Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India Reviews

In India, we happen to have extremely hot days during summers. So much so, some states have to bear temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius. In such dreadful scenes, an Air cooler is the most reliable and economical solution. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say Air coolers are seen as life-savers for people looking for an inexpensive silver bullet to beat the summer heat.

An Air cooler is a revolutionary advancement in the field of air conditioning. It is an extremely versatile option to an Air Conditioner for people looking to save some bucks. Along with being easy on the pocket, an Air cooler works like a charm. If you too are done being drenched in sweat throughout the sunny afternoons, it’s probably time for you to have it easier by owning the best Air Cooler in India which falls under your budget.

We present you a definitive collection of hand-picked Best Air coolers that are assured of making you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.

Symphony Hicool i 31-liter Best Air Cooler with Remote

Symphony Hicool i

31-liter Air Cooler with Remote

Amazon Rating:
Bajaj Platini PX97 best air cooler for humid climate

Bajaj Platini PX97

36 liters Room Air Cooler

Amazon Rating:
Bajaj glacier DC2016 67-liter best air cooler for a room

Bajaj glacier DC2016

67-liter Room Cooler

Amazon Rating:

Best Air Coolers in India Reviews 2019

  • Inverter compatible
  • Features sturdy multi-directional wheels for easy mobility
  • Comes with an ice chamber to ensure the water remains cool while in use
  • Automatic louver movement
  • Mosquito and dust protector to avoid inefficiency due to external agents
  • No drainage system

Highlights of the product:

  • Type: Personal Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 31 liters
  • Cooling Pads: Cellulose/ Honeycomb
Overall Rating:

Symphony is arguably the best Air cooler Brand in India. They have been consistently coming up with reliable Air Coolers and hence are an established name in the market. Multiple models from Symphony including the featured Hicool i 31-liter Air cooler have been ranking as best-selling models on various online platforms over the past scorching hot months.

The symphony Hicool i 31-liter air cooler is a personal/room air cooler which is appropriate for small to medium sized rooms or specific areas of a room. The cooler has 31 liters of water tank capacity and is ideal for room sizes of up to 175 Sq ft. Once the water tank is filled, the cooler runs for around 10-11 hours at full speed.

The dimensions of the product are (L*B*H):  50*38*91.5cm. The cooler features highly efficient and durable thick honeycomb pads . The cooler also comes with an empty tank alarm that will make sure to alert you before the cooler runs out of water. Furthermore, the complementary user-friendly remote control makes it a lot convenient to use. Also, to ensure that the water in the tank remains cool throughout the day, the cooler has a dedicated ice chamber.

The mobility isn’t compromised one bit owing to the sturdy, multi-directional castor wheels. The cooler can be easily moved around the room as and when required. The cooler has a high air delivery rate of 1750 cu.m/hr. Adding to the features, the cooler is also inverter compatible to ensure uninterrupted service throughout the course of use.

The cooler weighs 9 kilograms. Its power consumption is 185 watts and requires an input supply of 230V, 50Hz. The diameter of the fan is 18cm. It also has a few additional features such as mosquito and dust protector, sleep timer, auto louver movement. Also, there should be a provision of cross ventilation at the site of use to maximize the product’s efficiency and to eliminate excess humidity.

All in all, this model is a very efficient and durable air cooler that is reasonably priced and comes with a ton of handy features.

  • Airflow reach: 30 feet
  • Castor wheels enhance mobility
  • Quiet performance
  • Inverter compatible
  • No provision of a separate ice chamber
  • No remote control

Highlights of the product:

  • Type: Personal Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 36 liters
  • Cooling Pads: Honeycomb type
Overall Rating:

The Bajaj Platini PX97 is a personal type of air cooler with water tank capacity of 36 liters, suitable for smaller rooms of up to 150 sq ft. It is equipped with honeycomb type cooling pads that are easily removable for cleaning or replacing. The height of the cooler is 82 cm while it takes a floor space of 45.5*43.5 cm. It weighs 11.4 kilograms.

Due to its compact and portable nature, it can be elegantly used in offices and bedrooms as well. The body of the cooler is made up of a thermoplastic material that makes it’s corrosion free and hence, comparatively durable. Castor wheels are provided for smoothly moving the cooler to desired spots.  The air throw range of this particular model is 30 feet.

The cooler has an input power rating of 100 watts and requires an AC input supply of 230V, 50Hz. The model comes with four-way air deflection for more consistent cooling of the room. The cooler works silently even at full speed that helps to maintain a peaceful environment. Furthermore, Bajaj Platini PX97 air cooler is compatible with inverters. On the downside, there is no provision of an ice chamber.

