchen Sink Materials

The sink material is directly related to some critical factors when it comes to buying the best kitchen sink. The material of the sink determines its superficial appearance, durability and maintenance requisites. Selecting a material that bestows the right balance of looks and durability is the key to narrowing down your quest.

Following are some of the most prominent sink materials that combine all favourable characteristics in optimal proportions.

1. Stainless Steel

Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Since its inception, stainless steel has found countless applications in the industrial sector. The alloy has the perfect blend of desirable qualities making it one of the top preferences for manufacturers. Stainless steel sinks as opposed to cast iron, are lighter and rather forgiving on fragile dishes. Below are some factors that make stainless-steel, a preferred option for sink producing brands.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • High strength
  • Machinability
  • Attractive appearance
  • Low maintenance

Owing to these fascinating properties, stainless-steel sinks are the most widely used kitchen sinks all over the globe. On the downside, stainless steel construction can result in noisy sinks owing to the water hitting the sink bottom. 

However, leading brands manufacturing stainless-steel sinks correct this issue by wrapping the under-surface with thick sound absorbing pads. Also, sharp cookware can easily scratch through the outer finish. Therefore, most metallic sinks include a stainless-steel grid to protect the sink bottom from scratches.

So, if you opt to go with a stainless-steel sink, make sure, it has some sort of noise deadening mechanism in its design and a protective grid to avoid scratches on the bottom.

2. Granite Stone

Granite Stone Sinks for Kitchen

Granite is another reliable raw material for manufacturing sinks. Apart from being highly durable, granite sinks go very well with any kitchen décor.

Granite sinks have multiple benefits over metallic sinks including high resilience to scratches, and negligible noise production. Besides, granite stone sinks are available in a huge variety of colours. So, you can choose what goes best with your kitchen background scheme.

You also need not worry about sharp cutlery scratching the sink surface. Furthermore, Granite surface is immune to fingerprints and water marks unlike metallic surfaces. Elkay kitchen sinks are one of the loved options among brands that manufacture composite granite sinks. 

For the cons, granite stone sinks are heavier than other materials and are also prone to cracks. It can however be avoided by maintaining conventional behaviour around your sink.

3. Copper

Copper sink for kitchen

Copper is a softer metal when compared against custom made alloys. It, therefore, becomes important to insist on a thicker gauge if you’ve decided to go for this lustrous look in your kitchen.

Copper sinks are available as single and double bowl sinks in all prominent categories including Undermount, Drop-in and Farmhouse styles. Be it the smooth finish or the hammered finish, both variants carry extraordinary aesthetic appeal.

One clear advantage of owning a copper sink is that it is inherently anti-microbial. So, you got no worries of sterilizing your sink every now and then. Also, copper is a highly malleable metal. So, it can be moulded into desired shapes and sizes fairly easily. You can read our copper sink review to find the best sinks to buy.

Owning a copper sink involves some negatives as well. Smooth finished copper sinks are prone to scratches and dents. Also, copper has a tendency to change colour over time (Copper develops a greenish patina due to oxidation). This is a unique property of copper and users often tend to embrace it rather than mentioning it as a con.

Apart from that, you need to be extra careful while selecting your sink cleaning liquids. Copper is highly sensitive to acid and other harsh chemicals. If used regardless, such chemicals can wear off the patina and expose bright spots on the sink surface. The patina often comes back with time, but it may display a difference in shade with the existing spots.

4. Fireclay

fireclay farm style kitchen sink

Fireclay sinks are classified under the category of ceramic sinks. These sinks are essentially moulded at extremely high temperatures. Subsequently, the outer surface of the fireclay sink is coated with a porcelain enamel and dried at 2000 °F for as long as 24 hours.

Such manufacturing procedure results in a tough, smooth and a highly durable sink. Although you are assured with a long-lasting service life, there is a limited choice of shapes, colour and finishes in fireclay sinks unlike in the case of granite stone sinks.

The heat-hardened enamel coating bestows the fireclay sink an immunity against scratches. Furthermore, cleaning stains is as easy as wiping the basin with a wet cloth. On the downside, fireclay sinks are heavy and require supervised installation. Also, you need to make sure if your counter can offer the needed support.

5. Cast Iron

Double bowl Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

Cast iron is a yet another widely used kitchen sink material. Typically, cast iron is coated with a layer of porcelain or enamel to give the sink a smooth and seamless look. People might often confuse these with fireclay sinks because of the similar outer appearance. One point of distinction is that these have a greater variety in shapes and sizes unlike fireclay sinks.

Cast iron is associated with remarkable durability just like stainless-steel. The outer porcelain coating can however suffer damage from impacts.

III. Best Kitchen Sink Brands

You’ll come across a lot of brands that manufacture kitchen sinks. Some have been in the business for years while others trying to take a spot. Regardless, here are the some of the best kitchen sink brands that you must look for, before taking the leap.

1. Kraus Kitchen Sink

Top 5 Best Kitchen Sinks - Reviews and Buying Guide

Kraus is indeed amongst one of the most established plumbing fixtures brands in the US. They’ve been winning over customers by constantly striving to improve the value their products provide.

Besides being affordable, their kitchen fixtures exhibit a great deal of desirable features. From impeccable designs to durable raw materials, I believe they’ve deciphered the perfect blend. The company covers all its kitchen and bathroom products with a limited lifetime warranty. Furthermore, the brand is well-known for reliable after-sales service and customer support. With over a decade of doing what they do best, they’ve easily secured a spot in my ‘go-to brands’ list.

2. Ruvati Kitchen Sink

Ruvati is the best Kitchen Sink brand in United States

Founded in 2009, Ruvati is a tough competitor for the sink producing brands sitting at the top. With Uncompromising quality of their products, they’ve built a solid foundation for the company. Increasing number of sales each year is a clear indication of the “onwards and upwards” mentality of the brand.

Their products combine elegance, functionality and durability in the right ratios. Ruvati offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products further cementing their trustworthiness as a brand.

3. Kohler Kitchen Sink

Kohler is the best Kitchen Sink brand

I can bet good money, you’ve already known this giant all this while or you’ve heard the name a couple of times to the least. KOHLER is a renowned kitchen and bathroom fixtures brand that people trust blindly.

The company is known for its exceptional customer service and limited lifetime warranties on all their products.

4. Blanco Kitchen Sink

Best Kitchen Sinks Brand Blanco

I know you’ve been expecting this one. Blanco is a yet another kitchen and bathroom fixtures giant that was founded about a decade ago in Germany and has made its way to US market decades earlier. Blanco values their customer’s trust more than anything. Blanco kitchen sinks are distinguished by their superios material, shape and design.

Moen sinks come with a variety of warranty offers. Some with a 5-year limited, others with 10-year and some with even a limited lifetime warranty.

5. Vigo Kitchen Sink

Vigo Kitchen Sink Brand

Vigo like other trusted brands in the US market has been winning over households for decades. The brand’s sheer dedication to provide pristine quality kitchen and bathroom sinks has definitely been acknowledged and the favour been returned with warmth. 

Vigo kitchen sinks are characterized elite selection of material, thoughtful design to optimise utility and heft lifetime warranties. Like with any other established kitchen and bathroom fixtures brand, you can rely on the quality and service of this brand without any hesitation.


That’s about everything you need to consider before buying a kitchen sink. I really hope that this comprehensive buying guide helped you in finding the best kitchen sink for your home. I’ll re-emphasize, it’s not about the most lavish materials or the most expensive brand. It’s about figuring out which one adds the most value to your kitchen.

If you’ve come this far, I appreciate you and I sincerely hope your purpose is served. Until next time, keep cooking 🙂

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