If you’re into the food business and meat dishes are your forte, you realise the value of a commercial grade meat grinder in your kitchen. To dish out the best, finely minced, melt-in-the-mouth meat to your customers, you know you can’t do without one. And why should you? Besides the beautiful texture and taste they lend to the meat, a heavy duty meat grinder is simply better for the health of your customers too. All the preservatives added to the packaged meat lying around in the supermarket (since we don’t know when) isn’t going to do your health any good.

This is why shopping for one needs to be done carefully, for a single-time investment into a professional meat grinder will take you a long way in terms of returns for your business. To simplify things for you a bit, we’ll be reviewing a couple of heavy-duty, commercial-grade meat grinders in this post. There’s also a buying guide towards the latter sections here to help you get just the right restaurant meat grinder, one you’d always been looking for. Let’s look at the best commercial meat grinder there is this year that serves your purpose just right.

Note: This post highlights meat grinders for commercial restaurateurs and chefs in the meat-based food business; not for light domestic usage. We’ve compiled a separate list of the best meat grinders for domestic use in a separate article. 

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Best Commercial Meat Grinder Reviews – 2020

Product Power Yield/hr Wattage
Reverse FUNC Warranty
Best Commercial Meat Grinder (2022) – Reviews and Buying Guide 1. LEM Products Electric Meat Grinder 1 HP 780 lbs 750W
2 GP
5 Years
Check Price
Best Commercial Meat Grinder (2022) – Reviews and Buying Guide 2. Weston Butcher Series #12 Electric Meat Grinder 0.75 HP 540 lbs 560W
2 GP
5 Years
Check Price
Best Commercial Meat Grinder (2022) – Reviews and Buying Guide 3. Kitchener Elite Commercial Meat Grinder 1/2 HP 480 lbs 370W
2 GP
3 Years
Check Price
Best Commercial Meat Grinder (2022) – Reviews and Buying Guide 4. STX Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder 1 HP 225 lbs 2000W
6 GP
3 Years
Check Price
Best Commercial Meat Grinder (2022) – Reviews and Buying Guide 5. PRO-CUT KG-22-W Restaurant Meat Grinder 1 HP 1700 lbs 750W
1 GP
1 Year
Check Price
Best Commercial Meat Grinder (2022) – Reviews and Buying Guide
  • Comes with a single-speed level for more accurate and efficient grind control; easy to understand and operate when pressed for time
  • Equipped with 2 grinding plates
  • Compact size and design makes it perfect for small commercial grinding tasks
  • Extended durability assured by full stainless steel body – head, auger, pan, plates, knife, and motor
  • No annoying sound from operation of steel parts
  • Contains a storage drawer in the front to safely store grind plates, knives and tubes
  • Slightly higher-priced than other models possibly because of quality parts
  • May have problems grinding frozen meat

Compact, stainless steel body, fast and efficient, it’s difficult to find a combination like this in the meat grinder market. It’s highly productive too, boasting of an ability to grind up to 4lbs. of meat per minute. And extremely powerful as well in comparison to LEM’s previous model. This one has an upgraded horsepower of 0.35 in. from 0.25 in., which facilitates a more efficient grind.

Its biggest USP – it’s electric so it saves a lot of time, effort and energy spent into conventional manual grinding of meat. Plus, you can be rest assured that the ground meat quality is just perfect for all kinds of dishes and to suit all palates. This high-quality commercial electric meat grinder comes with a slicer attachment as well so that you can take care of varied customer needs.

Despite being extremely powerful, the grinder is comfortably quiet in operation. The make is fairly robust too and it lends an impression of lasting forever, However, the stainless steel parts can’t be washed in the dishwasher which may sometimes prove inconvenient especially during the after-party clean-up. Speed is the USP of the product.

  • Easy to operate for all-size commercial kitchens
  • Stainless body ensures longer durability
  • 1100 watt motor power guarantees powerful and efficient grinding of meat and various other food ingredients too
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance saves time and effort after cooking
  • Silent operation of the motor despite its high-power operation
  • User-friendly design and best-quality parts make it a top choice
  • Sometimes half-frozen meat may have to be used for proper and effective grinding; fully frozen meat may not do the job just as well.

Robust build, uncompromising peak performance and augmented durability are the key highlights of this commercial meat grinder from Weston. Besides, the brand is known for manufacturing heavy-duty appliances and is seen as a fairly reliable option in the high-end range. The same can be held true for this absolute workhorse. This electric meat grinder is specifically made for heavy usage, and is, hence, suited for commercial applications.

