Best Dishwashers with Garbage Disposal: Reviews & Guide

Best Dishwashers With Garbage Disposals For Seamless Cleaning

All built-in dishwashers have some sort of mechanism to dispose fine leftover food particles on the dishes. Some models that are marketed under the tag, “dishwasher with hard food disposer” achieve this with the help of a built-in disposal while others with the help of a filtration system. It goes without saying that either one of these mechanisms are better suited to people with different preferences.

A dishwasher with disposal is naturally superior to the one with a filtration system in terms of convenience and functionality. Hard food disposer dishwashers have the ability to grind through dried & hard food particles and keep the drain line unclogged without the need of frequent filter cleaning. There are of course other factors to take into account nevertheless.

Different Dishwasher with Garbage Disposal Compared

Product Tub Material Place Settings
Noise Rating
Wifi Price
1. Frigidaire 24″ Full Console Built-in Dishwasher with Disposal Polymer
55 dBA
Check Price
2. Frigidaire 24” Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Food Grinder Plastic
54 dBA
Check Price
3. GE GSD2100V 24” Dishwasher with Hard Food Disposer Plastic
68 dBA
Check Price
4. Frigidaire FFCD2413US 24” Energy Star Certified Built-in Dishwasher Plastic
60 dBA
Check Price
5. GE Cafe 24″ Built-In Top Control Dishwasher with Food Disposal Stainless Steel
40 dBA
Check Price

7 Best Dishwasher with Garbage Disposal Built-in

1. Frigidaire 24″ Full Console Built-in Dishwasher with Disposal

Frigidaire 24-Inch Full Console-Built-in Dishwasher with Disposal
  • Energy star certified model
  • Surprisingly inexpensive
  • Touch sensor controls
  • Stay put door hinge configuration with a recessed door handle
  • Spacious 14-place settings wash capacity
  • High temperature wash and heated drying options
  • Rinse Aid / Detergent dispenser
  • NSF sanitise setting kills more than 99% of kitchen borne germs
  • Powerful & self-cleaning stainless-steel food disposal
  • Although tolerable, might be unsuitable if you’re sensitive to sound

Having effortlessly secured the top spot in our list, this built-in dishwasher looks beautiful, blends effortlessly with most kitchen schemes and functions meticulously. Considering the essential features and desirable add-ons, it is pretty safe to say that this is the best dishwasher with food grinder you can find in a budget. 

The dishwasher door features a recessed handle as opposed to a protruding one, giving it a sleek appearance as it sits back in line with your cabinets. Additionally, the dishwasher drop-down door stays put at whatever angle you open it for convenient loading and unloading.

The model is a front control variant with 14 place setting capacity wherein touch sensors on the top control panel make for easy selection of wash cycles out of the 5 settings. The console further includes wash temperature settings (includes high temperature wash setting), a 4 hr delay start and LED lights to show the selected wash cycle and if the dishes are clean yet.

For a self-cleaning dishwasher, this Frigidaire front control model is commendably powerful and efficient while still being relatively quiet at just 55dBA sound level.

The dishwasher features a sturdy stainless-steel hard food disposer on the bottom of the wash cavity that cuts through all food residues falling off your dishes, pots, pans and cutlery. Once your dishes are clean, it employs the built-in heating element to effectively dry those dishes.

As a minor con, some users have mentioned slight inconvenience in loading bigger pots and pans owing to the limited clearance above and between the racks. For reference, the upper rack has a height clearance of 8” while the lower rack a height clearance of 11” – 13” below the top rack. That’s pretty manageable for most big plates and dishes that you’d be often putting in your dishwasher

2. Frigidaire Top Control 24” Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Food Grinder

Frigidaire 24'' Built-In Dishwasher with Hard Food Disposer
  • Top control configuration makes for a much more practical input position
  • High temperature wash and heated drying options
  • Effective cleaning with 4 times more powerful spray arm than standard dishwashers
  • 2,4- and 6-hour delay start
  • NSF Grade sanitization kills the most prominent pathogens found in the kitchen
  • DishSense tech – Built-in sensors detect the amount of grime and residues on your dishes and correspondingly adjust the wash cycle duration
  • Powerful stainless-steel internal food disposal
  • The front metal panel is prone to dents

With distinctly augmented features in addition to all that included in the previous model, this dishwasher is ideal for frugal homeowners that love a touch of high-tech in their appliances. The Frigidaire FFID2426TD is a top control model with 14 place settings wash capacity and 4 wash cycles. 

