The Best Cuckoo Rice Cookers in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cookers Review

Rice is steadily making its way into Western diets as well – and for good reason too since it is easily the most accessible and delicious source of carbs. After having been the staple diet option for Asian households for centuries, the use of rice is being recently popularized all over the world owing to the many ways in which you can consume it. 

However, this very same feature of rice can often be a drawback for individuals inexperienced with making rice. While there’s no real technique involved in cooking rice, it is important to be exact about the water level, duration, and temperature of the cooking. 

By using a rice cooker, however, you can avoid any room for error and make the perfect bowl of rice every time – so let’s get into the best Cuckoo rice cookers that are worth your money.

Comparison Table

Product Capacity Pot Material Weight Wattage Yogurt
1. Cuckoo CRP-AHSS1009FN Rice Cooker 10 Cups (Uncooked) Stainless steel 17.4 lbs 1305 W No
Check Price
2. Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Electric Rice Cooker 6 Cups (Uncooked) Aluminium 14.3 lbs 890 W Yes
Check Price
3. Cuckoo CR-0632F Electric Rice Cooker 6 Cups (Uncooked) Aluminium 10.8 lbs 580 W No
Check Price
4. Cuckoo CR-0631F Micom Rice Cooker 6 Cups (Uncooked) Alumnium 6.8 lbs 580 No
Check Price
5. Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S Multi-Purpose Rice Cooker 8 Cups (Uncooked) Stainless steel 16.5 lbs 890 W Yes
Check Price

Cuckoo Rice Cooker Reviews

1. Cuckoo CRP-AHSS1009FN 10 Cup Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker Review

  • Advanced programmable features
  • Desirable for large families
  • Comes with 17 resourceful settings
  • A bit on the pricier side

If you’re someone cooking for a large group of people multiple times a day, then this Induction rice cooker by Cuckoo can make your work exponentially easier. It can also cut down your cooking time by a lot, enabling you to have more time during which you don’t have to stick around the rice cooker to monitor it. 

With the help of smart cooking technologies and a stainless steel inner pot, it is possible to have perfectly cooked rice every time – something that is virtually impossible by manual rice-cooking methods. Since this Induction rice cooker has the ability to dish out 20 cooked cups of rice, you don’t have to make your rice in batches anymore. 

Additionally, the structure and heating technology of this Induction rice cooker enables the rice to be cooked all the way through and evenly. The heat is circulated inside the cooker itself, instead of an external heating plate so as to allow for uniformity. 

With a myriad of settings that you can enable for this induction rice cooker, you can enjoy rice, porridge, GABA rice cooked in a variety of ways according to your preference. Lastly, this cooker is as easy to use as it is easy to clean – with the inside of the cooker being non-stick, you don’t have to scrape away at it endlessly to get all the food out. 

2. Cuckoo CRP-P0609S 6 cup Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker 

  • High-grade programmable features
  • Has 13 cooking settings
  • Can be cleaned with extreme ease
  • Lid can open violently if not opened carefully after pressure releases

With similar technology as the aforementioned rice cooker by Cuckoo, this rice cooker can help you make perfect meals for smaller families – and is thus the choice of most modern families. 

The cooker is extremely easy to use, owing to the voice automation that lays out all instructions before you in your chosen language – whether English, Korean, or Chinese. It is able to make several different kinds of rice – whether the fluffier varieties or GABA rice or even the Korean delicacy of Nurungji, even stickier rice that makes good sushi. While it does a good job at it, there are better rice cookers for exclusively making sushi that you can your hands on.  

You can keep your rice warm for a while, or even reheat it later if you’re done cooking your rice before mealtime. The only downside to this induction rice cooker from Cuckoo is the fact that the lid might spring open if not held correctly once the cooking is done. However, in most cases, this pressure cooker from Cuckoo works flawlessly and there are little to no chances of your rice overcooking. 

