Delta Faucet Company enjoys an elite status across the states and ranks among the very few faucet companies that require virtually no formal introduction. With innovative yet functional designs and contemporary technologies, Delta kitchen faucets arguably provide the best value for your money.

Most delta faucet reviews that you’ll ever come across will most likely highlight the brand’s emphasis on classic, minimal designs with models catering modern domestic kitchens to high-end restaurants. While most of the Delta’s kitchen faucets are designed keeping in mind the requirements of designer kitchen décor schemes and different kitchen sinks, you can also pretty easily discover low-end single handle faucets as thrifty replacements. Whatever style it is that you seek, we’ve ensured to review the best Delta faucets in this collection to help you find the one that fits your requirements.

Best Delta Faucet Reviews in 2021

Delta 9159-AR-DST Single-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet



Of all high-end and versatile kitchen faucets that Delta has to offer, this one looks the sleekest. With available feature customisations to select from, you get to decide the efficiency of your faucet. The faucet design is available as a standard pull-down variant, a sensor touch faucet and another with the voice control feature. Pondering over the options, you can yourself gauge Delta’s obsession with providing the best value for your budget.



Merging the requirements of domestic and commercial applications, the durable Delta Trinsic Pro is another high-end faucet with multiple optional to choose from. Like our top pick for the best delta kitchen faucets, this oen too is sturdily build, has multiple finish options and essentially has a retractable pulldown hose secured with a magnetic docking system. The overall design manages to keep a classic touch to while the functionality aces to rival that of the best of upscale kitchen faucets. 



With a shorter overall stature, heavy duty construction and lower price point; the Delta Leland is ideal for tight countertops and hence makes for a frugal faucet replacement. The faucet comes with Delta’s signature Diamond technology that keeps the faucet leakproof through years of heavy residential usage. Other benchmark features that part delta faucets from others in the market are all present in this one.



If you’ve been looking for a delta kitchen faucet with a complementary soap dispenser, this one comes to you at a rather affordable price tag. While maintaining all standard features of regular Delta pulldown faucets, this one comes with a matching soap dispenser for added functionality. Standing at around 15 inches tall and requiring a minimum clearance to backsplash of just 2.5 inches, the faucet can be very well installed over tight kitchen countertops. This is one of the most upscale kitchen faucet which will add luxury to your kitchen countertop.



For our readers that find more value in a pullout faucet design or are looking for a pullout faucet replacement for their older one, the Cassidy faucet has all that you’d want in your new pick. Like all other Delta faucets, you get a durable diamond embedded ceramic disc cartridge to keep leakage in check. Unlike traditional washers, a ceramic disc is very durable and resilient to corrosion and wearing over time. Above everything, the faucet is covered with the Delta’s signature limited lifetime warranty.

Delta Kitchen Faucets- Buying Guide

About Delta Faucets

Delta Faucets Buying Guide

The advertising and creation of Delta faucets were kicked off by one Alex Manoogian, who was an engineer, a businessman and organizer of Masco. In 1952, Manoogian volunteered to upgrade the single-handle washerless faucet. After two years of development, the first successful ball joint valve faucet was discharged and referred to as Delta Faucet.

Delta was also considered to be a pioneer that revolutionized the whole game of the faucet industry. The faucet became viral after marketing campaign and its yearly deal surpassed a million dollars in the following four years. Delta brand primarily converged to invent products that intensify the user’s experience while transforming the water usage in the most productive ways. The company offered quality accompanied with a moderate range of faucets with an inspirational design. 

To make your life easier around everyday kitchen tasks, they paired the creative designs with innovative technologies incorporating Touch2O, ShieldSpray, SpotShield and MagnaTite Docking. The company offered not just quality, but quantity as well. They offered a vast array of collections, combinations and standalone to satisfy the demands and preferences of every customer. 

What makes Delta Kitchen Faucets Unique?

1. Basic to High-End Faucet Designs

Delta offers an extensive collection of faucet designs that are integrated with creative and modern aesthetics. The collection incorporates traditional, contemporary and transitional designs that complement the décor of every kitchen space. All types of faucets that have made their way to the market, you’d find them on their catalogue. The traditional category includes the basic faucets that are emphasized with every rich detail that seems appealing to the eyes. Whereas the contemporary and transitional category involves the high-end faucets featured with Delta’s patented technologies and offers an uncluttered feel while preserving the comfort and warmth of a trusted classic. Both the basic and high-end models offer a supremely comfortable experience that you have always been craving for. Although both the categories stand out in terms of design and functionality, yet the high-end ones may seem a bit expensive to you. So, make a wise selection during the purchase.