The control panel includes touch sensors to select wash cycles and wash/dry temperature settings and is positioned at a rather convenient spot to operate the dishwasher.

Following similar standards, this energy star certified dishwasher is rated at 54dBA for silence rating and is correspondingly quiet during operation. Besides, the dishwasher doesn’t compromise a bit in cleaning strength and effectiveness. With the patented OrbitClean wash system, the spray arm is powered to deliver 4 times more water coverage as compared to other dishwashers. This, naturally increases the appliance’s cleaning capabilities to a commendable extent.

The panel further includes delay start options wherein you may set up your dishwasher to operate at a lag of 2, 4 or 6 hours. Additionally, the sanitize wash setting complies with NSF grade disinfection where more than 99% of the germs are killed during the wash cycle.

Powerful cleaning, effective heated drying and simultaneous sanitizing, the gizmo does it all and does it well.

Apart from these handy selections, the DishSense feature is what you’re really paying the additional bucks for. The technology enables your dishwasher to automatically adjust cycle times optimally corresponding to the amount of cleaning that your dishes need as sensed by the sensors.

The food debris from your plates and bowls is further pulverized by the stainless-steel food disposal located at the bottom of the wash tub making it a self-cleaning food disposal system. If you’re looking for a reliable yet smart dishwasher with disposal that delivers consistent performance, this one has got what it takes.

3. GE GSD2100V 24” Dishwasher with Hard Food Disposer

  • Packed with features, relatively inexpensive
  • Slate finish might suit better for some kitchen designs 
  • Child Lock
  • AutoSense wash cycle optimizes the use of energy corresponding to the cleaning needs
  • Dedicated powerful silverware jets
  • Dry Boost employs high temperature drying (3x more powerful that heated dry)
  • Durable and powerful piranha hard food disposer (rotates at 3600 RPM)
  • 68 dBA might still be loud for individuals sensitive to noise

Further up the price range, but still pretty reasonable for a hoard of features, we have an extremely resourceful, functional and heavy-duty built-in dishwasher with garbage disposal that’s well worth every penny it’s available for. We’ve compiled a similar list of compact dishwashers that neither cost you a leg nor demand standard plumbing. Check these dishwashers that can be bought for under $500 if you think a countertop dishwasher might better suit your needs. 

Coming back to the product under examination, we think it’d be a great option for everyday use in moderately busy households. The GE GSD2100V is a front control dishwasher that features a rather ‘old-school’ looking control panel. The device lacks any sort of a digital display. The dishwasher door has a standard design with a latch underneath to open it. This design might better resonate with some people’s rounded door handle choice.

This one from GE upgrades in several features corresponding to its higher price point. Firstly, at the standard width of 24 inches, the dishwasher can accommodate up to 12 place settings for any of the 5 wash cycles. 

The control panel includes a button to switch between AutoSense, Heavy, Normal and 1 Hour cycles. The AutoSense cycle, as the name suggests, automatically adjusts the cycle time according to the optimal level of cleaning required, thereby reducing your energy and water expenditure in the long run.

There’s literally a plethora of add-ons that made us consider this one among other popular dishwashers with garbage disposals. Some practical features that you could use and that made it to the design of this dishwasher are steam pre-wash, Dry Boost, Silverware Jets, an adjustable upper rack, up to 12 hour delay settings and a near silent 64 dBA noise rating.

The steam pre-wash in particular is a feature that draws extensive admiration. It not only loosens up tough soils from dishes but in combination with the sanitize mode, completely annihilates prevalent germs and bacteria breeding on the dishes. Additionally, the Dry Boost setting delivers up to 3 times more efficient drying of dishes and pans that are otherwise found wet at the end of the heated dry cycle.