And not just rice – you can also steam your veggies and meat in this pressure cooker from Cuckoo, making this an all-in-one device for your mealtime. It is also the ideal choice for those who don’t have enough time to meticulously cook perfect rice every time – simply turning on the turbo mode on the cooker can give you the same, carefully-made rice you’re used to in half the usual time!

3. Cuckoo CR-0632F Programmable Electric Rice Cooker Review

Cuckoo CR 0632F Rice Cooker Review
  • Different rice textures and flavors
  • Nonstick inner pot
  • Detachable inner lid evenly distributes moisture for consistently cooked rice
  • Integrated with advanced cooking algorithms and fuzzy logic 
  • New users might need some getting used to

Once again, this Micom rice cooker is perfect for smaller-sized families since it can serve you around 12 cups of cooked rice at a time. With the variety ranging from brown rice to glutinous rice, there’s so much to choose from with this Micom rice cooker. 

If you’re the kind to make your rice manually because you want to be exact with the temperature and cooking times so as to get that specific savory or sweet flavor, then this Micom rice cooker will do the job for you with time to spare. 

With adjustable temperatures and flavor profiles for your rice, you can make rice the smart way with the help of this rice cooker’s elite technology in terms of voice automation and fuzzy logic – as mentioned by many Cuckoo rice cooker revies. Not only this – slow-cooking veggies and meat is now a feat that you can accomplish automatically with greatly reduced cooking time with the options on the Micom rice cooker. 

It also consists of a detachable cover that helps in an even distribution of heat inside the inner pot making the rice perfect every single time. If you keep food iReheating your rice and other food, as well, has never been easier – an attractive option for those who like to get their cooking out of the way before getting on with their day. Lastly, the cleaning process may be a bit complex owing to it being a fully automated system but is a hurdle that you can easily overcome keeping in mind the non-stick and non-toxic texture of the inner pot.

4. Cuckoo CR-0631F Multifunctional Micom Rice Cooker Review

Cuckoo CR 0631F multifunctional rice cooker
  • Multiple high-grade functions
  • Suitable for cooking various dishes apart from rice
  • Supreme temperature controls
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Large cooking capacity
  • The inner pot does not have handles and can be easily scratched when rice is being scooped out

This rice cooker is similar to the one mentioned above – albeit having a metallic pink tint that gives it an attractive look. This Cuckoo induction pressure rice cooker is equipped with all of the basic necessities required for an excellent quality rice cooker – but takes it one step ahead with over 16 different modes that you can set the cooker to in order for you to consume rice your way – whether you like it glutinous, sticky, or thoroughly dry. 

Even if you’re not experienced at making rice, you can make perfect bowls of rice simply by adding water up to the given line. You can explore options such as the delay timer and turbo mode, both of which can be miraculous solutions for busy individuals who don’t have time to cook themselves a full meal spread at any time of the day. 

With the delay timer, you can set your rice to cook up to 13 hours before your meal, or even expedite the cooking process with the help of the turbo mode – an option that enables you to cook your rice in the span of 33 minutes only. 

With constantly warm rice that you can consume during any time of the day, you no longer have to worry about meal times or even cleaning your Micom rice cooker because of its removable lid and non-stick inner pot.

5. Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Multi-Purpose Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Multi-Purpose Rice Cooker
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Versatile with eight different cooking settings
  • Can be somewhat pricey
  • Quite bulky

A rice cooker that is a bit on the pricier side, you can get around 8 functions in one – making your cooking experience more seamless and convenient than ever. It can help you make soup, brown-fry your vegetables and meat, steam, slow-cook, and other functions that will have you utilizing this cooker for all of your cooking needs. 

The visual appeal, too, is quite high – owing to the metallic look that makes your kitchen space look minimalistic. Once again, this rice cooker is equipped with the Preset function which enables you to cook your rice at your desired time – even 12 hours and 50 minutes ahead. 