2. Patented Technologies

Patented Technologies of Delta Faucets
A. Touch2O

It is the signature award-winning technology that makes Delta kitchen faucets stand out of all the other faucets available in the market. You could have never imagined that a simple touch can make your life that much easier. Touch2O makes your typically messy kitchen routine less annoying. Whether your hands are occupied holding some food items or are dipped in food, the technology helps you in keeping your faucet clean. 

A gentle touch on the spout or handle of kitchen faucet with your wrist or forearm activates the water stream at the temperature that you set earlier. Moreover, in case you forgot the temperature settings, the Delta TempSense Led light adjusts color to alert you so that there is no discomfort at all. Touch2O is besides smart enough to differentiate between a grab and a real touch by estimating the duration of contact. That way, we can move the spout without incidentally actuating the faucet.

B. SpotShield

The anti-spot finish is one of the crucial aspects to consider. Everyday tasks in the kitchen tend to make the area around the sink and countertop quite messy with all the food preparation and other stuff. While so many things going around, the kitchen appliances get more prone to spots, stains and fingerprints. Especially, kitchen faucets have to undergo more as there is a frequent water usage involved in the meal preparation and other after-meal cleaning tasks. So, you have to turn them on and off every now and then. That’s why the perfect anti-spot coating on the faucet becomes an essential part of manufacturing.

Though many people tend to satisfy with the Stainless steel finish, they require to do a lot of cleaning on a regular basis to sustain the spotless appearance. Therefore, Delta came up with their SpotShield technology featured with great spot-resistance power accompanied with antimicrobial protection. This combination not only keeps the faucet away from undesired spots, but also prevents obnoxious odors. 


We all love to eat cheesy and other greasy food items that often leave stains on the utensils that are really arduous to clean. They require a lot of water consumption and scrubbing followed by splatter due to high water pressure as moderate force is never enough. Taking this into consideration, Delta invented ShieldSpray technology that takes care of all the mentioned aspects. 

The single concentrated stream of water is gigantically expanded in pressure with a similar measure of water, permitting us to wash away even the hardest food stains off the dishes. Furthermore, splatter won’t be a worry any longer with the water shield encompassing the focused cleaning zone. We can clearly comprehend that a lot of thought has been put in the invention of this technology that just saves us from the nightmare of cleaning utensils and makes kitchen tasks quite convenient and fun.

3. Award-Winning Performance Over the Years

Over half a century, the brand successfully won diverse awards as a result of their endless dedication and inclination towards making creative inventions. In 2008, Delta’s pull-down spray kitchen faucet received a Silver ADEX award. ADEX stands for Awards for design and excellence, in which products are judged on the basis of their design and functionality by an anonymous panel of professionals.

Delta is recognized worldwide for its creative technologies and is surely one of the leading brands in the industry. In 2009, Pilar Pull-down kitchen faucet featured with touch2O technology was honored with two awards- People’s Choice Stevie Award, Building products Most Valuable Product Award in the “kitchen Products” category. Additionally, Linden Pull-out kitchen faucet also received an honorable mention in the Kitchen and Bath business 2009 Product Innovator Awards.

For constant three years, the company was honored with EPA’s WaterSense Partner of the year award for its exceptional performance and received the biggest honor- the WaterSense Sustained Excellence Awards as well. 

In 2013, the Delta Pilar kitchen faucet featured with Touch2O technology was honored with the Parent Tested, Parent Approved, Winner’s Seal of Approval. The kitchen faucet was tested and given the seal of approval by fair-minded volunteer families in their homes and was given the Most Trusted Seal by 22,000 guardians. The organization’s strategy to collaborate with innovative companies with perceiving buyers, to improve customer’s access to quality items and services for their families and homes. 

These are some of the accomplishments of Delta company in their striking journey of over 50 years. By looking at their achievements, we can surely conclude that the company’s products and services are loved by the populace and also shows that it is one of the most trustworthy brands.


Whether you want a high-end Delta faucet or you have your inclinations towards the basic models, we are certain you will find your absolute pick within the comprehensive reviews. Delta has something to offer to everyone. If you’re willing to simply replace your old faucet on a budget, the brand has you covered. Or, if you’re looking for something to complement your new kitchen sink; be it stainless steel, copper or composite granite. Before selecting a kitchen faucet, make sure to explore the wide range, so you know what’s available and which style and functionality will be best-suited for your kitchen space. Make sure to analyze all the requisite aspects during purchase and find the one that fits into your budget, demands and preferences. Although, we are already aware of the company’s reputation in building quality products, yet doing a bit of research concerning the warranty period will do no harm.

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