Cooking is an art that most of us aspire to be good at. But for satisfactory performance in the kitchen, one must have access to proper equipment that facilitate specific set of tasks in the kitchen. Meat Slicers and meat grinders for domestic and commercial use rank among such utilitarian kitchen products that ease our time in the kitchen as enthusiastic meat lovers. 

The level of efficacy that the meat slicers render also depends on the skill of individuals, and it varies from person to person. That said, these devices’ utility can be best understood from the fact that it saves your valuable time. You can prepare a large spread in considerably lesser time with much more accuracy and job satisfaction. Meat slicers give an edge to the precision of cutting the meat with unparalleled ease as well. 

Here is a list of some of the best commercial meat slicers available in the market. We have tried to compile a comprehensive study of the various products for your convenience to select for the best one depending on your preference and budget.Meat 

Comparison Table

Product Wattage Thickness Blade Material Noise Warranty
The Best Commercial Meat Slicers to Buy in 2021 1. KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer 320 Watts 0 - 0.4" Teflon Low 1 year ltd.
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The Best Commercial Meat Slicers to Buy in 2021 2. KWS Commercial Electric Meat Slicer 320 watts 0 - 0.4" Stainless Steel Low 1 year ltd.
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The Best Commercial Meat Slicers to Buy in 2021 3. BESWOOD 10” Commercial Electric Deli Meat Slicer 240 watts 0 - 0.5" Carbon Steel Low 1 year ltd.
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The Best Commercial Meat Slicers to Buy in 2021 4. BestEquip Electric Commercial Meat Cutter Machine 600 watts 0.12" Stainless Steel Moderate 1 year ltd.
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The Best Commercial Meat Slicers to Buy in 2021 5. Best Choice Products Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer 240 watts 0 - 0.55" Stainless Steel Low 1 year ltd.
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Best Commercial Meat Slicers Reviews

KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer
  • High-quality Teflon blade, rustproof, and durability.
  • 0.4 hp motor and power transformer, equipped with the power to deliver constant slicing.
  • Removable product tray; helps in the formation of bacteria as it can reduce seams and hard to reach places. 
  • Waterproof on and off switch.
  • Body made of aluminum alloy, making it more durable and prevents corrosion.
  • The screws on the blade are too tight, and hence roving the blades becomes difficult.
  • Sometimes it comes with certain slicing defects where the users have faced issues obtaining the wanted size.

If you want to render your kitchen with one of the finest meat slicing experiences, KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer is your best deal. It is made with high-quality 304 stainless steel and has a Teflon blade coat, which makes it rustproof, firm, and much more durable. This is unlike some of the other blades in the market that come with carbon steel making them non-durable and can be easily blunt out. 

KWS MS-10Nt provides unique ways of slice adjustments with superior precision. With much efficacy and ease, it can cut meat, vegetables, and cheese. The Teflon blades help in residue prevention, making it easier for the users to maintain proper cleaning. They do not have to put to keep the utensil clean as a single wipe serves the purpose. 

It has a built-in sharpener that can be used in honing and sharpening the blades. This also helps the blade maintain sharp sides, which can be done by pushing both the front and back buttons for some time. This ensures that the blade is always sharp and ready for slicing. 

The on-off switch buttons and the relays are built separately, which helps prevent them from getting damaged at the same time together. KWS also comes with a skid-proof rubber foot, which secures the machine on the countertop and thus keeps it steady while somebody is at the job of using it.

  • Built-in dual whetstone sharpener and ring guard to keep the blades razor sharp.
  • Adjustable thickness control
  • Enough motor power for all kinds of commercial use.
  • Rustproof and bacteria resistant.
  • Rubber feet that provide sturdiness.
  • Cannot be easily cleaned.
  • The slicers are too tight.

This meat slicer gives some of the best utility for commercial as well as home kitchen use. The KitchenWare Station MS-10N 10” has 320 watts of motor power, which are suitable for commercial purposes and is perfect for slicing. This is suitable for cutting meat, vegetables, cheese, and fruits with much ease. It has a thickness adjustment control and gives the cut up to a .4” thickness. The versatility offers unmatched scope to try different meat-based recipes.  

The electric meat slicer comes with a built-in dual whetstones sharpener and ring guard for the blades. This helps in maintaining a razor-sharp blade and makes it safer to use. This can also be done by pushing the front and back of the button for a certain time, which results in maintaining the sharpness. 

The meat slicer’s blades are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The body is constructed of aluminum alloy, which comes with more durability and is less likely to be affected by corrosion. The product tray of the slicer can hold up to a considerable amount of food. The tray can also be easily removed, which makes it easier for cleaning. This feature reduces the seams, and one can reach the places which are hard to reach for cleaning. This helps in the prevention of bacteria accumulation as well.

