Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealer Review

avid armor a100 vacuum sealer

Saving time and expenses on food is not easy. Does not matter whether you’re a homemaker or an office-goer with a fair share of the domestic responsibility. Keeping a tab of your grocery budget, food waste, and seasonal food requirements could be over-demanding! While fast and ready-made foods do appear convenient to opt for, they may turn out to be extremely unhealthy and expensive in the long term. Eating homemade food is more economical besides the health benefits. 

One of the greatest disadvantages of preparing a meal at home is the storage. You may find the local supermarket selling groceries in bulk with hefty discounts but long-term storage is not easy with simple freezing. Typically, all foods have expiry dates beyond which it is toxic for consumption and it is the only downside of having to figure out cooking at home! 

Food materials decay in direct proportion to their moisture content. This adds up to making the process of shopping, cooking, and careful storage quite dynamic to manage.  It is also immoral to waste food knowing that a million people, globally, die of hunger and starvation. To save labor and store food for an extended time, one needs an effective solution that decelerates the oxidation of food. 

Therefore, A versatile vacuum sealer can thereby be the right equipment you need. The  Avid Armor A100  vacuum sealing system is one of the premium choices in the aforementioned aspect. In this article, we shall explore the Avid Armor food vacuum sealer review to land on a decision on whether or not to go for the appliance.

Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealer Review

avid armor a100 vacuum sealer review
Dimensions13.5 x 8 x 17.8 inches
Vacuum Power 450 Watts
Item Weight 14.5 Pounds
Material Stainless Steel
Sealing Bar 12 Inches
Seal Width 5 mm
Power 110 – 120 Volt – 60Hz
Accessories 30 Convenient Sized (10 Each – Pint, Quart, Gallon) BPA-Free Avid Armor Vacuum Seal Storage Bags
Vacuum Tubing for Vacuum Marinating Canisters (Canisters not shown nor included)
Replacement Vacuum Chamber Gasket, Metal Heating Element, and Heat Tape


  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Built
  • Transparent Lid 
  • Extra-wide seal
  • Easy-to-Load and Clean 
  • Multiple setting to customize usage
  • The adjustable seal time function 
  • Double Piston Pump 
  • Accessory port for marination and canister sealing 


  • Not absolutely noiseless 
  • Requires active participation of the user in sealing 
  • Not hands-free 

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1. Size, Portability, and Design

The Avid Armor A100 vacuum sealer is a heavy-duty vacuum sealer machine that sucks out the air from the food and packs it in a vacuum environment to prevent its oxidation. The heavy-duty design is quite similar to the Weston Pro 2300 commercial food saver. The product dimensions are 13.5 x 8 x 17.8 inches, making it extremely compact and easy to store. This does not take up much space in your kitchen, no matter whether it is a small kitchen or a medium one. The Avid Armor A100’s compact design allows you greater counter space to operate inside the kitchen. 

If you wish to store the vacuum sealer in drawers or cupboards and carry them out for usage, then do bear in mind that the appliance is slightly heavier than most countertop vacuum sealers. It is no doubt portable, yet 14.5lbs weight is a considerable unit. The heavy-duty build is highly beneficial in carrying out greater workloads effortlessly.

2. Performance

Performance of Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealer

The Avid Armor A100 is a heavy-duty vacuum sealing appliance that delivers robust vacuum + sealing operation. It employs a double-piston pump and an in-built cooling fan that prevents overheating despite consistent usage. The body and housing unit are sturdily designed with high-grade stainless steel.

The Avid Armor A100 food vacuum sealer can allow you to:

  1. Store the surplus and leftover food at home for a longer time 
  2. Preserve your garden’s seasonal harvest for a longer duration
  3. Cook meals/ snacks in advance for a hectic day
  4. Buy extra cereals and pulses available at a discounted price in a sale. And more.

While the clear lid, made of tough acrylic, gives a clear view of the loading and sealing process, the appliance is durable and stays fixed to the countertop without shifting during the vacuum sealing action. The wider sealing bar of 5 mm delivers a secure heat-lock and does not require a double sealing action. 

