Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews

Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews

A kitchen range is an appliance which aids in cooking. It is the integration of a cook-top with a wall oven. These kitchen ranges are usually large in size. They have been made in such a way so that it can slide in with the other parts of the kitchen seamlessly. This helps in creating a consistent look.

Based on fuel type, there are two kinds of ranges- gas and electric. Both chefs and amateurs opt for the gas range as it offers good accuracy. You can move from different degrees of heat within a moment. The homemakers who do not have a gas line in their homes can opt for the electric range as you do not need to worry about a gas line. These are mainly preferred by professional chefs as you can cook dishes evenly.

There are different types of ranges available, and the freestanding one is the most popular (Find out notable differences here: slide-in vs. freestanding vs. drop-in ranges). These are convenient to install and are often compatible with the standard electrical provisions. The panel for the oven control is on the back panel. For the slide-in ranges available in the market, your kitchen will get a customized and built-in look. These ranges can slide in easily between cabinets. The controls of the oven are in the front. 

Now, these ranges come in configurations of single oven gas stoves and double oven gas stoves. The best double oven gas range has a smaller oven on the top and a larger oven below it. These kinds of ovens are great for those who want to roast or bake two food items at different temperatures. 

Comparison Table

Product Form Factor Size Fuel Type No. of Burners Total Oven Capacity Price
Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews 1. Verona Prestige Series All Gas Range Freestanding 36 Inch Gas 5 3.9 Cu. ft. Check Price
Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews 2. Ilve UPDW90FDMPI Pro Series Kitchen Range Freestanding 36 Inch Dual Fuel 4 3.55 Cu. ft. Check Price
Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews 3. Thor Kitchen Double Oven Professional gas Range Freestanding 48 Inch Gas 6 6.8 Cu. ft. Check Price
Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews 4. GE JGB860SEJSS All Gas Kitchen Range Freestanding 30 Inch Gas 5 6.8 Cu. ft. Check Price
Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews 5. Maytag MGT8800FZ Stainless Steel Double Oven Gas Range Freestanding 30 Inch Gas 5 6.0 Cu. ft. Check Price

Best Double Oven Gas Ranges to Buy in 2022

Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS 36 inch Double Gas Range Review
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Manual cleaning
  • LP Kit included
  • Great value for money
  • The high-intensity cooking range for all kinds of cooking needs
  • Ignition problems with burners

The Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS 36 inch Gas Range boasts all the features found in the Verona Prestige Series. The gas stove with double ovens is made from stainless steel. The gas oven’s look has been updated, and there have been luxury upgrades made to the oven for the customers’ convenience. This is a unique full gas oven range. The oven comes with a capacity of 2.4 Cu. Ft. 

The steel coated finish of the doorknobs enhances the style of the gas stove. The gas stove consists of five sealed gas burners, 2 turbo electric convection fans, and it aids in helping people who love to cook big lunches or dinners. There are oven windows, one large and one small, to peek inside and see how the food is getting cooked. 

The gas stove can be ignited electrically. The gas stove is highly durable and resistant to corrosion. The gas range knobs are made from chrome, and the rounded oven handles are made from steel. 

The unit has a very professional look, but the pricing is decent. This oven is 36inch, so it will work best in big kitchens. Find reviews of professional gas ranges for home here.

  • Electric ignition
  • Both ovens have a broiler
  • Double ovens in the 36-inch range
  • True European convention
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
  • Timer does not display the time

The 36” masterpiece is the result of a fantastic design by Ilve suiting the kitchen needs of various customers. Not only is the cooking range professional, but it is also ideal for home needs. The stainless steel body makes it look amazing and elegant. Since it is made from stainless steel, it lasts longer too. The 4 burners are made from brass and are highly durable.

The knobs on the cooking stove are made from stainless steel, which looks beautiful and strong. The oven’s stainless steel body can be easily cleaned and can be well maintained in the long run.

The oven has a capacity of 3.55 Cu.Ft. The oven runs on natural gas, but it can be converted to LP. The freestanding best gas stoves with double ovens can bake and cook multiple dishes in the oven. This is ideal when you are hosting big parties or gatherings. The four burners have been designed in such a way so that it is convenient for the user. Dual fuel kitchen ranges are inherently more convenient when it comes to operation and overall functionality. 

