Best Dual Fuel Ranges Reviews – Buying Guide

Best Dual Fuel Ranges Reviews

Even with several technological changes, such as the introduction of electric cooktops, conventional gas ranges are still widely preferred among most cooks. They provide immediate heat for cooking multiple dishes in short time, besides the added advantage of roasting and charring food recipes too.

On the contrary though, when it comes to ovens for baking, perhaps the best ones deemed are the electric ovens. For the simple reason that they offer just the exact temperature control for perfect and even baking on all sides, electric ovens prove far better than their gas counterparts.

For a cooking enthusiast who loves gas ranges and electric ovens, affording both separately may be a bit difficult. This is where the fuel ranges come into the picture. The best dual fuel range offers the perfect combination of a gas range + electric oven, providing a chef the best of both worlds at a decent price range too.

The dual fuel range reviews in this post highlights the top 8 cooking ranges in the market with detailed specifications of each of their features. We hope this helps in your purchase of the best dual fuel range.

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Best Dual Fuel Range Reviews

Cosmo F965 36” Dual Fuel Range
  • Lesser time and effort compared to conventional ovens
  • 5 powerful burners are just perfect for high-heat meat cooking and boiling water as well as cooking delicate sauces (effective simmer function)
  • Gas range equipped with protection against overheating; oven provides cool-to-touch door handle
  • Detachable backsplash allows for both freestanding and slide-in arrangements
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Oven door not levelled
  • LP kit not included

Talk of a compact utility appliance for your modern kitchen at unbelievably affordable prices! Cosmo dual fuel range comes in a classic European design and would easily fit into your kitchen space with other steel appliances so you’d never feel it out of place.

There are 5 burners, all of which are known to deliver exceptional performance for a gas range in this price category. These include one 18,000 BTU Triple Ring Burner, two 7,000 BTU Semi-Rapid Burners, one 8,500 BTU Burner and one 5,000 BTU Auxiliary Burner. The burners provide high-heat cooking for various needs – boiling, frying, or searing – and low simmer function to prepare the finest sauces.

As for the Turbo True European Convection Oven, it has been designed to facilitate even cooking/baking in relatively lesser time and lower temperature than conventional ovens. Besides, it has a large inner capacity of 3.8 cu. ft. and 8 cooking functions too – traditional bake, convection bake, convection broil, high broil, low broil, pizza, defrost, and light bake.

The appliance is extremely durable too, made of corrosion-resistant 430-gradestainless steel body. Its cooking grates are made of heavy-duty cast iron for better heat retention and distribution. The steel finish is also smudge-resistant for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Burners are made in Italy and speak of superior quality
  • 5 excellent functions provided by the Turbo True European Convection Oven
  • 9 cu. ft. capacity large enough to hold multiple dishes
  • Durability guaranteed by stainless steel body
  • 2-year limited warranty provided
  • Some customers not happy with oven performance
  • LP conversion kit not included with the pack

The Italian-made burners are the top attraction of this best 30 inch dual fuel range. There are 4 burners, each equally powerful to cook a variety of dishes rather fast. The 3.9 cu. ft. capacity oven has 5 cooking functions – bake, turbo, broil, convection bake and convection broil. Besides, the oven has a circular heating element powered by a dual fan which helps ensure even heat distribution around the food. These desirable features make this one a favorite and you’re likely to find this model in all 30 inch dual fuel range reviews.

The cooking range has been designed to ensure greater durability which is evident in the 304-gauge stainless steel used in its construction. The industrial-grade steel is high quality and corrosion-resistant. Besides the body, the straight handle bar of the oven is also made of stainless steel. As for the gas range knobs, they are made from solid metal and have nickel finish.

There’s also a detachable backsplash which can be converted into either freestanding or slide-in installation range. The burners are powered by electronic ignition and the cooktop runs on natural gas, perfect for home cooking. As for the appearance of the appliance, it looks quite amazing even from a distance. Your guests would love to see it neatly tucked in your kitchen.

The manufacturer provides a 2-year limited warranty on this product, both on parts and labour.