As the dried up food residues fall off your dishes, all of it is forced through the stainless-steel piranha hard food disposer to ensure none of it clogs the wash arms or the drain pipe.

4. Frigidaire FFCD2413US 24” Energy Star Certified Built-in Dishwasher

Frigidaire FFCD2413US 24” Energy Star Certified Built-in Dishwasher
  • Recessed door latch; makes for a minimal look 
  • Spacious 14-place settings capacity 
  • Child Lock
  • Stay put door design
  • 4-hr delay start
  • Energy star design 
  • Cycle Indicator lights 
  • Noisier than others on the list 
  • Comes with only 3 wash cycles 

Priced the lowest in our compilation yet, the Frigidaire FFCD2413US closely resembles our first selection from the same brand in terms of design and functionality except for a few areas. The brand market both these products as different finishes of the same design.

However, you must comprehend the subtle differences that come with the slight price gap. The dishwasher installs flush with the cabinet and the handle-less door latch design further augments the its minimalistic appearance. The dishwasher doesn’t interrupt the continuity of the cabinets along the length.

Faring with similar dimensions, this one too, allows for a maximum of 14 place setting as for the wash capacity. The model is a front control dishwasher; meaning the controls are located along the front surface of the door over the dark panel. A major difference here can be seen in the number of wash cycles. The FFCD2418US sports 5 wash cycles against 3 in this one. This model skimps on the energy saver and rinse only modes while you only get heavy, normal and 1-hour wash cycles.

The panel further includes settings for high temperature wash, up to 4-hr delayed start, heated dry and more. While the dishwasher offers satisfactory performance for the most part, it isn’t the quietest one on this list. It is rated at 60 dB by the manufacturer. The noise can be attribute to the robust stainless steel food disposer incorporated in the design of this model.  

5. GE Cafe 24″ Built-In Top Control Dishwasher with Food Disposal

GE Cafe 24 Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Garbage Disposal Function
  • Removable/adjustable cutlery rack
  • Over 140 jets of water inside the stainless-steel wash tub leave your dishes immaculate
  • Extremely quite at just 40 dBA sound rating
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Dedicated silverware and bottle jets for targeted cleaning
  • Individual upper or lower rack cleaning options
  • Robust food disposal system
  • Last cycle memory
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Expensive

ABT Electronics

Appliance Conntn

There are modern appliances, there are high-end appliances and then; there are luxury appliances. With the least amount of contemplating, we’d categorize the GE Café a truly luxury dishwasher with awe-inspiring appearance and unmatched features.

The dishwasher is a top control model with an augmented digital display and buttons comprising of the control panel. The interface includes buttons to select wash cycles out of the 7 intense selections, delayed start of up to 12 hours, wash temperature settings, and switch between upper and lower wash zones.

The wash tub has a total of 3 racks. The upper rack being adjustable by 2 inches (glides up or down by 2 inches, also removable). The added rack makes for a total of 16 place settings in terms of wash capacity.

As to qualify as a top-notch appliance and justify its price point, the wash tub interior is stainless steel. Furthermore, the tub encapsulates the most advanced wash system with over 140 cleaning jets that virtually cover every point in three-dimensional space inside the dishwasher. You have dedicated bottle jets to target and effectively clean tall bottles, long vases and cutlery. 

The dishwasher further requires no pre-rinsing or soaking of dishes and flatware, thanks to the powerful piranha hard food disposer. As a dishwasher with food disposal, the Café model aces in pulverising soft and hard food residues to prevent clogging of the wash arms and drain pipe. Well, that’s pretty ordinary, all the other picks had it too, right? Certainly not with a noise rating of mere 40 dBA! That’s literally the sound of whispering.

This one’s hands down the quietest dishwasher with garbage disposal you’ll ever come across. With the only con of dishwashers with food grinders eliminated, this one is all pros!

To top the unprecedented looks and functionality, you can connect your smartphone to the appliance through Wi-Fi. With W-Fi connectivity, you might as well operate your dishwasher from a different room after loading it with all the utensils from a large family dinner.

