Best Induction Slide-in Range Reviews

Best Induction Slide-in Range Reviews

Deciding upon the ideal cooking range is very tricky since there are multiple options for dotting the market. The choice of fuel type, for instance, can get buyers very confused. Generally, there are two types in regard to fuel – electrical and gas-powered. While gas-fuelled ranges are still quite popular, electrical ranges are gaining popularity as the heating elements of these ranges are better than the gas-fuelled contemporaries. There are some Dual fuel Ranges as well that have electric oven and cooktop is gas-powered. Plus, these ranges look very sleek and trendy, ideal for a modern Cosmo kitchen. 

The difference in the installation process is yet another concern that people tend to address before buying a cooking range. Any slide in induction range review suggests that installing these types of ranges is not difficult. All that is required is the perfect positioning between cabinets and specific clearance to set up the range. 

But buying a range involves more than just going through the types and the installation process. To that end, this induction slide-in range review might come in handy, for we have handpicked a few of the best induction slide in range models and also listed a few essential features that you need to consider before you can make your closing decision.

Best Induction Slide In Range - Reviews & Guide

Product Size Oven Capacity No. of burners Installation type Price
Best Induction Slide-in Range Reviews 1. Frigidaire FGIH3047VF Slide-in Induction Range 30 Inch 5.4 cu. ft. 4 Free Standing Check Price
Best Induction Slide-in Range Reviews 2. Frigidaire FFMV1645TS Freestanding Induction Range 30 Inch 5.3 cu. ft. 4 Free Standing Check Price
Best Induction Slide-in Range Reviews 3. Bosch HII8055U Slide-in Induction Range 30 Inch 4.6 cu. ft. 4 Slide-In Check Price
Best Induction Slide-in Range Reviews 4. LG LSE4616ST Slide-In Induction Range 30 Inch 6.3 cu. ft. 5 Slide-In Check Price
Best Induction Slide-in Range Reviews 5. GE PHB920SJSS Induction and Convection Range 30 Inch 5.3 cu. ft. 5 Freestanding Check Price
Frigidaire FGIH3047VF 30 Inch Slide-in Induction Range
  • The smooth, cool cooktop is very useful.
  • Very easy to clean the range.
  • Does not scratch easily.
  • Comes with a child-lock feature.
  • The ceramic glass cooktop is heat resistant.
  • The true convection is not perfect.
  • The control panel is a tad bit finicky.

The Frigidaire FGIH3047VF is, in our opinion, the best induction slide in range in its budget segment. The 5.4 cu. ft. oven has both steam and fast cleaning options, which make the cooking easy. In addition to that, it features a true convection mode, even baking technology, temperature precision, and is both K and ADA compliant. 

The range has been designed to keep the cooking top neat. Using this range has never been easier, unlike using traditional and electric gas ranges. Even the induction installed on the range heats only the targeted pots and pans while the area around it remains cool to touch, thus making cleaning easy. The speed of the induction, too, is very high and does not take much time to heat water. 

It also features an Air fry mode, which makes this range all the more desirable. This model has gained a lot of popularity as more and more people are interested in leading a healthy lifestyle, and food has become a major part of it. To add feathers to the cap, this is the first range to include the Air fry feature.

Not only is the oven spacious providing the first of its kind cooking features, but its True convection mode also bakes like a dream. The multi-rack setup is backed with a powerful convection fan, and the third heating element spreads out the heat evenly. 

  • Auto-size pan detection feature included
  • Oven space bigger than most models
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not scratch easily for the stainless finish
  • LCD light control panel makes it easy to monitor cooking
  • Not a big oven window

This piece combines the best of both worlds. In other words, the joy of grilling in a multi-setting oven along with the pleasures of cooking in a completely different device. Sounds too good to be true? Well, the Frigidaire FFMV1645TS 30 Inch Freestanding Induction Range offers just that! 

This 2-piece stainless steel package comes with:

  • 1 x Frigidaire FFIF3054TS 30″ Freestanding Induction Range
  • 1 x Frigidaire FFMV1645TS 30″ Over the Range Microwave

The range features four burners that have varying heat capacity. This allows one to use high heat temperature on one burner at a time while using another burner for slow cooking. The BTUs of each burner is so arranged to make way for both kinds of cooking. 

The control panel on the range is very effective. It is a clear LCD panel, which makes it very easy to control the range. Temperature control is smooth, and no force is required to get it done. 

Additionally, the product is very sturdy; the steel racks are strong and durable. Plus, the outside of the range has a stainless-steel finish which resists scratches. The oven of the range has multi-stage cooking facilities, which make it easy for users. With a 1.6 cubic feet capacity, heating a large quantity of food is easy.

