There’s just something undeniable about commercial kitchen faucets that makes homeowners rethink their decisions over. The general perception of a professional kitchen faucet being apt exclusively for a restaurant kitchen has been dissipating over the years. Minimalist design, enhanced utility and higher durability of industrial kitchen faucets make them perfect for modern household kitchens besides small businesses.

If you already comprehend the superior benefits of a commercial style kitchen faucet and are looking for reliable reviews, this guide contains all the information that you need in addition to a carefully curated list of the best commercial kitchen faucets. We’ve included a comprehensive buying at the end of our top recommendations where you’d find the additional benefits of a commercial kitchen faucet over their regular counterparts. Whereas, if you’re here to simply know our top picks, we’ve listed the 5 best industrial kitchen faucets below.

Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Pull-Down
  • Suits well both; domestic and small business requirements
  • Apt overall height of 18” is ideal for most home and restaurant counters
  • Elongated 20” retractable hose
  • Convenient pull-down operation gives enhanced manoeuvrability
  • Durable ceramic discs ensure drip-free usage
  • Comes pre-attached with standard mounting hardware
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Retractable hose isn’t secured with magnetic docking
  • Certain plastic parts in the spray head

Appropriate for rough, continual usage in domestic and restaurant kitchens, this robust professional faucet from Kraus is a true contender when looking for the best industrial kitchen faucets. Measuring 18-inches, the faucet height is just right and fits well over most countertops and islands while still keeping the elegant high-arc factor in its overall appearance. The faucet combines commendable functionality with its minimal design; which is just what a semi professional kitchen faucet is sought for.

Speaking of utility, the pull-down faucet has a 20” retractable hose that enables you to hover the spray head along all corners of the sink. Further, the spray head has an ergonomic spray selector button that switches the flow of water between an aerated stream and a powerful pre-rinse stream at a click. While it would’ve been a cherry on the cake if the sprayer was secured in place with a magnetic docking; the weighted retraction works just fine too. The only difference between the two is that the latter might need slight manoeuvring of the spray head to perfectly fit in its socket.

Additionally, the sturdy faucet is quite consistent with its top-notch performance. Manufacturing of the unit ensures use of industry-best material that assure better durability than inferior alternatives. For instance, the commercial faucet has replaced the traditional washers to stop the flow of water (that wear away in time) with ultra-durable ceramic discs.

Further, installing the faucet requires very little effort. It comes pre-attached with standard 22” waterlines and mounting hardware. The restaurant style faucet completely justifies its cost when compared against all its benefits. On the off-chance, if you think the faucet stands short as per your kitchen décor, its sturdy 21” counterpart should do you justice. The taller alternative features a lustrous stainless-steel finish and follows similar performance and durability standards. Above all, both these semi pro kitchen faucets are covered with lifetime warranties.

  • Looks stunning; takes very little space
  • Sprayer secured with magnetized docking
  • Spray selector complements single hand usage
  • Heavy duty bronze construction
  • Durable ceramic disc cartridge
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • There’s no retractable hose; reach may be compromised

Suited to rather contemporary domestic kitchens and high-end restaurants; this minimalistic looking professional kitchen faucet surpasses first-impression expectations. Truly one of the best commercial kitchen faucets out there. The 22” high arc faucet gives you a more elegant and appealing look as compared to others on this list alongside flawless functionality. The stainless-steel gooseneck design sits subtle in striking kitchen décor schemes making it a perfect match for most.

The faucet is essentially a pull-out type where you detach the sprayer head from the magnetic holder and extend the closed coil hose around your sink. The key difference between other pull-down faucets and this semi professional kitchen faucet is that there is not retraction of the hose pipe in this one. You simply put the sprayer back in its magnetized holder and the coiled hose takes its natural high arc position. This also eliminates the possibility of a dangling sprayer (often experienced with weighted retractable pull-down faucets). This, however may lead to some compromise is reach of the spray head.

The construction is in lines with that of a heavy-duty industrial kitchen faucet. The blanco culina faucet’s main body is made from solid bronze and the hose is constructed out of steel. Further, the faucet has a ceramic disc cartridge that’s considered way more durable than standard washers. If you’re set on the minimal design of this commercial faucet, you can choose out its two variants that differ in flow rate; one peaks at 1.8 gallons per minute while the other at 2.2 GPM.

  • Appropriate height at 22-inches; suitable for most under cabinet installations
  • Scratch resistant surface; ideal for repetitive usage
  • Sprayer attaches firmly to the magnetic docking arm
  • Ultra-durable ceramic disc cartridge
  • Detachable spring and sprayer
  • Soap dispenser and 3-hole base plate included
  • Requires you to hold on to the spray selector as long as you need the sweep mode

If you can be a bit generous with your budget, we strongly recommend you to invest in this masterpiece from the German giant, Kohler. The 22” faucet is primed to withstand heavy and repetitive usage and we can conclude this from various key observations. Easily qualifies as one of the best commercial style kitchen faucets. 