  • Air throw reach: 30 feet
  • Protective mosquito/dust guard
  • Provided with ice chamber
  • Inverter compatible
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Energy efficient
  • Water level indicator
  • No remote control

Highlights of the product:

  • Type: Personal Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 12 liters
  • Cooling Pads: Honeycomb type
Overall Rating:

One for the people with a tight budget looking for an absolute bang for the buck. The symphony diet 12T air cooler is a tower type personal air cooler with water tank capacity of 12 liters. The cooler is 88.5 cm in height and covers up of a floor space of 30*33cm. This implies that the cooler eats significantly less floor space and is ideal for small rooms. The cooler features durable honeycomb type cooling pads. This particular cooler is ideal for cooling small rooms or small areas of your room.

The cooler comes with a set of sturdy, multi-directional wheels to make it easy for the user to move it around as per requirement. Automatic louvers ensure steady and uniform cooling. This cooler has a blower as opposed to a fan, so it is expected to be a bit noisy when compared to fan based coolers.

The input power rating of the device is 170 watts, and it operates on an AC supply of 230V,50Hz. No worries during a power cut as the cooler is inverter compatible. The cooler being within the lower price ranges has an impressive air throw reach of 30 feet.

The cooler has a dedicated ice chamber for enhanced cooling as and when required. Also, the cooler features a protective mosquito net that helps avoid unnecessary clogging of the cooling pads. It should be noticed that for the cooler to work efficiently, there has to be appropriate ventilation provided.

  • Inverter compatible
  • Comes with a dedicated ice box for enhanced cooling
  • It Has castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Shockproof body due to the thermoplastic material
  • 90 feet powerful air throw
  • No remote control
  • Gets noisy when working on high speed
  • Quite heavy for domestic use in small houses

Highlights of the product:

  • Type: Desert Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 67 liters
  • Cooling Pads: Aspen/Wood wool
Overall Rating:

The Bajaj glacier DC2016 is a desert type air cooler. When compared to an air conditioner, it is an environment-friendly product. It is equipped with a continuous water supply mechanism so that the device works for long without interruptions. It also has an icebox for enhanced cooling as and when required.  It is a portable device and needs minimal maintenance and installation efforts.

It also comes with castor wheels which make it extremely easy to move around the appliance to any corner of the room. Adding to the advantages, it is quite easy and convenient to use. It is designed to store 67 liters of water and hence works for long without having to refill it very frequently. The body of the cooler is made up of thermoplastic material, owing to which it is shockproof and corrosion resistant.

There are three distinct control settings for speed control to regulate the air outflow rate as per requirements. Also, the product is inverter compatible, so that there isn’t any inconvenience during power outages.

The device is ideal for cooling of larger rooms. It’s peak air delivery rate is 5800cu.m/hr and 3500cu.m/hr. On an average. Air throw reach of the cooler is 90ft. Dimensions of the cooler are 70*61*110.5cm. It weighs 20.7 kgs.

  • Large 28L Capacity for faster cooking.
  • 251 Auto Cook menu
  • Trust and support of LG brand.
  • Smartwave technology
  • Diet Fry
  • Beautiful and modern design
  • Warranty: 3 years on product.
  • Not any that I found.

Highlights of the product:

  • Type: Desert Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 43 liters
  • Cooling pads: Wood wool/Aspen pads
Overall Rating:

This particular model of the Bajaj brand is a desert air cooler. The Bajaj DC2015 is a preferable option for relatively larger rooms of size up to 600 Sq. Ft or even halls, restaurants, terrace and backyards. It has a huge capacity of 43 liters that once filled completely, needs no refilling for up to 15 hours. The cooler has castor wheels provided for easy mobility.

It has a 3-way speed control setting to match the cooling requirements of the user. The cooler has wood wool / Aspen cooling pads that are easily removable. The cooling pads might need some cleaning on a weekly basis to keep the cooler at its full efficiency. However, you might need to replace the cooling pads it the trapped dust and minerals are hard to clean up completely.

The power usage of the cooler is 200 watts, and it requires an input supply of 230V, 50 Hz. It has a powerful airflow of 4000cu.m/hr. (peak) and 3000cu.m/hr (average). Moreover, it has air throw reach of 50 feet. The body of the cooler is made up of a thermoplastic material that makes it corrosion resistant. It works at full speed producing minimal noise so as to promote a peaceful rest time.