  • Large oven capacity for cooking of multiple dishes simultaneously
  • Powerful heating for instant water boiling and equally effective simmer function for cooking delicate sauces
  • 4 burners for convenience of cooking large meals
  • Provides for manual convection cooking mode and oven control
  • Great buy at this price
  • Customers complain of poor customer service

Thor is always known for its powerful yet professional-looking dual-fuel ranges. This one too matches up to the same standards. The cooking range features a 4.2 cu. ft. oven that facilitates easy cooking of several dishes at the same time. The top electric broiler is 3,500 watts which allows for powerful and even heating. The oven provides manual convection cooking mode and control. There are 4 burners with simmer functionality as well.

The range is carefully designed by Thor with stainless steel outer body and finish. There are multiple advantages of this. One, the appliance can easily blend in with the other steel appliances in your kitchen space without feeling out of place. Two, the steel look lends an extremely elegant and professional touch to the range. And three, the stainless steel finish makes for easy wipe-clean and maintenance.

The cooking grates are made of cast-iron, another added feature to the durability of the appliance. The burner knobs are also made of steel. Overall, an extremely long-lasting product and a great buy at this price. Excellent value for money; even comes with the standard manufacturer warranty on both parts and labor. Quality comparable to other brands in the same price category. Owing to such reliable standards of all Thor Ranges, we’ve done a separate compilation of the best Thor ranges for your reference. 

  • 3 sealed single burners and 3 dual burners with simmer function for effective cooking needs
  • Automatic re-ignition of burners possible
  • Stainless steel finish on drip pan for easy maintenance
  • Can run on natural gas and LPG both
  • High-quality metal knobs
  • Couldn’t find any

The best 48” dual fuel range on this list, it’s perfect for professional chefs at commercial spaces but can also ideally serve a lot of home-cooking purposes. Ranges with such versatility deserve a space in busy domestic kitchens. For this very reason, we’ve also reviewed similar professional grade gas ranges for home. If you’re a regular party host and love to cook several-course meals at large family gatherings (pretty often), this one can be your perfect partner at work.

There are 6 burners and 1 griddle double oven in this professional dual-fuel cooking range from Thor, so far its best offering to date in this category. One of the ovens is 30” in dimension with a 4.2 cu. ft. capacity, while the other is 18” in size with 2.5 cu. ft. capacity.

The burners can easily work on automatic re-ignition in case the flame douses off. Also, the drip pan is made of stainless steel finish so you can easily wipe off stains on its surface. The top burner can run on both natural gas as well as liquid propane and this is a great feature in this cooking range. The oven is electric though, ensuring perfect baking and even cooking on all sides. Like all its other products, Thor provides a 2-year warranty on this one too on both parts and labour.

  • Excellent customer service for repair and replacement
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy conversion from natural gas to LP
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High-intensity dual-fuel range for all cooking needs
  • Couldn’t find any

The best 36 inch dual fuel range is just perfect for large kitchen spaces where you’d love to cook as a professional. The oven comes with a 5.2 cu. ft. capacity and has 5-rack configuration. There’s also an extra-large oven window so that you can easily view all that’s cooking inside.

There are 6 burners in total and a convection oven with 2 bake heat elements of 3,000 watt at the base and 850 watt at the top as well as a broiler heating element of 3,500 watts at the top. Manual oven control allows for easy cooking the traditional style.

The burners can be ignited electronically and also have an automatic re-ignition feature. This would help prevent the occurrence of gas leaks. The 36” gas range works best for large-sized kitchen spaces. The range works on natural gas but can be converted to LP. The oven too has clear temperature markings on the oven knob which can be easily understood and operated even by first-time users.

The unit though with a professional look and functioning can be easily afforded at a decent price. In fact, it makes for a great purchase value relative to other brand models at this particular price point.

  • 6 Italian gas burners and a griddle for versatile cooking
  • One convection oven is fairly large for accurate heat distribution and better airflow around food
  • Rolling rack technology in both the ovens helps glide dishes in and out easily
  • Heavy-duty body construction assures longevity
  • Great value for money
  • LP kit sold separately; not included in this pack

Yet another excellent professional range for serious chefs who don’t just cook as a hobby. They are amazing cooking enthusiasts who love to cook with thorough precision and exact measurements that ensure flawless cooking.