The faucet appears to have somewhat of a matte stainless-steel finish that is scratch resistant. This makes it all the more suitable for domestic kitchens and food businesses with higher daily usage. Second, the faucet’s spray head is secured in place with the help of a magnetic docking arm. This, in contrast to regular magnetized docking systems, is more convenient since you no longer have to manually escort the sprayer back into its socket. As the entire spring hose moves with the spray head, you simply re-attach the sprayer to the docking arm.

Further, the sprayer and the spring hose; both are detachable, making it extremely easy to keep them clean. As desirable, the spray head is one-hand operation friendly and can be used to alter between stream and sweep. However, you should note that you need to hold on to the spray selector as long as you want the altered stream. While that’s not quite big of an inconvenience, it can still put off some users. On the positive side, the slightly higher cost is pretty much justified with extra accessories including a soap dispenser and an escutcheon plate.

  • Highly economical
  • Two manoeuvrable spouts with individual control
  • The fixed spout has built-in LED light that changes color with water temperature
  • Heavy-duty construction; made out of solid bronze
  • Easy to install; comes with necessary hardware
  • No magnetic docking
  • Lever instead of a button as stream selector
  • No ceramic cartridge

The notion of great value products only coming from established giants is clearly torn apart here. Aiamdi has arguably put to shame so many overpriced faucets with this single handle commercial kitchen faucet. Not only the faucet looks sophisticated and elegant but also combines convenient usage and great utility to the package. Above all, this one also happens to be the most economical professional faucet on this list.

Unlike any other of our picks, this faucet has two separate spouts. One is a fixed spout that extends forwards at 7 inches of height while the other is a pull-down sprayer with dual stream settings. One Peculiar feature that you experience with this one is that the fixed spout has a built-in LED light that changes colors with water temperature. While this may sound redundant for heavy usage food joint kitchens, this may be a neat feature for household kitchens.

The 22” faucet promotes convenient manoeuvrability with both the spout arms being able to be rotated along the vertical shaft of the faucet. Depending on usage, you may either use the aerated stream with the fixed spout or the pull-down sprayer (adjusted for stream setting) or both simultaneously. This indicates, both nozzles have their individual control.

While the faucet is constructed out of brass making it a decent contender for the best professional faucets, the lower price sure takes away some desirable add-ons. For instance, pull-down spout lacks magnetized docking and there’s no mention of ceramic cartridge from the seller. Supposedly, the faucet uses standard washers to cut off the stream of water.

  • Adequate faucet height for constrict kitchens
  • Attractive satin finish
  • Heavy-duty 304 grade stainless steel construction
  • Swiss made neopearl aerator
  • Powerful sweep stream
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No magnetized docking
  • No ceramic disc cartridge

If you’re still looking, here’s a yet another sturdy, durable and functional restaurant style kitchen faucet from Geyser. With a much shorter stature, the faucet may better suit busy restaurant kitchens and domestic kitchens with lesser below cabinet clearance. At mere 18.5”, the stainless-steel faucet still looks stunning and has that high-arc touch to it.

Made out of grade 304 stainless-steel, the faucet is highly durable and withstands heavy, repetitive usage. The shaft of the faucet is protected against scratches with a satin coating while also giving it an appealing finish. This sure matches a commercial grade construction to say the least. The durable built is further coupled with a precise and convenient controls. The single handle lever serves as an example where you could alter water temperature and flow volume with just one handle.  

The sprayer, like others on this list, is primed for single handed usage and has a stream controller for conveniently switching between settings. The sweep stream is powerful (depends on your home’s water pressure) and can effectively rinse out soiled dishes and sink corners. While it would’ve been definitely better if the retractable hose was secured in the socket by a magnetized docking system, the faucet still delivers good value against its price.

Commercial Kitchen Faucets - Buying Guide

What Makes a Commercial Kitchen Faucet Superior?

Commercial kitchen faucets surpass the regular faucets used in the kitchen in all the aspects. They are a perfect combination of design and functionality which creates a remarkable difference. Unlike other type of faucets they feature a spray like a hose which is quite high arced, polished chrome surface and a resilient body which makes the faucets ideal for heavy-duty continual usage. All these integrated features make commercial faucets suitable for public use in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and even nursing homes. Moreover, they make washing and rinsing more convenient and hassle-free and you would probably find them in any kitchen where a lot of cooking takes place.

1. Sleek Design

Commercial faucets are manufactured with an extraordinary appearance. They are quite large and go with a spotless U or swan neck. The vast majority concurs with the possibility that the kitchen will look much better with a semi-ace faucet. Their design is really simple yet alluring and consideration, for the most part, goes to these faucets because of their tallness. They complement the kitchen theme by adding some unique style to it and end up being the core of the kitchen.

Even though you introduce it in a corner, individuals will focus on that corner. In this way, these faucets are an especially valuable device to assist you with drawing individuals’ consideration deliberately.