The height of the cooler is 109.2 cm. And it takes up floor space of 63.5*47cm. The cooler is a desert type weighs 19.2 kilograms. For the cooler to work at its full efficiency, there has to be appropriate cross ventilation provided.

  • Airflow reach of 35 feet
  • Has a mosquito/dust trap to avoid clogging of cooling pads
  • Inverter compatible
  • Silent performance
  • No specific ice box
  • No automatic water level indicator

Highlights of the product:

  • Type: Desert Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 50 liters
  • Cooling Pads: Wood wool/Aspen type
Overall Rating:

This model of the brand cello is a desert type air cooler with 50 liters of water tank capacity ideal for larger rooms of up to 800 Sq. Ft. The cello arctic air cooler features aspen wood wool cooling pads. There is a provision of mosquito/dust filter net to keep the cooling pads from getting clogged.

The product is marketed as a powerful cooler that doesn’t consume as much power on its own. It works on the top speed setting with a slight whisper that won’t interfere in any of the activities being carried along. The height of the product is 82 cm, and it takes up floor space of 63*67 cm.

The input power rating for this cooler is 185W, and it requires an AC supply of 230V, 50 Hz. The diameter of the fan is 18 inches. It weighs 17.5 kilograms. A set of castor wheels come in complementary with the product in case the cooler is to be used on the floor.

On the downside, there are some features that have arrived in some models aren’t available here. There is no automatic alarm to alert the user before the cooler runs out of the water. It has to be done manually. Furthermore, there is no ice chamber. Besides the unavailability of the aforementioned features, the cooler performs exceptionally well. Also, it is a good option for people looking for coolers to install in any of their windows.

  • Airflow reach: 30 feet.
  • 3-way speed control setting
  • Inverter compatible
  • Automatic water level indicator
  • Castor wheels for efficient mobility
  • No remote control
  • No separate ice chamber provided

Highlights of the product:

  • Type: Personal Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 24 liters
  • Cooling Pads: Honeycomb type
Overall Rating:

Another air cooler from Bajaj has made it to the list. Let’s analyze the product for all the features it is marketed with.

The Bajaj PCF 25DLX is a personal type air cooler suitable for rooms of size up to 15 sq. ft. in all climates and can handle humidity of coastal regions as well. Its height is 70.5cm and takes up a floor space of 36.5*33cm. It weighs 19.2 kilograms. Like all other Air Coolers, this one too needs appropriate cross ventilation to work efficiently.

The cooler features honeycomb cooling pads that are easily removable for cleaning and replacing. It has three side cooling pads for enhanced performance. It also has a provision of castor wheels to facilitate easy movement of the cooler to desired spots. The cooler is inverter compatible so as to ensure uninterrupted service during power cuts.

The cooler has a 3-way speed control setting and also 4-way air deflection to uniformly cool the entire room. The input power rating of the device is 80 watts, and it needs an AC input supply of 230V, 50Hz. It has a sleek and compact design to suit your bedroom. There is also an automatic water level indicator that helps the user to refill as and when required.

The device has a drain plug that helps drain out wastewater and to keep it stagnation free. On the downside, there is no remote control, so it has to be operated manually.

  • Powerful air throw capacity
  • Inverter compatible
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Automatic water level indicator
  • Drainage pipe for the water outlet
  • Extremely quiet performance
  • No ice chamber
  • No remote control

Highlights of the product:

  • Type: Personal Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 70 liters.
  • Cooling Pads: Wood wool/Aspen type.
Overall Rating:

This model from symphony is a powerful air cooler with a gigantic water tank capacity of 70 liters ideal for large spaces such as halls or large sized rooms up to 370 sq ft. The cooler has a height of 111.5cm and takes a floor space of 61.8*51.5cm. The cooler features a powerful fan spanning 16inch in diameter. Also, the cooler has wood wool type cooling pads.

It comes with attachable castor wheels for easy mobility of the appliance. The cooler has an input power rating of 160 watts and needs an AC supply of 230V, 50Hz. Furthermore, the cooler is inverter compatible to make sure that the service is uninterrupted during unscheduled power cuts. This particular model is an aesthetically pleasing design ideal for installing in a window.

Other noteworthy features of the cooler are the availability of drainage pipe and automatic water level indicator. However. For the record, it doesn’t have a dedicated ice chamber for enhanced cooling neither does it come with complimentary remote control. So, the user has to operate the cooler manually.

Like any other cooler listed above, this one too needs appropriate cross ventilation for it to work at its full efficiency. This one is ideal for people with considerably large bedrooms craving for powerful cooling through the course of use.