The grinding components of this 3/4 HP meat grinder is permanently lubricated while the machine is is rated to grind 6-9 lbs. of meat per minute taking the hourly output to over 500 lbs. The high ouptut power and sturdy stainless steel grinding components translate to a very satisfactory performance. Users have clearly mentioned that the machine handles chicken, rabbit and turkey bones with great ease. Meaning, it can also double as your vending machine for homemade pet food! It comes with two stainless steel grinding blades (7 mm and 4.5 mm) and a sausage stuffing kit.

The thoughtful offset hopper design further augments the heavy use application of the grinder. Additionally, it is rather convenient to disassemble the grinder, clean the insides and then put it back together; which is a necessity in such high-output grinders. 

Speaking of the external appearance and design of the meat grinder, things look pretty thoughtful, here too. The unit displays a very compact construction; thereby takes up less space on the counter. Weighing 48 pounds, it’s certainly not the heaviest option in our list. Despite that, the grinder has a sturdy handle to conveniently move it around. Also, the underside of the machine has non-slip feet designed to avoid potential mishaps while handling large meat grinding batches. Most impressive of all, Weston covers the meat grinder with a massive 5-year warranty. 

  • Powerful 1.0 horsepower induction motor at 370 watts with a capacity to grind as much as 480 lbs. of meat in 1 hour
  • Waterproof switch ensures longevity; body rust-resistant
  • Extremely quiet motor
  • Easy to use and quickly clean too
  • Safe to operate
  • Can grind relatively more quantity of meat in an hour than any of its current competitive counterparts in this market
  • Uses up lesser space due to its compact design
  • May present technical issues like clogging of meat in the machine
  • Slightly heavy on the pocket

Another great offering from a popular meat-grinder brand. This one comes with a compact design too, yet very powerful operation. You can grind about 840 lbs. of meat to perfection in just an hour! Speak of efficiency at its best, you’ve got it with Kitchener.

All this and much more puts the product in the category of the best commercial meat grinder. All food places that have huge demand for meat consistently would love to place this on their countertop, with no regrets at all. Small or big restaurants, hotel kitchens, butcheries, or meat-processing stores – anyone can take advantage of this brilliant offering from the Kitchener brand.

Because of this fast and efficient grinder at your restaurant, your customers would never have to keep waiting for their order. Slightly expensive product but worth investing for your commercial kitchen. The expense can be justified by the presence of all-stainless-steel parts as well as the patented design of a removable drawer at the base.    

The grinder can perfectly grind small chicken bones or those of the fish. However, red meat or chicken thigh bones should be put through with care. The machine is designed to serve as all-in-one meat grinder and sausage stuffer.

  • Different speed level controls for precise grinding in less time – you can use it on low, high or even reverse speed setting
  • Safety switch guarantees safe stopping and resetting of the machine, ensuring motor longevity
  • Equipped with a number of functional parts for ease of convenience – meat hopper, meat pusher, various stainless-steel cutting blades, sausage-stuffing tubes and plate, different-sized grinding plates, attachment for making Kibbeh (Middle-Eastern delicacy)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee; no questions asked, warranty for 3 years including for machine parts
  • The machine can be slightly noisy upon operation ‘
  • May be unable to grind animal bones and tendons

Just like its name, this appliance too works like a turbo. There’s no slowing down this powerful machine that has the capacity to grind huge amounts of meat in relatively shorter time. And it’s not just the efficiency and speed of the product that makes it among the popular commercial grade meat grinder in the market.

Durability, longer warranty period and super-easy cleaning and maintenance are the other sought-after features. The 2000-watt high-power motor will make grinding literally a piece of cake in any commercial kitchen space. You can expect to grind at least 320-360 lbs. of meat in 1 hour. Besides, the speed can be adjusted to low or high levels, depending on the type or texture of the meat and how fine you want it ground.

All stainless steel parts included; rust-free coating to prevent early damage to the appliance. Ideal for both fine and coarse grinds and operates at excellent speed too. Its easy cleaning and maintenance helps ensure quality for longer duration of time. Any function or gathering, you’d always be ready with perfectly-ground meat.

  • 1 HP motor and gear-driven appliance easy for use by any commercial kitchen
  • 1,700 lbs. of ground meat per hour in the first grind
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Easily detachable headstock for faster cleaning
  • Unique washerless grinding system proves cost-effective in supplies and lowers maintenance cost too
  • Can be used to grind meat, make salsa, puree, grind beans, make jellies and marmalades
  • May be difficult to grind bones or semi-frozen meat

True to its name, this heavy duty meat grinder works with meat just like a pro! Not comparable to anything else in this category, it allows for grinding of as much as 1,700 lbs. of meat per hour in the first grind itself! There are two separate-sized grinding plates to facilitate a second grind too wherein more than 800 lbs. can be processed in an hour.

