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Top 5 Best Air Fryer in India Reviews 2019

Best Air Fryer in India introduced about a decade ago has gained some major attraction. It uses a technology that doesn’t require fat and a lot of oil to fry foods rather it is to fry without needing to dunk food in oil. So how can it fry something without oil?

It is based on the Rapid Air Technology which means an Air fryer blows super-hot air to cook food. Air inside it is up to 200 degrees Celsius and keeps on circulating, creating a browned, crispy surface just like the fried food. With their mechanical fan, they circulate this hot air at high speeds to cook foods fast and also gives the food a crispy brown texture.

One can easily cook a batch of fries, using just half a spoonful of oil. So, the food cooked involves extremely less oil, fewer fats and therefore is healthier. Also, it will surely give you the same result as toasting, baking or roasting. Though they have seen some great sales in different countries, you have to shell out some good money for buying one. So, is an Air fryer worth the expense? To know more about Air Fryer, you can check our guide about Air Fryer, their Advantages and Disadvantages in detail.

Today we are here with a comprehensive list of Best Air Fryers which you can buy in India that costs less than Rs. 10000. But before starting off, let’s check out some health benefits of using an Air Fryer.

An Air fryer can offer many benefits, some of which are

  • Low-fat meals
  • Easy clean-up
  • Uses hot-air circulation, cooks without oil
  • Healthier versions of your favourite snacks
  • Cook multiple dishes at once
  • Prepare a meal within minutes

Getting a personal Air Fryer enables you to make lighter and healthier versions of your favourite foods any time you crave them. All you have to is get the ingredients ready, pop them inside the basket of your Air fryer and relish the joy of eating.

Following is a compilation of top 5 best Air fryers in India that are priced under Rs.10,000. Do check their reviews and specifications before buying from the subsequent links provided below each of them.

Best Air Fryer in India

1.Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer2.2 LCheck Best Price
2.Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer4 LCheck Best Price
3.American Micronic - 1500 Watts Air Fryer3.5 LCheck Best Price
7.Jaipan YJ2588 Air Fryer2.5 LCheck Best Price
5.Havells Prolife 1230-Watt Air Fryer2 LCheck Best Price

1. Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Best Air Fryer in India

This compact Air fryer from Philips can aid you satisfy your cravings without the guilt which is usually followed after a binge. People that are instructed to avoid oily stuff due to health complications no more need to restrict themselves to the bland tasting ‘nutritious’ meals. Rather such individuals must take advantage of the modern technology and treat themselves without posing any ill effects to their conditions.

This Air fryer needs very little to no oil for preparing delicious snacks depending on the food item. It uses the Rapid Air technology for circulating hot air inside the basket through a metal mesh. It can also be used to bake and grill. The starfish design on the bottom of the Air fryer aids in better air circulation, ensuring your favourite foods cook uniformly.

The integrated timer allows you to set up to 30 minutes of pre-set cooking times. Easy regulation of temperature control allows you to pre-set the perfect cooking temperature for your food. You can set the temperature as high as 390°F. It comes with a removable non-stick coated basket.

This provision ensures easy cleaning after preparations. Another edge you get by using the Philips Air fryer is the elimination of frying odour. As the unit works in an isolated compartment, your home is spared from the smell which would have been the case otherwise.

I use it mostly for cooking chicken. It merely takes 10 minutes to cook chicken breasts which have been marinated for one hour. Although, this might not be the case with every Air fryer model available out there. This is why it is critical for you to do your research before actually investing in any home improvement appliance.

The exceptionally quick cooking performance of this model along with other remarkable features compelled us to list it as the Best Air fryer in India under Rs.10000. An air fryer is an extremely resourceful appliance to have quick meals for people who are health conscious. Philips is indeed the best when it comes to kitchen appliances.

  • Sturdy built quality
  • Easy to use
  • Lightning fast cooking performance
  • User friendly instruction manual
  • Compact design

  • Slightly expensive
  • No Auto shut-off feature

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2. Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt 4L Air Fryer 

Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt 4L Best Air Fryer under 10000 for Healthy Food

Havells is a leading electrical appliance brand in India. I am already using this appliance from Havells and the experience has been phenomenal. You can judge a brand by the consumer service they provide and I can assure you of their exceptional service.

Havells Air fryer allows you to fry, bake, toast, roast, grill and reheat the food with it’s Rapid air technology by using hot air making it up to 85% less oily as compared to the traditional deep-frying methods. Consequently, you can enjoy your snacks without any guilt.

It is designed in such a way that it omits the usual odour giving one an extremely clean and odourless kitchen. It has a built-in integrated Timer with an Auto-Off feature and a Temperature control knob. These provisions enable the fryer to cook food quickly and precisely.