The set has an added replacement heat bar for no extra charges. The A100 also includes an air hose, replacement gasket, metal heating element, heat tape, and an assortment of 30 nylon bags. All of the bags can be boiled, frozen, and simmered and are made of FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic. Cleaning up the Avid Armor A100 is fast and easy with a simple sponge or damp cloth. However, despite the robust working, the model is still an edge-sealer and its performance falls pale in comparison to that of chamber style vacuum sealers. We’ve reviewed a couple of popular ones that you may check here:

3. Ease Of Use

Ease to Use Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealer

Working with the Avid Armor A100 is simple and hassle-free. The control panel is located on the top of the unit. It employs large and soft-touch digital buttons for easy operation. To begin vacuum sealing the bags, you need to turn the power switch on, open the sealing lid and place the open end of the sealing bag across the heating bar. The bright LED screen displays the progress in the current program selection and gives a distinct beep sound upon completion. 

It delivers the following action to serve various operations:

  • Pulse Setting to Prevent Crumbling Delicate Items
  • Impulse Seal Function to Continuously Seal Bags without Vacuuming
  • Adjust Seal Time Function to Ensure Perfect Closure 
  • Marinate Mode To Infuse Food With Flavors In Suction And Rest Cycles
  • Double Piston Pump with Cooling Fan for Continuous Bag Sealing
  • Accessory Button For Closing Canisters, Wine Stoppers, And Zipper Bags

The red seal button can allow you to stop the vacuum process manually and immediately close bags. This provides greater control over the vacuum action. The seal time can also be manually adjusted to determine a perfect seal using the plus and minus buttons. For convenient use, the recent time selection is stored in memory for easing out your work the next time.

4. Versatility

The Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealing System is a versatile and reliable tool for your kitchen. It is user-friendly and convenient to use. 

The appliance has measurements of about 13.5 x 8 x 17.75 inches, weighs 14.5 pounds, and has a 12-inch heat bar. The product arrives with a 1-year warranty to assure you of reliable quality and peace of mind.

Though you need to be careful with liquid food items by pre-freezing, there is absolutely nothing to worry about if you accidentally mess up with moist food items. This machine has a removable dishwasher-safe drip tray. It is also convenient to clean by hand. 

5. Value for Money

avid armor a100 vacuum sealer

The AVID ARMOR A100 has been tested for quality and qualifies to be used in restaurants, industrial, professional & home processing and sous vide vacuum cooking. Beyond the stainless construction, it uses a double-piston pump for hassle-free and continuous use. The wide heat bar assures a solid and secure closure while the unit in itself is resistant to overheating. 

It has competitive pricing. The appliance serves a heavy-duty function and delivers quicker sealing than most compact vacuum sealers available in the market. The entire set comes with replacement vacuum chamber gaskets, seal wire, and Teflon seal tape which enables you to do petty maintenance at home itself. 

Additionally, the savings you can make through bulk purchases and extended storage can make a difference to your weekly grocery budget. You can save time by cooking a weekend’s worth meal at once and storing them in small packages. You can simply open the bags and eat the stored food directly on your busy days. 

The unit is cheaper than commercial units and saves a lot of space. Users agree that AVid Armor A100 generates much less noise than most of the countertop and portable vacuum sealing machines. Overall, it is a great value for money appliance.


The Avid Armor A100 assures a cost-effective sealing every time. It is much less expensive than most over-the-counter vacuum sealers. The unit has 30 pre-cut vacuum seal bag samples. The bags are cheaper in their pricing and would not punch holes in your pocket for extra purchases. The accessory port attaches the vacuum hose from the vacuum sealing machine to the canister or jar for vacuum storing grains, nuts, coffee, fruits, liquids, grated vegetables, and cheese. It is also great for marinating and pickling. It is all the way worth every penny spent. 

We hope the review helped you get deeper insights into the product!

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