  • Great simmer feature
  • Metallic knobs with LED lights
  • 4 single burners and 2 double burners
  • Porcelain drip pan for easy cleaning
  • Commercial convection fan
  • None that we found

This is among the best side by side double oven gas ranges available in the market. This is perfect for professional chefs. However, it also can be used for home cooking purposes. If you have a big family or love to host parties often, this double gas oven range will perfectly fit the bill.

The gas oven consists of six burners and one double griddle oven in this professional oven from Thor. One oven is 30 inches and has 4.2 CU. Ft oven capacity, while the other one is 18 inches and has 2.5 Cu. Ft capacity oven.

The oven has metallic knobs with LED lights surrounding it. This is very helpful when there is a power cut, and you can still use the knobs properly to switch off the oven. There is a porcelain drip pan for easy cleaning of the oven. 

The cooking grate consists of three pieces. This helps many people who want to cook bigger meals and for professionals who have to cook a huge amount of food. If you’re set on Thor ranges for their virtuous models, we’ve complied a list of some of their best performing ranges in our Thor range reviews

  • Efficient gas burners
  • Great oven capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-stick griddle
  • Easily clean grates using a dishwasher
  • Oven takes more time to come to temperature
  • Uneven baking

GE is always renowned for its powerful and professional best double oven gas range. The primary oven capacity is 4.3 Cu. Ft and the secondary oven capacity is 2.5 Cu.Ft. This helps in making several dishes simultaneously. The five burners in the gas stove enable great functionality as well. 

This gas oven’s stainless steel body enhances the look and helps the gas stove blend easily with the other kitchen appliances. The stainless steel gives a professional touch to the gas stove range. This also aids in the easy clean and maintenance of the gas stoves.

The simmer burner of the gas stove helps in delicate heating foods without getting burned. The non-stick girdle of the stove helps in even distribution of the heat. The power boil burner provides the consumers with the ability to cook dishes at high temperatures too. The gas stove is an excellent value for money. The five different burners will deliver all the cooking needs of the people. The continuous and large surface for cooking enables you to move the cookware from one burner to the other without much problem. 

  • Fingerprint free
  • Helps to cook big meals
  • Even heating of dishes
  • Power Preheat helps to start cooking soon
  • Less time needed to cook meal
  • Warranty on limited parts

Double oven gas range reviews may confuse you a lot. However, this double oven gas range from Maytag is the perfect gas stove for you to look at stoves to cook big meals. The total Cu. Ft is 6.0. The Power Preheat feature enables you to start cooking soon. The true convection feature has a third heating element which helps to bake and roast faster. This gas stove has a power burner that enables one to sauté and quickly to sear food items. The oval burner enables cooking using griddle plates and large pans. 

This oven can also be used for making a good steak using the intense heat of the gas stoves. The freestanding oven has limited parts warranty for ten years. The gas stove is available in stainless steel. Another attractive feature of the gas stove is that it does not retain the person’s fingerprint using the stove. So even after cooking a grand meal, the stove will remain fingerprint free. 

The gas oven range has a sensor heating facility, which ensures that all the meals that you cook on the stove are prepared in an even manner.

If you are wary about getting the right convection time for your traditional recipes, then the Auto Convect Conversion enables you to get the correct temperatures without any problem. The 8000 BTU oval burner’s presence ensures that you can heat evenly when cooking using oversized pans and pots.

Buying the Best Double Oven Gas Stove – Guide

1. What is a Gas Range & Why its Better?

What is a Gas Range with Double Oven

There are natural gas and liquid propane gas ovens, and also electric induction ranges for the consumers. It is very important to know about both of them so that you can decide which suits you better. The gas range comes in two types- gas range and electric range, as explained earlier. Many feel that the gas and the electric range are at two ends of the pole. 

Gas ovens help you to reach high temperatures quickly, and you have more control over temperature. Gas ovens cool down quickly, but it leads to hot spots in the oven. Electric ovens take more time to heat, but it maintains the temperature well. It also takes more time to cool down. Gas ovens give off more heat and are ideal for moist dishes like meat dishes. Baking is also good in gas ovens, while for broils, the electric oven is better. Electric ovens give off dry heat and hence are perfect for cooking roasts or any crispy dish. 