It merely takes about 10 minutes to prepare a batch of French fries with this Havells Air fryer. It comes with a gigantic 4 L basket Capacity, so more people to serve is not a problem. All in all, the featured Havells Air fryer is an extremely resourceful appliance if you’re looking for a value-for-money purchase.

  • Digital display
  • Smooth and sensitive touch buttons
  • Compact, sleek design
  • Decent build quality
  • Excellent customer service

  • Only 2.5L out of the claimed 4L capacity can be used
  • Complicated user’s manual

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3. American Micronic – 3.5 Liters Imported Air Fryer

American Micronic- AMI-AF1-35CLDx- 3.5 Liters 1500 Watts Imported Best Air Fryer for Keto

While some of Indian consumers might be unaware of this brand, we assure you that the performance of this model needs recognition. Being priced fairly low, this imported Air fryer includes all essential features.

American Micronic offers great built quality with excellent customer support. The snacks prepared using this Air Fryer require less oil as compared to other alternatives. It’s a great product in nearly half the price of our previous mentions. Along with convenient operation, this air fryer model needs very little to no maintenance.

With a power rating of 1500 watts, you get an extraordinarily fast cooking performance. The Air fryer is specifically designed for Indian customers with operating voltage ranging 220-240V. I’d highly recommend this imported Air fryer to families that are looking for an Air fryer on a tight budget.

  • Non-stick frying basket for easy cleaning
  • Turbo Tunnel Fresh air technology
  • 27% more energy efficient than the first-generation fryers
  • Free home pickup and Delivery for Warranty Repairs or Replacement all over India
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

  • Small basket size

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4. Jaipan YJ2588 2.5-Litre Air Fryer

Jaipan YJ2588 2.5-Litre Air Fryer for cooking french fries

This Air fryer from Jaipan is a yet another is highly resourceful appliance. People that compromise on their taste to stay healthy now have sigh of relief. Using this Air fryer from Jaipan, such individuals can stay healthy along with being able to eat their favourite delicacies. Also, compared to the other fryers, it cooks food faster. The air gets heated up to 200 degree Celsius, and circulates through the basket, making the food items crunchy and crispy.

The aluminum body of the cooking pan gets heated up quickly and aids in even and faster cooking. Also, since aluminum is a safe metal for cooking, you need not worry about the quality of the food. The automatic features allow you to prepare food in much less time and effort. Low electricity consumption, attractive design. Getting this Air fryer form Jaipan will indeed bestow your life with the right combination of binge eating and health.

  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely convenient to use
  • Sturdy no-slip feet
  • Power cord storage within the appliance
  • Power rating of 100 watts

  • Unclear instructions in the manual

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5. Havells Prolife 1230-Watt Air Fryer (Black)

Havells Prolife 1230-Watt Air Fryer Air Fryer for small Family

The Havells Prolife 1230-watt Air fryer has a 2 litres basket capacity and 4 litres pan capacity. The device is equipped with smooth knob controls to facilitate convenient user experiences. Up to 80 percent reduced fat content in your favourite foods surely makes it an attractive buy.

With this equipment by your side, you have the privilege to make a variety of food items like the crunchy crisp potato chips, chicken, fish and even pastries.

Obviously, a healthy version of them all!

This Air Fryer makes use of hot air circulation very vigorously around the food enclosed in the basket. The fryer uses a fan to blast high-speed hot air around the food in order to it the deep-fries touch. This super-heated air is circulated in all the corners of the basket to ensure even cooking.

We are in the 21st century and compromise is virtual term now. With all the advancements we have achieved, comprising neither on taste nor on health is the new motto. This Air fryer is exactly what you just read. Health and taste in the same package.

  • Fry, grill, roast, bake and more
  • Oil and smoke filter
  • Easy to operate knob controls
  • Temperature and timer control
  • Basket release button

  • Not for large families

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It is indeed pitiful that people have to compromise on their taste owing to health concerns. People have been in the need of an appliance that enabled them to make lighter versions of their favourite food items. Well, if you too were expecting such a magical advancement, now is the future!

The majestic Air fryers are the ultimate saviour of foodies. People fond of eating, often face a guilt of their unhealthy life choices. But there is no reason for this to continue. Own an Air fryer and make healthier versions of your favourite snacks any time you for them.

However, blindly ordering any model from the available options isn’t the best way to invest your money. You need to know the features that you need in your personal Air fryer. The above listed Air fryers are hands down the best models in the Indian market. All of them have made to the list after rigorous analysis based on critical factors like cost-efficiency, durability and consumer feedback.

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