  • Air throw delivery rate: 1500-2000 cu.m/hr
  • Air throw reach: 35 feet
  • Protective mosquito net
  • Automatic louvers for uniform cooling
  • 4-way air deflection to ensure cooling to the corners
  • Shockproof body
  • No separate ice chamber
  • No castor wheels making it difficult to move around
  • No remote control

Highlights of the product:

  • Type: Desert Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 50 liters
  • Cooling Pads: Wood wool/Aspen type
Overall Rating:

We had to include a model that people with restricted space would prefer. This is a 50-liter desert type air cooler with a water tank capacity of 50 liters. You might want to use it as a tabletop device to have bed level cooling as it has a height of mere 55.6cm. The cooler has an air delivery rate of 1500 cu.m/hr. Also, the cooler has a powerful air throw reach of 35 feet.

The cooler features a blower on the contrary to a fan that propels air more forcefully. The cooling pads are wood wool /aspen type. The body of the cooler is made up of shockproof material that ensures the safety of children wandering around the house.

It also has a protective mosquito net laminated on the back of the cooler to avoid bugs getting inside the appliance. The input power rating of the cooler is 200 watts, and it needs an AC supply 230-240V, 50Hz. Furthermore, the cooler is also inverter friendly to make sure there are no interruptions during an unscheduled power cut. It also features motorized louvers to make sure convenient airflow and minimal noise production.

On the downside, there is no separate ice chamber provided. Also, it doesn’t come with attachable castor wheels as this particular model is intended for stationary use. It includes no installation efforts and comes pre-assembled. There is no table stand included in the package, so you might have to get it separately.

  • Sturdy caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Inverter compatible
  • Additional ice chamber to keep water cool
  • Automatic louver movement
  • Complementary user-friendly remote for easy operation
  • 30 feet air throw reach
  • No empty tank alarms

Highlights of the product:

  • Type: Personal Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 22 liters
  • Cooling Pads: Cellulose/Honeycomb
Overall Rating:

Again we have a product from Symphony that is reliable enough to get featured considerably high in our list of best Air Coolers in India. The symphony diet 22i air cooler is a personal type cooler that is suitable for smaller rooms or specific areas of your room. This product should be intended use as a tool for spot cooling. The water tank capacity of the cooler is 22 liters, and it will work fine for rooms of size up to 150 Sq. Ft. The cooler is 94.3cm in height and takes floor space of 30*33cm.

Talking about efficiency, the cooler features thick cellulose cooling pads that facilitate cooling and are much more durable than the thinner aspen pads. It is needed to mention that, for the cooler to work the best, there has to be sufficient cross ventilation provided meaning, there needs to be a constant supply of hot air and also a constant elimination of humid air.

The cooler has an impressive air throw capacity of up to 30 feet. For extra cooling during peak hours of a sunny day, there is a provision of an ice chamber that will give the cooler an extra boost. It has an alarm system to alert the user before the cooler runs dry. You have total control of the device with the remote control in terms of fan speed.

There doesn’t have to any discomfort during unscheduled power outages as the cooler is inverter compatible. The power consumption of the device is 170W, and it needs an input supply of 230V, 50Hz. The fan diameter is 18cm, and the cooler weighs mere 8 kilograms. It also has caster wheels for easy mobility. Additionally, it features automatic louver movement and has a mosquito net and dust filter to avoid any unwanted clogging.

How does an Air Cooler work?

An Air cooler uses evaporation mechanism to cool the air. It requires a constant supply of water. It has a pump that circulates water from the reservoir to the cooling pad which in turn becomes wet. A fan draws air from outside the unit and guides it through the moistened cooling pad.

The energy contained by the hot and dry air is used to evaporate the water from the cooling pad. Due to this transfer of heat, the outflow of air is relatively cold. Although there might be some minute additions here and there, this is the basic principle of all evaporative Air Coolers.

Types of Air Cooler for Indian Climate and Market

Room Air CoolerDesert Air Cooler
Water tank capacity ranging from 20-30 litersWater tank capacity ranging from 30-60 liters.
Used for cooling of small to medium sized roomsUsed for cooling of medium to large sized rooms
Suitable for humid weather conditionsSuitable for dry areas
Mostly use blowers for coolingUsually feature a fan for cooling

1. Room Air Coolers

Personal Air Coolers are more suitable for places with humid weather conditions like India. They are specifically meant to be used in small or specific areas of the room. They consume less energy and are also quieter than desert Air Coolers. They have smaller water tanks but are capable of providing cooling for a more extended period.