The preheat time for gas ovens is quicker than the electric ones. However, the electric ones maintain the temperature after it reaches it. Gas ovens may be challenging to light up as you need to be extra cautious with gas involved. However, for electric ovens, you can plug in and choose the temperature

2. Why do you need a Gas Stove with Double Ovens

Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS 36 inch Double Gas Range Review

Best gas stoves with double ovens have many advantages, and having an idea about these advantages will go a long way in aiding you to purchase the best double ovens. Having a double oven is better because it takes less time to heat up. This is ideal for those homes or workplaces where you have to quickly cook a huge amount of food. You are having a party at your home, and using this gas stove with double ovens will be helpful as you will be able to cook a few dishes together. This will save time, and you will be able to finish cooking on time. 

There are times when you have to rush to work, and there is little time to eat. You can heat up the food quickly in the oven. There are fans in the oven which aid one in cooking good dishes. The temperature can be controlled, and hence the top and the bottom part of the oven gives even distribution of the heat.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Double Oven Gas Range

1. Fuel type Configuration

Best gas stoves with double ovens are available in different versions for the consumers. Many companies have come up with gas ovens that are solely reliant on natural gas or on propane services. But there are some which are fully electrical. In recent times, many oven manufacturing companies have come up with ovens, which can be converted from gas to LP as per the consumers’ needs. They even have enclosed the kit on how to convert the gas oven to LP oven. This has widened the usage of the ovens by the consumers. According to their needs, they can opt for the type they like and buy it for their homes or workplaces.

2. Oven Capacity

One will have to keep in mind that if the gas oven range is the only source of cooking dishes in your home, that must be effective and competent enough. You may have a large party at your home, and if the gas oven does not have the capacity, then you will not be able to cook a huge meal for the party. You will have to cook a dish and then prep for another dish. That is both time and energy-consuming. Instead, you can opt for the best gas stoves with double ovens. These ovens have four to six burners, which helps you cook many items at one go. This is immensely beneficial when you have a big party, and you need to cook many dishes.

3. Oven Racks and Positions

Knowing about how to position the oven racks can go a long way in helping you to cook delicacies in the best way possible. Best gas stoves with double ovens have multiple racks, and knowledge to position them will help cook meals. The top position is extremely helpful when using a broiler. If you want crispy food, this is the ideal position. 

However, keep a lookout as foods burn easily in this position. It is also helpful to bake two sets of cookies as you can keep one at the top and one in the middle. The middle part is the ideal part as heat is circulated in the best way. It is ideal for cooking fish, banana bread, and brownies, and so on. The bottom part provides the maximum proximity to the heat and hence is ideal for baking flatbreads or pizzas. This is ideal for cooking food, which needs high temperatures for a short time.

4. Oven Functions

The best gas stoves with double ovens have different oven functions to help the consumers cook different delicacies. Most ovens have fans that enable them to circulate heat effectively in the oven and also slowly cook the food. It also helps to remove hot or cold spots in the oven. The grill is useful as it covers the oven cavity and heat as wide as possible. Many ovens have half grill options where you can heat up smaller areas as per your needs. 

There is an option for controlling the temperature of the oven. You can preheat the oven and put the food in. Then you can control the temperature and bring it down to the temperature you want. The oven lights enable you to see the food being cooked inside the oven without having to open the oven door.

5. Oven Cleaning

After you have cooked a great meal at your home, the chances are that the oven will be messy, and you will have to clean it to restore it back to its proper look. Amateurs will have a hard time cleaning the ovens. Self-cleaning ovens are in vogue among the customers in today’s times. This is simply because this is time-saving. The food inside the oven incinerates and leaves behind a small amount of ash. One can use a damp cloth to clean the ash and get a clean oven. 

However many people still prefer to clean the ovens on their own. They may use chemical oven cleaners to clean the ovens. Cleaning the oven may be troublesome on your own because you have to deal with the heat and odor after you open the oven after cooking for two to three hours. One must also not use commercial cleaners on self-cleaning ovens as that may hamper the gas stove’s enamel coating with double ovens. 


So whether you are buying the best double oven gas range for your homely needs or you need it for professional purposes, one must keep in mind all these above factors so that they can buy the best product. You must purchase the product depending on your personal or professional needs as there are lots of ovens that may leave you spoilt for choices. 

Investing in a double gas oven means you will be spending a lot of money. Do not get confused and choose an oven that is both functional and stylish at the same time. With these tips, buying the best gas stove with double ovens will be very easy for you.

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