There are 6 sealed burners and a double convection oven. The cooking grates and griddle on the stovetop are made of durable cast-iron material. Besides, the metal stove is also made of stainless steel to allow for effective heat control during cooking. The burners are all Italian make and therefore ensure better durability.

The double electric ovens have an interior capacity of 3.97 cu. ft. and 1.87 cu. ft., respectively. The large oven is made of Turbo True European Convection technology, which ensures faster and more even cooking at temperatures lower than those of a standard oven.

The oven can perform at least 5 cooking functions effectively – bake, turbo, broil, convection bake and convection broil. The baking element is conveniently hidden away and not visible to facilitate safer cooking and easier cleaning.

As for maintenance, that too is extremely easy with the stainless steel body easily wiped off with a clean cloth to prevent stain-collecting. The burner knobs are also made of metal and the oven door has a steel handle for durability.

  • Detachable backslash allows for both freestanding and slide-in installation
  • The appliance has long-lasting design and easy-clean finish
  • Smaller model also available with 3.9 cu. ft. capacity for smaller family needs
  • Electronic ignition burners for added safety
  • Great value for money
  • Oven temperature difficult to regulate at times

This 36” masterpiece has been well designed by Cosmo to suit all kitchen spaces. This cooking range is professional in look but ideal for all home needs. The stainless steel body is long-lasting and looks elegant and amazing too. The 6 burners are made of Italian quality material which ensures high durability.

The cooking grates on the stovetop and in the oven are also made of cast iron for stronger performance. The knobs on the cook stove are made in stainless steel with metal finish which look beautiful and are strong as well. As for the oven, it’s an electric convection model with a steel door handle too. The interior of the oven has porcelain finish which can be easily wiped off clean and prevents stain collection.Even the stainless steel body can be cleaned and maintained easily for long.

The oven has 4.5 cu. ft. capacity and has at least 8 cooking functions – turbo, bake, broil, convection bake, convection broil, convection roast, dehydrate, and proofing. There is ample space to cook multiple dishes in the oven simultaneously to host large gatherings and parties.Even the 6 burners have been carefully designed to offer the maximum convenience to the user.

  • Long lasting and durable
  • LP conversion kit included
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Dual ovens provided for added cooking and baking benefits
  • Excellent value for money at this price point
  • Customers complain of missing side racks

This 5 sealed-burner cooking range has an extremely professional look and functioning too. The double oven is perfect for all kinds of home baking needs – big or small. The looks of the appliance are simply unbeatable and at this price, it’s a sure-shot steal!

The burners are made in Italy with 304-gauge stainless steel. The cooking grates are made of durable cast-iron and the burners work on automatic electronic ignition. The stainless steel used throughout the appliance is corrosion-resistant and you never have to worry about scratches on the grates while shifting around steel pots and pans.

The oven has 2 turbo-electric convection fans and a porcelain surface which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The timer on the oven has a digital clock for ease of operation, the oven handles are also made of durable stainless steel; the knobs on the burners are also made of chrome.

The best feature about this cooking range is that it provides an LP conversion kit included with this pack. For added safety, the oven doors are bevelled, the cooking grates conveniently cover the electronic ignition flame and there’s a failure-safety device provided as well. The manufacturer provides 2 year warranty on the product.

Dual Fuel Range - Buying Guide

What is a Dual Fuel Range?

What is a Dual Fuel Range and why its better

A dual fuel range, simply put, means one which uses a gas-fuelled stovetop and an electricity-powered oven at the base of the appliance. There are a host of obvious advantages to go for these devices in comparison to choosing conventional cooking ranges.

The latter may, in most cases, be either totally gas-fuelled (burner and oven both) or fully electronic (again stovetop and oven both). The dual fuel cooking ranges are what can offer the user the best of both worlds.

The standard features that you can easily find in any basic model of a dual fuel cooking range include gas stovetops with 4-6y burners, 1 or 2 electronic convection ovens, and glass display screens with touch facility comprising burner and oven controls.