2. Effortless Installation

Easy installation and usage are the primary elements that make industrial kitchen faucets stand out all the other regular ones available in the industry. They are manufactured in a way that they get easily fit with the traditional plumbing lines in most of the commercial kitchens and restaurants, which does not even require any professional plumber. The faucets come with all the essential equipment that is required during the installation and usage. Some of them also come with a knob that controls the water temperature along with the detailed instruction guide so that you have a better understanding of its operation.

3. Superior Performance

You will agree to the fact that cleaning up after meals require a lot of time and efforts. It becomes a nightmare when you don’t own an ideal faucet in your kitchen. Therefore, there is no better option than installing semi-pro faucets as they offer far better performance than the regular faucets. They offer optimum water pressure to clean up the harsh food stains and the pull-down spray makes the procedure, even more, easier, especially when it comes to cleaning trays, pots or pans. Moreover, the two distinct spray patterns offer a huge advantage as one can be used daily and the stronger one can be used for eliminating tough stains.

4. Longer Warranty Periods

Extended warranty periods give you a feeling of trust as you have the support of the manufacturer by your side in case of any troubles. Some brands offer a warranty that lasts for five years, whereas some offer even more elongated periods. So, make sure to check it before buying the faucet from any brand so that you can make the most of it.

What to Consider when Buying The Best Commercial Kitchen Faucet?

1. Design and Finish

Fundamentally, commercial kitchen faucets are accessible in three styles which incorporate a broadened faucet with spout and cold water and high temp water valves situated at the top. Additionally, there is a double handle faucet which has the spout and every one of the valves mounted on one base. The third design integrates single handle faucet with a solitary handle at the spout to control the hot and cold water valves. 

Talking about the finish, stainless steel and chrome finishes are the most favorable ones. You may find combination of unique finishes in some high-end kitchen faucets that are usually also costlier. You can choose the right finish that complements other appliances and fixtures in your kitchen space. This implies that if you get a copper sink, a faucet with a similar finish works best for you. Similarly, a granite sink is best complemented by matte finished faucets. 

2. Spout Height and Type

A commercial faucet generally accompanies a tall structure and you need to ensure that you choose the height carefully, especially if you own a shallow sink as it can cause water splashing. Moreover, there should be enough space between the top and bottom counters to ensure an ideal installation of the faucet. So, making a careful measurement before the purchase is highly crucial. Spouts vary a lot in terms of shapes and styles suitable for different applications. They can be either movable which is generally called swing or swivel or fixed.

3. Water Pressure Requirements

The commercial faucet accompanies a specific water pressure recommendation. At the end of the day, it will just work proficiently under explicit water tension. Preferably, you should check the water pressure that you get from the local water source before making any decisions. On the off chance that you introduce a faucet without the fundamental ability to deal with the water pressure, it won’t be effective, and it might set aside more than the prescribed effort to wash the dishes.

4. Extra Features

A. Magnetic Docking

A falling spray head is a point of concern. That’s why now most of the commercial faucets are integrated with a powerful magnet that locks the faucet spray stick into place and keeps it secure. The sprayer stays docked when not in use and also doesn’t sag over time.

B. Touch vs Touchless Operation

In contrast to a traditional faucet, which requires an individual to pull or push a handle, touch and touchless faucets limit the on and off activity. The distinction between the two is that a touch-sensitive kitchen faucet counters to physical touch, while a touchless faucet identifies the presence of something before it. Faucets from Moen and Delta are popularly known to have excelled in these highly specialized features. 

C. Hose Length

Ensure that the faucet fits ideally within the sink. For this, you need to check out the length of spout and other dimensions of the faucet while considering the mounting location.

5. Warranty

Another significant factor to consider is the warranty period. Most of the commercial faucet brands come up with the extended warranty. The warranty period offers you the advantage of saving your money whenever you get any issues with the faucet. Therefore, you ought to invest more time exploring and finding the longest one. Also, it indicates that you are investing in something that is built with confidence and trust.

Pros and Cons of a Commercial Kitchen Faucet


  • Come with a durable design which can withstand wear and tear efficiently.
  • Manufactured with a long reach which makes them ideal for cleaning pots and trays without evacuating the other dishes from the sink.
  • They are additionally viable at covering fingertip stains and water spots. 
  • The distinct spray patterns are super beneficial to achieve different goals.
  • Maintain their modern appearance for a longer period


  • They usually incline towards a higher price range as compared to other faucets.
  • You need to choose the spout height carefully, otherwise, the splashing water might create an issue.


Have you made your mind about the best professional kitchen faucet? Going through the guide, we can conclude the fact that every product has its pros and cons and what you select entirely depends on your inclinations and needs. Everyone looks out for a durable product that has the strength to handle heavy-duty usage while contributing a modern and refreshing look to our kitchen space. 

But, to find that one absolute product needs a sharp eye otherwise you might end up wasting your money. Therefore, we urge you to take a deep dive into our comprehensive reviews and buying guide so that you have a better understanding of all the aspects. Also, ensure to follow all the guidelines while making the purchase. Make sure that you don’t fall for the look only and consider all the above-mentioned factors. 

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