6. Maytag MDB4949SHZSS – 24” Stainless Steel Built-in Dishwasher

Maytag 24 inch Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher with Garbage Disposal Review
  • Spacious 14 Place Settings Capacity
  • Sturdy stainless-steel wash tub
  • PowerBlast cycle incorporates hot water and steam for thorough cleaning
  • 4-Blade Stainless-steel hard food disposer
  • Steam Sanitize option
  • Energy star certified
  • Heated dry for thoroughly dried and spotless dishes
  • 1-year warranty (parts and labor)
  • The front panel might get scratched
  • Might be noisy to carry convenient conversations around

ABT Electronics

Appliance Conntn

Priced modestly, this hard food disposer built-in dishwasher from Maytag is certainly one you should watch out for. Being a subsidiary of the Whirlpool Corporation, the roots of the company can be traced back to over a century where it started as a small company in Michigan.

So, if you’re all for the ‘Buy American’ movement, you should know that this one’s a good contender. Contrary to the notion of them being noisy, the MDB4949SHZSS functions at 50 dBA; equivalent to that of regular background noise in an average household.

The dishwasher has a really powerful motor and hence is capable of handling heavily soiled dishes, pots and pans. The PowerBlast Cycle in specific can easily remove dried food remains with high pressure spray jets. In addition, the cycle uses heated water and hot steam to do away with greasy residues. No pre-rinsing required at all and the unit takes care of leftover food particles falling from your dishes with a robust 4-blade stainless steel chopper.

The sturdiness and top-notch functionality of the unit are further reflected with features like quick heated dry, steam sanitize option to kill pathogens, tiered upper rack for accommodating all sorts of utensils and DuraGuard Nylon Racks. Despite thorough and uncompromising performance, the unit surprisingly uses very less energy and amounts for around 35$ of yearly energy bill for average domestic use.

The dishwasher is built to last. Several design elements indicate the fact that the unit is put together with great emphasis in durability. For instance, the tub material is 100% stainless steel; implying that the wash tub will withstand the pressure and weathering from powerful wash cycles for years to come.

7. GE PDT715SYNFS 24” Stainless Steel Built-in Dishwasher with Food Disposal

GE Profile Slate Built-In Dishwasher with Hard Food Disposer
  • Up to 16 place settings capacity with a removable 3rd rack
  • Deep clean Silverware jets and dedicated bottle jets
  • Steam + Sani Function for soiled dishes
  • 3 wash arms
  • 1-12 Hour delay start
  • 45 dBA quiet performance
  • 1-year limited parts and labor warranty. 
  • Uses condensate drying mechanism that may leave moisture on plastic items

ABT Electronics

Appliance Conntn

GE, yet again proves it that it provides the most contemporary features among its dishwashers that are priced rather competitively than competing models with similar features. The 24” built-in stainless-steel dishwasher features a convenient top control configuration with sensitive touchpad controls. The panel has inputs to select from mild to powerful wash cycles corresponding to needs.

The wash chamber has dedicated deep clean silverware jets and bottle jets to wash away hard-to-reach stains and dirt. Besides, the steam sanitise function ensures that no microbes make it out of your dishwasher. The combo setting loosens tough soils from dried up dishes leaving virtually no need for you to pre-rinse dishes.

Subsequently, all food waste that falls off from your dishes and pans are pulverized by GE’s signature Piranha Hard Food Disposer. The blades rotate at 3,600 RPM and cut through soft and tough food residues before letting the waste water in the drain.

Apart from rigorous cleaning cycles, an apt capacity, dedicated dry cycles, NSF grade sanitisation mode; the dishwasher also has an optional Wi-Fi connectivity provision (Requires part no. PBX23W00Y0). The built of the unit is pretty appealing and it is approved for flush installation.

It comes with a removable 3rd rack that, if used, augments the capacity of the dishwasher. Also, in line with our other selections, the unit functions at 45 dBA of noise which is pretty manageable for mist households.  