However, the more high-end pro-style cooking range models in the dual-fuel category include slightly more advanced features for added user convenience. Multiple cooking options both at the stovetop and in the oven, corrosion-resistant griddle, grill, and cooking grates, large-capacity convection oven(s), warming drawer, and steam and convection oven (in few models) are some examples.

The basic and advanced models of the cooking range also differ in looks and design, besides performance, of course, with the latter lending a more professional touch.

Features to Look for While Buying the Best Dual Fuel Range

1. Construction Quality

When it comes to the build of dual-fuel cooking appliances, there’s no match to it absolutely anywhere else in the market. This cooking range comes in a full-bodied stainless steel look and finish, which shouts out durability from all angles.

Even the minute components of the appliance, such as burner knobs, oven door handle, and side racks are all made of stainless steel. Then there are the continuous cast-iron grates covering the ignition flame burners, which are also fairly long-lasting. And because the steel finish can be easily wiped clean, you’d find the range easy to maintain for several years.

2. Powerful Sealed Gas Burners

These cooking ranges come with 4, 5 or 6 burner options, which may vary between different models. One good thing about the dual-fuel gas range is that all of the burners are always capped with cast-iron cooking grates. This adds an excellent safety feature over the burners, preventing accidental gas leak or flame ignition.

As for the performance of these burners, it’s simply superior to any other cooking range in the market. The burners are extremely powerful with high-heat efficiency which can boil water in just seconds. Besides, the simmer function is equally effective and works just great at preparing the finest sauces.

3. Sturdy Cast Iron Gates

As mentioned above, this is an excellent feature provided by nearly all of the dual-fuel gas range in the market. The brands selling these appliances have included this facility in all of their designs, carefully considering user comfort and safety.

The cooking grates on the stovetop (above the burners) and inside the oven are all made of robust cast-iron material. Not only do they prevent stain collection because of easy wipe-clean, they also ensure safety during cooking. The possibility of gas leak or accidental flame ignition during burner use is highly minimised for the user at the dual-fuel cooking range.

4. LP/NG Compatibility

Another excellent feature that a number of dual-fuel cooking ranges come equipped with is compatibility to both LP and NG. Although the cooking stoves are naturally fuelled by natural gas, there is an added provision to convert its functioning to liquefied petroleum if the customer so desires.

 Now this facility may sometimes be provided in-built to the customer in the form of LP conversion kit included with the pack at the time of purchase. In other cases where it isn’t provided as part of the appliance, it can be separately bought from the manufacturer later, at any time when the customer so desires.

5. European Convection Oven

The dual fuel double oven range(2 in some models) as well as the single convection oven provided as part of the range is based on advanced European convection technology. This technology facilitates optimum heating of the oven, which in turn results in flawless cooking.

 As part of the technology, the heating element in the oven is assisted by a dual fan that ensures even heat and airflow distribution around the food. With this, the food gets cooked/browned evenly on all sides. Even the baking is done to the maximum perfection. The convection oven of the cooking range also allows for multiple-dish cooking at the same time.

6. Resourceful Oven Functions

The convection oven provided as part of the dual-fuel ranges are equipped with multiple cooking functions to ensure maximum efficiency. Some models may even provide at least 7-8 of these functions.

 A few examples include convection heating, convection baking, broiling, baking, defrost, pizza, etc. You can cook or bake all that you want to the best of your liking. And you never have to worry about temperature control in these appliances because you can never go wrong with the digital timer.

The large glass window display outside of these ovens provides for easy viewing while cooking/baking of food items therein.


With the top features fitted in each of the models, manufacturers of dual-fuel cooking ranges have strived to surpass quality standards; yet maintaining the most competitive price range for each of these. Indisputably, the price point of these ranges can barely stand in comparison to any other model with even similar set of features.

Besides, dual-fuel range always presents the obvious advantage of availing the best of both worlds – when you can use gas and electric features bothin your cooking. This means higher cooking performance and greater energy efficiency too – again the best of both worlds, we must say!

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