The motor has 1 HP and a powerful 28 lbs.-ft. spin to grind meat. All the gears of the device are made of food-grade stainless steel for higher durability and absolute grinding precision. There’s a large feed tray to allow for comfortable grinding and a strong headstock with permanent safeguard.

The body of the grinder too has non-slippery rubber feet affixed to the base to guarantee additional safety during use of the appliance. Extra accessories included for greater convenience. The product comes with a one-year warranty for labour and parts from the manufacturer.

This grinder cuts meat just like a pro when placed in any restaurant kitchen.  Its strong 1HP motor is its USP and a gear-driven grinder which can cut or grind meat for any kind of meat-based dish. Comes with a one-year warranty from then manufacturer for labour and parts both.

Commercial Meat Grinders – Buying Guide

After reviewing the top buys in 2020 in the meat-grinder category, we detail here some key points to know before you proceed with your purchase.

What is a Commercial Meat Grinder?

It’s specifically designed for use by commercial kitchens – restaurants, hotels and any food joint involved in meat-based food preparation. The need for one arises to handle large grinding projects at ease. Commercial kitchens must ensure little waiting time for customers. Commercial meat grinders help, quickly grinding meat to its best.

How are Restaurant Meat Grinders Different from Domestic Meat Grinders?

The most glaring difference between the two stands out in the form of size itself. On first glance, a majority of commercial meat grinders come across as large appliances with huge blades and grinding plates. They’re specially designed too to slice through any shape, size or texture of meat and process it easily in literally no time.

The domestic type, on the opposite, is designed for relatively smaller grinding tasks – mainly for light and everyday usage in home kitchens. The meat pieces need to be cut up into much smaller pieces too (unlike the huge meat chunks thrown into commercial ones).

Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Commercial Meat Grinder

1. Heavy Duty Construction

Purchasing a commercial meat grinder is often a one-time investment, considering the expense involved. Most of these grinders can be quite heavy on the pocket. This is why durability of the product is the foremost thing that should come to your mind when considering a specific meat grinder for purchase.

It’s wiser to consider a commercial electric meat grinder that uses thick-gauge stainless steel alloy in construction. Not just the body of the appliance but also its parts (blades, grinding plates, motor, etc.) should ideally be of stainless steel. A heavy-duty construction model is more likely to ensure longevity in use.

2. Power Output

This is another vital consideration before buying a restaurant meat grinder. Higher the power efficiency of a grinder’s motor, more output it’s likely to produce. This is why greater horsepower motors have been seen to display higher pound-per-hour output rate (from the reviews above).

This is also important because the power output of your commercial meat grinder must ideally be in accordance with the peak requirements of your food business. If more people flock to your restaurant for lip-smacking minced-meat dishes, a high-power meat grinder which can grind several pounds of meat in one hour would avoid making them wait.

3. Sausage Stuffer and Other Attachments

Meat grinders can be used for several reasons at a restaurant. It depends largely on the most popular items at any particular meat-based food business. For instance, if your sausages are more popular among your customers than any other meat item, a meat grinder accessory such as sausage stuffer could be of great help.

This is why some accessories that generally come with a commercial grade meat grinder may be better suited for your business than the others. It’s therefore important to always check for the optional/complementary accessories that come with a commercial meat grinder when considering it for purchase.

4. Grinding Plate Options

Grinding plates in a meat grinder are important to be considered too – their size in particular – because it makes a huge difference to the final desirable output. Different-sized plates tend to lend different coarseness to the ground meat.

This is why before finalising a meat grinder for your food business, it’s better to know the ideal grind-size that would work best depending on the preferences of your customers. Based on this, you can then start checking all available plate sizes in the commercial electric meat grinder market and zero in on the one that’s the most compatible with your needs.

5. Warranty

Finally, the product warranty helps make the final decision for any purchase. And usually, the higher product warranty offered by the manufacturer, the more it becomes a preferred choice for a large number of customers.

The same rule applies when considering a commercial meat grinder for purchase. Make sure you check the duration of manufacturer warranty assured on the grinder. Also check whether the warranty extends to the labour and parts of the meat grinder as well.

Some companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the product. Remember to check all these conditions before finalising your purchase.


The commercial meat grinder reviews described in this post are aimed at helping any commercial food business thrive by improving efficiency. For any commercial kitchen, a meat grinder is an excellent investment, well worth its every penny spent. However, it’s important to take certain aspects into consideration before purchasing which can help you make a wiser choice.

The buying guide section of this post was intended to offer assistance in this direction. Hope this helps. We chose to review the top 5 commercial meat grinders of 2020; feel free to add more to this list if you think they’re worth the investment.

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