The KWS Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer is a high-quality product with semi-automatic meat slicers. This is highly recommended for different kinds of commercial as well as home use, including for chefs and caterers. 

  • Enhanced shock protection technology.
  • Chromium-plated carbon steel blade provides protection against corrosion.4
  • Has a high-temperature treatment process.
  • Consistently sharp blade edges.
  • Premium V-Belt reduces noise and vibration to a considerable extent
  • Does not power up fast.
  • Has an oxidizing effect on the metal. 

The BESWOOD slicer is one of the market’s best products providing the customers with optimum utility and satisfaction. They come with a premium chromium-plated coating carbon steel blade that gives superior protection against any corrosion. They are also provided with a high-temperature treatment process, which makes the blades stay sharp longer and increase their durability. 

As there is no need to sharpen the blades on frequent intervals, this helps the blade in having the blades a longer life span. The BESWOOD Commercial Electric Deli Meat Slicers are incorporated with double illuminated on and off switch 24V that prevents any chances of power shock and provides the best protection. 

These slicers are built with skid-proof rubber feet that give the device much sturdiness while on the countertop. They also come with the blade ring guard, which gives the users an extra measure for safety. The body of the slicer is made of aluminum with top-mounted, two stones blades that help in maintaining a consistent sharpness to the blades. 

The Beswood slicer is the best choice for all kinds of commercial usage across restaurants, cafes, commercial kitchens, and home scenes. The slicer can be used to cut boneless meat, cheese, ham, bread, and the likes with much precision and ease. 

  • Premium quality stainless steel body and design.
  • It is extremely safe and reliable to use.
  • Comes with a high-efficiency level.
  • It is provided with a sharp blade set
  • A powerful copper motor with a high cutting capacity.
  • The washing and cleaning become difficult at times.
  • Does not run fast enough.

To add extra glamour to your kitchen with a powerful delivery, the BestEquip is the machine you should go for. This has a high-grade quality stainless steel body. The seamless welded design can be sued against resisting internal pressure and are not easily deformed, thus giving it higher durability. The food-grade steel outer casing is waterproof and can be easily cleaned. 

 This slicer is provided with a large feeding throat and is it prevents accidents or injuries to hands as it is attached with a safety protection baffle. The device is also equipped with an emergency stop button for additional safety measures. The BestEquip is loaded with a range of cutting measurements were you around 22 sets /44 pieces of the blade made of stainless steel. This gives considerable hardness and is able to cut the meat with effective thickness. 

The slicers’ handles are made in such a way that they are conveniently lifted and carried to other places. The feet of the machine are non-slip that gives a guarantee of immovability of the device while in operation. The presence of the multiple air vents helps release the heat, thus ensuring the extended longevity of this cutting machine’s useful lifespan. 

The BestEquip has a wide application as it can be used to cut various types of meat. The items can be processed into meat slices, and you can have any kind of shredded meat, including that of pork, beef, chicken, fish, mutton etc. 

  • Automatic on-off switch with waterproof cover for easy and safe use.
  • Strong body made of heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • Skid proof rubber feet for uninterrupted table use.
  • Convenience in adjusting the price thickness of the meat slices.
  • Loaded with enough power for various commercial uses.
  • Trouble with the on and off switching.
  • Not easy to clean.

A very common product that is used for a number of commercial purposes as well as inside the home kitchens is the Best Choice Products Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer. This meat slicer comes with 240 watts of power and is semi-automatic in nature. The body is built with premium quality stainless steel and is added with safety maintenance devices. This also helps the slicer in working smoothly and with proper continuation. 

This slicer comes with an auto on and off switch, which is again is provided with a waterproof cover giving the users extra protection and easy to use features. The machine has a fashion tilted design that renders it possible for a fast and manual saving slicing of the items. The built-in dual whetstone sharpeners are very convenient for maintaining a consistent sharpness to the edge of the blades. 

The Best Choice slicer can be easily adjusted to the needed thickness with the help of a numerical scale knob. This scale knob makes it possible to adjust the plate to move back and forth, which in turn helps in adjusting the thickness of the meat. 

The skid-proof rubber bottom makes it convenient to be sued on the tabletops and applies steadiness while the machine is in use. This machine has got a substantial commercial value and is perfect for slicing massive beef, mutton, turkey, cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits, and various other food items. 

Commercial meat slicers – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Having access to a proper meat slicer can be one of the biggest assets in the kitchen scenes. Be it for commercial purposes or home use. Meat slicers have made a huge difference in providing people with effective and convenient cooking standards. You can cut any type of meat with the help of these slicers and in no time at all. The following are some of the considerations which you need to think about before going for a purchase. 