8. Haier 18” Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Garbage Disposal

Haier 18” Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Garbage Disposal
  • Recessed door handle makes for an aesthetic front panel
  • Remarkably silent operation at 47 dBA
  • Digital display on the top control panel
  • AutoSense wash cycle automatically adjusts wash time corresponding to the cleaning needs
  • Powerful stainless-steel piranha hard food disposer (rotates at 3600 RPM)
  • NSF compliant sanitize mode
  • Stainless steel tub material
  • Adjustable upper rack
  • Wi-Fi Connect
  • Uses condensate drying mechanism that may leave moisture on plastic items

ABT Electronics

Appliance Conntn

Broadly categorized as a slimline dishwasher, this 18 inch built-in dishwasher packs full functionality and versatility in a slender design. This one’s Ideal for homeowners that are either left with or prefer a slim cut-out for installing their dishwasher. The 18″ width configuration along with other dishwasher sizes can help you save space while still being resourceful. Beside a reduced wash capacity of 8 place settings, there isn’t much that’s lost with the reduced size.

The front panel of the appliance beautifully complements every kitchen décor scheme and installs back in such fashion that the lines of your cabinetry remain uninterrupted. The dishwasher door has a recessed handle with a central latch that further enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Unlike models that feature multiple wash cycles, this one keeps it simple! You choose between AutoSense, Heavy wash and Light wash. As expected, the AutoSense cycle enables the dishwasher to automatically adjust time corresponding to the degree of cleaning required, thereby reducing your electricity and water wastage.

One aspect where this dishwasher from Haier scores a homerun right off the bat is the silence rating. With a remarkably low count of 47 dBA, it rivals the silent performance of most European made dishwashers despite the presence of a sturdy hard food disposer.

The stainless-steel blades of the food disposal rotate at 3600 RPM ensuring through grinding of food debris before the particles leave the wash tub.

The dishwasher is a top control model where you have a digital screen and electronic tactile buttons to start/stop the wash cycle, set up a delayed start of up to 12 hours, select cycle setting out of the three wash cycles and switch between wash temperatures.

One out of the temperature settings, there’s a sanitize option which comes in handy to disinfect your dishes, pots and pans occasionally. The sanitize mode complies with the NSF standards and kills more than 99.9% of breeding pathogens. The controls are pretty straight-forward and comprehensive to understand and operate.

At par with the highest industry standards, the dishwasher features a stainless-steel interior that’s promised to last you a good while. Additionally, the top rack is adjustable to fit in larger utensils that wouldn’t at the default height otherwise.

Hard Food Disposer vs Filtration System: The Good and The Bad

Dishwasher with Food Disposal

Dishwasher with Food Disposal

Popular US based brands that have their manufacturing plants inside of America, design and produce dishwashers with hard food disposers integrated into their system. These built-in food grinder units have just enough motor power to cut through bigger pieces of dried and hardened food residue to convert them into fine particles and wash away with the water. These food disposals; however, compare nowhere close to the grinding capacity, efficiency and power of a dedicated under-sink garbage disposal.

A dishwasher with hard food disposer is ideal for individuals that like a more automated experience with minimal maintenance. You can simply go ahead and put the dishes with dried food residues from breakfast and still not care about pre-rinsing it. The machine takes care of everything else without manual intervention.

The added convenience however makes these units a bit louder than their counterparts with filtration systems. In most cases, the additional noise is manageable and is well compensated by the dishwasher’s self-cleaning and zero maintenance attributes.


  1. Disintegrates food particles
  2. Quiet models available
  3. Maintenance-free

Dishwasher with Filtration System

Dishwasher with Filtration System

In contrast to American-made dishwashers, their European counterparts favor filtration systems over built-in food disposals. These dishwashers rely on stream of hot water to break down food residues during the wash cycle which are then caught by the filtration system.

This alternation in design makes for a quieter operation but in turn demands for a routine maintenance. You must check and clean the filters once every ten days to ensure that the dishwasher is in peak functioning state.

Failing to clean the manual filters might lead to detritus build up which could in turn can cause obnoxious odors, inefficient drainage and poorly cleaned dishes. Different manufacturers have different guidelines to clean the filters which may vary in terms of the cleaning frequency and technique. 

To determine if your dishwasher is a filtration system based model, you can figure it out by looking under the spray arms for a round plastic part inserted and locked into the base of the wash tub.