With over nine levels of heating your food, you can achieve various textures and flavors in your food without any manual maneuvers in cooking. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this rice cooker is its safety – it is especially recommended for households with children since it has around 14 safety functions that make cooking not only simple but also an extremely safe experience. 

However, this rice cooker can seem somewhat bulky in comparison with others – so if your kitchen is designed in a compact manner, then it would be best to check out the dimensions of this rice cooker before purchase. 

Choosing the Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker – Buying Guide

Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cookers – Are They A Better Choice?

Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cookers Review

Cuckoo Electronics, or previously known as Sunkwang Electronics, is a South Korean brand that has been producing home appliances for several decades – making it one of the most trusted kitchen appliance brands in Asia, and arguably, the entire world. 

They’re best known for their rice cookers, which is apparent considering their huge variety of rice cookers and multipurpose cookers that exist to provide convenience to the modern and busy household. All of their rice cookers have certain features such as smart heating and sleek design that helps convert cooking rice from an arduous activity into an enjoyable one. 

One of the best advantages of using them lies in the fair amount of electricity consumption that saves you a lot of money in the long run. Therefore, the cost of cooking food with these rice cookers is negligible as compared to other rice cooker brands. All in all, cuckoo rice cookers are a great option if rice is a staple in your meals. If not Cuckoo, you can also consider Japanese rice cookers like Zojirushi or Panasonic.

Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cookers – Notable Features

1. Contemporary Design 

While our first thought of rice cookers might be bulky contraptions that sit oddly in your kitchen, taking up a bunch of space, that’s decidedly not the case with Cuckoo rice cookers. 

Everything from their body to the color is functional and attractive, and it is easy to see why most homeowners who are concerned about the aesthetics of their living space go for Cuckoo. The brand strives to combine extreme simplicity with functionality, doing away with unnecessary tabs or knobs that might render a rice cooker unbecoming. 

2. Programmable Settings

With the incorporation of AI and the latest technology in cooking, your rice-making experience can now be easier than ever. With several features such as self-cleaning and fuzzy logic, 

Cuckoo introduces to their users the future of cooking by offering regulating times and automatic controls to tell when the rice is done – reducing chances of overheating or burning and leaving no room for error. The functionality of these rice cookers rivals that of advanced instant pot.  

The controls and settings, too, are fully automated and you only need to push a few buttons in order to enjoy some warm and delicious rice in a matter of minutes – a far cry from the inconvenience of manual cooking.

3. Voice Navigation 

If you wouldn’t consider yourself very tech-savvy and are used to one-button rice cookers that offer minimal services, then you’ll be glad to know that Cuckoo stainless steel rice cookers are extremely easy to use owing to their voice navigation systems. 

Available in a variety of languages, Cuckoo makes it possible for you to know exactly what functions, cooking time and temperatures to choose from when you’re cooking your rice. So if you feel daunted by looking at the wide array of buttons and controls on Cuckoo rice cookers, then you’ll be familiar with them in no time with the voice navigation system.

4. Safety Features

If you’re new to rice cookers in general, then Cuckoo pressure rice cookers are extremely approachable and safe to begin from. With at least 14 different safety functions to equip, Cuckoo rice cookers are extremely efficient in households with children. 

With features such as auto-locking and checking, pressure releasing, constant pressure regulation, and heat sensors, Cuckoo makes sure that your cooking experience is not only extremely convenient but also exponentially safe. With all of these safety functions in place, Cuckoo guarantees against any untoward accidents in the kitchen.


The future of cooking, or cooking rice specifically, lies in automatic cooking. And as you have observed, there are a number of advantages to handing the reins of cooking rice over to superior technology that knows what’s best for you – especially since you get to control the exact duration, temperature, and flavor of your cooking. 

And there’s no brand that’s doing it better than Cuckoo, which is why they’ve steadily built a loyal customer base that swears by Cuckoo rice cookers. If you’re someone who consumes rice frequently or even daily, then it is time that you start saving multiple hours of your day by investing in the best Cuckoo rice cooker for you.

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