What Qualifies As A Commercial Grade Meat Slicer?

A meat slicer is a machine that can be operated either manually or with electricity and is used to cut meat. They have other uses, including cutting cheese, vegetables, and other food items. During a purchase, importance should be given to the exact what you intend to slice. The lighter models can be used to a certain extent and are priced at lower rates. For higher consumption, one should go for the heavier duty models. These provide more durability and safety standards. Moreover, a specialty slicer is designed specially to slice very thin slices of prosciutto and other gourmet deli meat items. Hence, depending on the user’s usability and need, each type of slicer provides various utilities. 

Differences Between a Commercial and Traditional Meat Slicers

Commercial Meat Slicers

KWS Commercial 320w Best Electric Meat Slicer

  1. Commercial meat slicers are fast with the help of powerful electric motor. They can do the work with speed and convenience.
  2. These slicers come with a large feeder tray, which makes it easy for the users to accumulate the residue together.
  3. The commercial slicers are provided with sharp metal blades which don’t need continuous sharpening of the blades.
  4. These slicers can help in slicing large pieces of meats of any kind without any difficulty.
  5. These machines are mostly run on electricity which eradicates any manual labor.

Traditional Meat Slicers

Traditional Meat Slicers

  1. Traditional meat slicers are small kitchen appliances which cannot be used for major purpose. More apt for family use.
  2. Large feeder tray feature is seldom found in case of the traditional meat slicers.
  3. The blades of the traditional slicers require sharpening from time to time to work with proper efficacy.
  4.  With the traditional ones, it is only effective with the smaller sized pieces of meat
  5. The traditional devices need man power for its operation.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Meat Slicer

1. Power

This is possibly one of the most important factors that should be considered while purchasing any commercial product. The more powerful is the motor, the higher will be the effectiveness of the slicer. No matter what type and size of meat you are aiming to cut, a considerably powerful motor will be able to deliver you with the best of results. Moreover, a high energy device will be able to work much better on the deep-frozen meat items or raw meat and will be able to break them with much ease. 

2. Blade size

The blade of the slicer is a very important feature that you should consider. Depending on your needs and the types of meat you are planning to get sliced, you should make a choice. The size of the slicer plays a very crucial part because if you want to cut small meat items, an 8” or 9” size blade will suffice. But if you are into working with the heavier and larger meat products, the larger dimension blades need to be considered, which are around 14” or more. The material of the blades also adds to the effectiveness of the blades, and it is recommended that the best ones are of stainless steel as they are suitable to cut all food products. 

3. Heavy-Duty Design

Endurance becomes a highly required feature for any product. You should consider a product that is strong enough to resist years of wear and tear. The machines which are sturdy with well-built appliances are highly recommended. They offer you a definite amount of strength as to its robustness and power for many years of its useful life. A meat slicer is mostly a one-time investment that you would do. Hence, invest in a product that guarantees a strong exterior along with proper built-in appliances to provide you with a long term effect. 

4. Noise

Many times it has been found that these slicers have been making some extreme noise. This creates a lot of disturbance for many people. The way they are placed on the tabletops while in operation creates a great impact on the noise they emit. Since they are electrically operated, they are bound to make some noise when the blades are in such fast motion. Hence, while buying the commercial meat slicer, do a thorough background check on the noise levels of the products you are planning to buy. 

5. Low maintenance

Hygiene is a very important aspect of any food processor product. But in order to maintain proper hygienic care should also be taken to the fact that it does not sum up to being too pricey. The slicer should be provided with such a sanitation process where it is very convenient to take care of it with an effortless cleaning technique. Laborious methods of wiping and maintaining cleanliness should be avoided in these products. Moreover, the machine which comes with a built-in sharpener makes it very convenient to maintain a consistently sharp edge to the blades without having to bother for this factor manually. 

6. Safety

Last but not least, the safety standards that come along with any products is a factor that one cannot do without. You would never want to compromise on your safety or of the people around you. The products are mostly made with aluminum and stainless steel; they are quite efficient in providing a considerable amount of safety and hygiene. Accidental cuts can also be prevented as they are provided with blade covers and guards. While buying the meat slicer, you should also check that they are provided with a skid-proof rubber bottom, which gives steadiness to the item while in operation. 

Final Words

A meat slicer can drastically enhance the proficiency levels in any kitchen. It is one of the best additions to improve your culinary skills. It is worth your every penny as a meat slicer helps you slice effectively and with utmost precision in no time at all! Irrespective of whether you are an owing food business or simply working in your home kitchen, we understand the various importances of the kitchen tools to uplift your cooking standards. Hence, it is imperative to make the appropriate decision to settle down for the right kitchen appliance. We sincerely hope this article would come to your help with a proper guide in your selection process.

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