  1. Traps bits of food
  2. Quiet operation
  3. Manual cleaning

As discussed, dishwashers get rid of the leftover food particles on your pots and dishes through either of the two predominant mechanisms; an integrated hard food disposer or a filtration system. Brands often do not communicate it very well, so you might want to carefully read the product’s specifications to be informed. This guide exclusively features American-made dishwashers with hard food disposers as their means of disposing leftover food particles.

Hard Food Disposer or Filtration: Which is Better?

Choosing a dishwasher with one out of the two food disposal options comes down to your preferences. Dishwashers with a filtration system are marginally quieter but require frequent cleaning of their filters to function effectively.

Alternatively, a dishwasher with food disposal allows you to dump all your dishes in the wash tub without the need of pre-rinsing them. It further cleans your dishes while simultaneously chopping off fallen food debris from the dishes before washing them away into the drain line. Unlike European models, a dishwasher with hard food disposer doesn’t require any cleaning or maintenance at all. The motorised food grinder however accounts for a slight increase in the decibel count of your machine.

Now, filtration system dishwashers seem to be associated with the “quiet operation” notion way too much which is outrageously misleading. All dishwashers regardless of their waste disposal mechanism produce noise! To give you context, filtration system dishwashers are rated at around 40dB whereas garbage disposal dishwashers can be found with ratings as low as 45dB. Deceptive marketing catchphrases want you to trade a reduction of ~5dB in noise with the added efforts of routine cleaning.

Owing to the convenience and completely automated processes, it is pragmatic to opt for a dishwasher with hard food disposer if you’re currently looking to install a new one in your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dishwasher with a garbage disposal is a type of dishwasher that is equipped with a built-in garbage disposal unit. This allows the dishwasher to grind up and dispose of food waste as it washes your dishes.

The dishwasher with a garbage disposal works by grinding up food waste as it washes your dishes. The ground-up food waste is then sent through the dishwasher’s drainage system and into the sewage system.

Some benefits of a dishwasher with a garbage disposal include:

  • More efficient cleaning: The garbage disposal unit helps to pre-treat your dishes by grinding up food waste, which can make the dishwashing process more effective.
  • Less food waste in the sink: With a dishwasher with a garbage disposal, you can grind up food waste and dispose of it directly, rather than leaving it in the sink to attract pests or cause odors.
  • Fewer clogs: A dishwasher with a garbage disposal can help to reduce the risk of clogs in your plumbing system by grinding up food waste before it has a chance to accumulate and cause a blockage.

Dishwashers with garbage disposals may be slightly more expensive than regular dishwashers, but the cost difference is typically not significant.

To maintain a dishwasher with a garbage disposal, you should:

  • Avoid putting large or hard objects, such as bones or shells, down the garbage disposal, as these can damage the disposal or cause it to become clogged.
  • Run the disposal regularly to prevent food waste from building up and causing odors.
  • Use a mild cleaner or lemon wedges to deodorize the disposal, if necessary.

It is generally safe to put most types of food waste down a dishwasher with a garbage disposal, but you should avoid putting large or hard objects, such as bones or shells, down the disposal, as these can damage the disposal or cause it to become clogged.

Whether it is better to hand wash dishes or use a dishwasher with a garbage disposal depends on your personal preference and the specific circumstances. In general, a dishwasher with a garbage disposal may be more convenient and efficient, as it can save time and water, and help to reduce food waste and odors.

However, hand washing dishes may be more thorough, as you have more control over the cleaning process and can more easily remove stuck-on food.

Should You Buy a Dishwasher with Disposal? – Our Verdict

Dishwashers have constantly seen some fascinating advancements in their functionality over the years. One such practical innovation gave rise to enhanced dishwashers with food disposals. These variants include a food disposer on the bottom of the cavity and account for grinding soft and hard food pieces into fine particles that can pass through the drain pipe without the risk of blocking it. A dishwasher with food grinder is an absolute necessity for people that have got limited time and energy to look into frequent filter cleaning and drain pipe blockages.

The above compilation is our best effort at finding you the top hard food disposer dishwashers in every price segment.

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