  • Induction is very effective. Heats up quickly
  • Safe to operate the range
  • Does not have an open flame or any super-hot filament
  • Cooktop does not get too hot 
  • The induction cooktop has a precise temperature up to 18 levels
  • The oven features a 35-degree temperature swing
  • The manual included does not list the new features and changes made by the company

The Bosch HII8055U 30 Inch Slide-in Induction Range comes with an ultra-smooth cooktop and a 4.6 cu. Ft primary oven, which includes warming, self-cleaning, convection, and stainless-steel design. 

The cooktop is very effective and heats up very quickly so that no extra time is spent in the kitchen. Additionally, the European convection design provides even heating results which do not leave any cold spots in the food being prepared. 

The range also offers a unique induction technology that makes way for precise, fast, and effective cooking. Plus, the Autochef mode controls the temperature during the cooking process, especially while frying. 

The Precise Select feature included in the range makes it easy to change the temperature of the heating element, and the Safe Start feature comes into play only when active while using suitable cookware in the right position.

The 4.6 cu. Ft. The oven is quite large and can accommodate most pans and pots. Even the self-cleaning feature of the oven is quite powerful, reducing leftover food into ash so that no harsh chemicals are used. All is required is thorough wiping to keep the oven clean. 

The temperature probe feature included with the oven is also very useful. A user does not have to open the oven frequently to check the temperature, which can be easily monitored with the temperature probe. Finally, the warming drawer included with the range keeps the food room until served. 

  • Easy to use
  • The range is feature loaded
  • Fast heating and effective temperature change response included
  • The cooktop remains cool when no pans are placed on the burner
  • Oven racks are difficult to slide
  • Control panel acts up at times

The LG LSE4616ST 30 Inch Slide-In Induction Range is feature-loaded. It comes with a well-designed cooktop that speeds up cooking. The cooktop is ideal for broiling, roasting, and of course, boiling. One of the best features is that the oven can be connected to the Wi-Fi. 

Overall, this range is a hefty cooking gadget. The standard width of the same is 30 inches, and it is a slide-in model. The cooktop included four burners and a warming zone. The burners have LED bars placed below to display the power level each time a burner is used. Additionally, the cooktop only functions with cookwares that have a magnetic base. 

The oven included in the range is quite big, almost 6.3 cubic feet and comes with a convection fan placed right at the back of the oven to keep the temperature and heat evenly distributed throughout the oven. The oven features convection baking, convection roast, warm, speed roast, self-cleaning, easy cleaning, broiling, speed broiling, and baking. 

The company has also included two traditional oven racks along with a gliding rack that operates like a drawer and makes it easy to remove items from the oven. 

Additionally, there is a temperature probe that can be used to check the roasting temperature. Finally, a warming drawer is included beneath the oven to keep food items warm till served. 

  • Induction heats up quickly and has even heat distribution
  • The oven is quite large
  • Features are easy to use
  • The range is easy to clean
  • Display panel facilities temperature control
  • Burners don’t work at times
  • The oven is noisy

The GE PHB920SJSS, though might be humble-looking, comes with some great powerful and useful features. Of all the features that are notable about the range, its integration with Alexa is by far the most notable one. 

The oven size is 5.3 cu. Ft offers five elements and has a True European Convection design. The GE oven works on a GE app that can monitor the temperature of cooking with the help of Alexa. Additionally, Alexa “Skill” can be used to voice control of this device. 

However, you need to know that Alexa can only access a few parts of the oven like the cooktop burners or the broiler. In addition to its unique Wi-Fi features, the cooktop of the range is very effective. The induction burners broil pleasantly and circulate the heat very evenly. The fifth element of the cooktop functions like a warming zone and keeps the food warm until served. Owing to its True European design with precise air allows effective fast and easy cooking.

The cooktop has an edge-to-edge design, which is quite large and seamless. The grey patterned ceramic glass top is easy to clean. 

In addition to being Wi-Fi controlled, the oven too has quite a few amazing features like auto shut off with override, auto recipe conversion, sabbath mode, and much more. 

Finally, the self-cleaning racks are sturdy and well-made and are easy to clean. 

Other Slide-In Ranges to consider:

Fuel type
Cooktop Style
Oven Capacity
Oven Cleaning
1. Frigidaire FFEH3054US
Ceramic Glass
5.0 Cu. ft.
Check Price
2. Frigidaire FPGH3077RF
Gas Burners
5.1 Cu. ft.
Check Price
3. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U
Gas Burners
4.2 Cu. ft.
Manual Cleaning
Check Price
4. Whirlpool WFE540H0ES
Ceramic Glass
6.4 Cu. ft.
Check Price
5. Samsung NE58F9500SS
Ceramic Glass
5.8 Cu. ft.
Self-Cleaning with steam
Check Price
6. KitchenAid KSGG700ESS
Gas Burners
5.8 Cu. ft.
Self-Cleaning with Steam
Check Price

How to Select the Best Induction Slide-In Range:

What is an Induction Range?

What is an Induction Range

Induction ranges are quite similar to a typical glass-top electric range in terms of looks. The biggest benefit of using this range rests on the electromagnetic field that is placed on an induction. Though this field does not glow, it heats up much faster than any gas-fuelled range and thus is quite popular. 