2. Desert Air Coolers

Desert Air Coolers are mostly used in dry climate regions. They are usually larger than personal Air Coolers and are designed for cooling larger rooms. They use large water tanks and have huge fans that can deliver cool air to the farthest corners of the room. Desert Air Coolers are suitable if you want to use them outdoors like on your terrace, backyard or big halls.

Factors to consider while buying an Air Cooler

1. Dimensions of the unit

The most important thing you might want to note is the size of the cooler as per your storage space availability. As already mentioned, Air Coolers are marketed with a variety of size options. You must buy the one proportionate to your room.

2. The capacity of the water tank

The larger the water tank size, the longer the air cooler will run, the less frequently you’ll need to refill. So, you need to select a model that has enough water tank capacity according to your requirements. Also, the water tank size is proportional to the actual size of the unit, so it should ideally be big enough to store enough water and also comply with the storage space limitations.

3. Cooling pads

Cooling pads have a direct influence on the efficiency of the air cooler. The cooling pads get moistened and let hot air pass through them in order to cool it down. The thicker the cooling pads are, the cooler is the outflow of air. They’re generally made of cellulose and aspen both having respective pros and cons.

Aspen pads are cheaper, but require high maintenance and have a shorter life. While cellulose pads are comparatively thicker leading to better cooling. Cellulose cooling pads also known as honeycomb cooling pads are costlier but also are efficient and have a longer life.

4. Design

The most common reason why people don’t tend to be inclined towards investing in an air cooler is that they take up a lot of floor space and also aren’t aesthetically appealing to the eye. However, there are rectifications done, and manufacturers have come up with sleek designs. Tower Air Coolers are the new trend as they take a lot lesser floor space and also are pleasing to look at.

Additionally, they come with castor wheels; hence they can be easily moved into different rooms as and when required. There is also an option of attachable wheels.

Things you must know before buying a new Air cooler

Before installing an Air cooler, you must make sure that your room has appropriate ventilation. For this to happen, you might want to position the cooler right in front of an open window where there is a constant supply of hot air. Ventilation is also essential for releasing humidity as the efficiency of the appliance decreases with increase in humidity. Also, opening the windows wide open isn’t recommended as this would only make the room hotter. It should be just enough to provide a constant supply of hot air and to push out excess humidity.

Another measure that has to be taken care of is to keep the cooling pads clean and unclogged. Using water with high mineral content or hard water will slowly lead to deposition of tiny particles on the cooling pad and eventually reduce the working efficiency. To avoid any discomfort, you might want to clean the cooling pads once a week. Along with the cooling pads, the fan blades should also be cleaned of any dust deposits. Frequent service of the appliance is what makes it work efficiently for long.

Another quick tip is, you can add ice cubes to the water compartment to increase the efficiency of the appliance. The colder the water will be, the more energy it will absorb from the hot air to get evaporated, resulting in even colder outflow of air. Some manufacturers have also added dedicated ice compartments to ensure better efficiency. However, going overboard with the addition of ice won’t do any good either, it will just slow down the evaporation process. It is a good idea during peak hours of a sunny day.

Now that you have the basic idea of what to expect from an Air cooler in India and how to select one as per your requirements, you’ll still have a whole lot of options to choose from. It still can be a tricky job to find the best of the available ones in the market. So, if you have made up your mind to invest in a good air cooler, we can help you through the confusion and find the Best Air cooler in India for you.

At Best Kitchen Buy, we reach out to vendors and ask for their products. Mostly we personally use the product for at least 1 month so that we can talk about every Positive and negative aspect of the product. Below are the best Air Coolers in the Indian market with their respective features so that you are spared with all the hassle of surfing through all of them and finding the perfect Air Cooler for Indian weather conditions.


Air Coolers are the best option to beat the heat after air conditioners. However, there is a vast majority of people that do not want to invest in Air Conditioner (ACs) due to higher initial cost and recurring maintenance charges. Also air coolers consume a lot less electricity than Air conditioners. [Checkout our complete take on air coolers vs air conditioners]. These differences make people inclined toward Air Coolers. However, there is still a lot of confusion regarding the appropriate models and getting desired features in the product you choose.

We above have tried our best to cut the hassle of surfing through countless options. The Air Coolers featured above are handpicked after thoroughly examining them on the basis of their features and customer reviews. We sincerely hope, this article helps you in some way to select the best air cooler for you.

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