Additionally, the induction oven ranges broil and bake very fast. The heat generated on the induction cooktop transfers quickly to the pots placed on the cooktop. As soon as the posts are removed, the heating is stopped. Since the heat goes from the cooktop right to the pans, the glass surface never gets hot, which is a big issue with a gas range. 

On top of that, if the induction burner is turned on with no pots or pans placed on it, it does not get hot, which is an added safety feature. Most induction ranges look very chic and sleek, which makes it an ideal addition to a modular kitchen.

Requisites to Install a Slide-in Induction Range:

Each slide-in induction range has certain spacing dimensions that must be met before the range can be installed. The installation location itself must be clutter-free, at least any cabinet, storage facilities placed on the top of the range must be avoided to avoid the risk of a fire. A range hood that extends at least 5” beyond the front of the cabinet is essential. If at all cabinets have to be placed above the cooktop, it should not be deeper than 13″. 

Each slide-in range comes with some basic stability device placed at the back of the range. These anti-tip devices or stability chains must be placed on the upper side holes to keep the setup in place. After preparing the counter for the installation process, proper and minute attention must be given to the electrical requirement. For the sake of personal safety, extension cords must never be used with cooking ranges. Additionally, all open circuit breaks and house fuses must be removed. 

Prior to the installation, the local electrical codes must be checked. If proper government codes are not followed, it might result in an accident. Ideally, getting a well-trained electrician to set up the electrical points for the range is a good idea as the installation requires a dedicated electrical power outlet.

Factors to Consider While Buying an Induction Slide-in Range:

1. Cookware Compatibility

It must be noted that not every pot and pan is compatible with cooking on induction. Cookwares to be placed on inductions must be flat, smooth, and magnetic. However, one might get duped while buying such a vessel. Thus, it’s a good idea to use a magnet to check the bottom of the range before. If the magnet sticks, then the vessel is ideal for induction cooking. 

Generally, stainless steel, cast iron, and enamelled cast-iron work on induction cooktops. Aluminium, glass, and copper vessels don’t function on induction ranges. However, if one purchases an all-metal induction that uses iron plates, a.k.a converters, then cookware made with any material will function. 

2. Oven Capacity

The oven capacity of your induction slide-in range will be dependent on whether or not it will be the primary oven in the kitchen. A roomy oven, for instance, comes in handy while baking or having a party. While some ranges include small ovens (2 cubic feet), others include sufficiently big ones (4 cubic feet). 

However, which oven will come in handy will depend on the type and amount of food being prepared. For instance, it’s not possible to fit a whole turkey in the 2 cubic feet oven, while it can fit very easily in the 4 cubic feet oven. Additionally, a single and double-door configuration of the oven must be checked as well. 

3. Oven Racks and Positions

The number of oven racks goes a long way in deciding how many dishes can be prepared in the oven. Two forms of oven racks are generally installed in ovens. These are standard and gliding racks. The gliding racks offer a slide option so that it can be taken out of the oven with ease. This is a very useful feature and comes in handy while roasting meat and does not allow the food items to tip over. Gliding racks are generally placed at the bottom of the oven since roasting generally takes place here. 

Above these, the standard racks are placed. The positioning of the racks adds to the taste of the food and makes it easy to prepare. Each rack placed in the oven has a different temperature range. For instance, the bottom acks are ideal for heavy heating (for example, roasting). The middle rack is ideal for medium heat requirement items like pies and pastries, while the upper rack is ideal for broiling.

4. Oven Functions

There are different cooking functions to look into while buying an oven. Some of the functions include steam cooking, convection, and sensor aided cooking. The number of cooking options included in the oven determines how many types of food can be prepared in the same. For instance, steam cooking allows one to steam food in the oven. It is also ideal for baking and reheating.

Additionally, the convection mode circulates hot air in the oven, which cooks food more evenly. Finally, sensor aided cooking in the oven leads to even baking and is ideal for temperature-sensitive food, which requires constant monitoring. Sensor-aided cooking allows one to cook without being worried about the food being charred.

5. Warming drawer

It is tricky to keep food warm while preparing other items on the range. By the time the preparations are served, a lot of it might become cold. This is one problem that can be solved with a warming drawer or a storage unit, usually placed at the bottom of the oven. If you’re a part of a busy family, then you would love induction slide-in ranges, as you can store the food in the warming drawer of the range, and thus it retains its og taste, flavour and temperature.

The food can be prepared well in advance, stored in the drawer without worrying about loss of flavour and moisture. Overall, a warming drawer is a great feature to be included in an oven.


While going through the various best induction slide-in range in the market, it is important to consider the requirements of the user. Various induction slide-in range reviews list a lot of state-of-the-art features which though attractive, are not essential. However, the oven capacity, rack arrangement, and a few other similar features are important and must be considered before the purchase of a slide-in induction range.

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