AO Smith Water Heater VS Rheem Water Heater

AO Smith Water Heater VS Rheem Water Heater

It has become quite essential for all households to have a water heater, be it tankless, tank, gas, fuel, or electric. Two of the world’s most renowned brands that provide top-notch water heaters are Rheem and AO Smith. Both of these brands have been in the business for quite a long time now and have emerged as top-ranked water heater companies due to their efficiency, innovations, and advancements in this field.

Nevertheless, you will always find tight competition between these 2 brands. This is why picking one out of them is always a tough call. We have given a detailed comparison between AO Smith vs. Rheem below to help you out in choosing one. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

AO Smith Water Heaters 

AO Smith Water Heaters

Based in the Netherlands, AO Smith Water Products Company BV is a Dutch manufacturer and supplier of hot water equipment and water heaters for industrial as well as domestic applications. AO Smith is best known to compile the installation that fits best according to the customer’s preference. The manufacturing of the first water heater of AO Smith can be dated back to 1939. They have also produced a glass-lined tank in the 1950s, due to which they are known as a company of innovation. In terms of making boilers for the European market, AO Smith has been in business since 1970.

The introduction of the condensing gas-fired boilers 20 years ago by the company led to the increase in efficiency of the gas-fired boiler to values ​​of up to 109%. The company came into the limelight when it joined the solar water heater’s market in 2010, bringing them to be at the same high level of technology as others. AO Smith has its base in China, Europe, India, and the US. AO Smith has also started offering a wide range of climate-friendly systems of heat pumps for commercial and industrial applications.

Rheem Hot Water Heaters 

Rheem Hot Water Heaters

Rheem Manufacturing Company was founded by the Rheem brothers-Richard and Donald Rheem in 1925. Based in Emeryville, CA, Rheem has manufactured a wide range of products in its nearly 100 years of operation. Currently, Rheem is the only company in the entire world that manufactures heating, cooling, water heating, pool & spa heating, and commercial refrigeration products. It is also known as the largest manufacturer of North America in manufacturing water heating products. It has the vision to design zero-waste sustainable products by 2025. They also have locations in Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

Along with covering a broad range of cooling and heating needs, Rheem also offers options from tankless to standard tank water heaters. Gas, electric, and solar water heaters are a few of Rheem’s products that have gained the attention of customers worldwide. Rheem has a history of high-quality products, and you can always see them on the “best of” lists because of their prolonged commitment to excellence and reliability.

AO Smith VS Rheem Water Heater

Both Rheem and AO Smith are two of the most appreciated water heater companies in the world. Both of them are known for offering a diverse range of different water heaters, irrespective of bigger or smaller households. But in order to know which one has the upper hand, we have to first make the Rheem Vs. AO Smith comparison.

1. Gas And Fuel Water Heaters 

Gas water heaters that are available in the market are known for their incredible services as they are much more efficient and consume less fuel than other water heaters.

Rheem provides approximately 43 gas water heater models and is found in about 22% of households. Most of its products are quite different with respect to different levels and series. Gas Water heaters offered by Rheem give high performance and are decent for the environment.

AO Smith manufactures about 60 different models of liquid propane and natural gas tank water heaters that can be found in almost 37% of households. The AO smith has consistently centered around achieving the LEED ratings. Gas heaters of AO Smith are widely famous because with a more elevated level of effectiveness. In any case, this brand ensures that each gas heater model comes with a low-level discharge of NOx.

2. Electric Water Heaters

When compared, Electric gas heaters are much simpler than gas heaters as they do not need gas nozzles, ignition automation and are much safer. They are pretty efficient and superfast in performance.

Electric water heaters supplied by Rheem are highly compatible and significant in terms of performance. The best part about Rheem electric heaters is the quick start up it has. It takes a very small amount of time and effort to perform effectively. All of Rheem’s electric water heaters come with a double copper feature that makes it a reliable system.

In the case of AO Smith, it manufactures multiple levels of products concerning interior quality and performance. They are said to be quite safe for home and commercial using purposes as all the products cover the basic required standards. AO Smith also provides a range of products depending on the 3 tires evaluating their performance.

3. Tankless Water Heaters 

Tankless water heaters are well known for reducing the operating time and providing low NOx. It is considered one of the most advanced technologies utilized for manufacturing water heaters.

Rheem tankless heater works with utmost efficiency, making them famous among the purchasers. These models have a longer life span. Tankless heaters by Rheem are much more stable under extreme weather conditions.

Tankless water heater models by AO Smith come with a digital display that shows accurate data and information very quickly. These models come with non-toxic ingredients making them safe for use.

Verdict: Which Water Heater Should You Choose 

Both AO Smith and Rheem are two of the most famous water heater companies that offer a variety of different water heaters for all kinds of households, be they smaller or bigger. Both of them manufacture quality water heaters for commercial as well as residential use. However, the prices for Rheem water heaters range from $650-$1,300, whereas AO Smith water heaters range from $250-$1,500. While going through AO Smith VS Rheem Water Heaters, one major difference you are going to notice is that Rheem products include heating & cooling systems and air conditioning while AO Smith is all about water heaters. Another point of difference we would like to mention is Rheem is not known for its customer service, but AO Smith is quite famous for its customer service.

Rheem has an excellent range of products, making them one of the top-most brands by a slight edge. Rheem products focus solely on efficiency and simplicity. However, AO Smith is not far behind; rather, both of these have a neck-to-neck competition. In the war of AO Smith Vs. Rheem, AO Smith takes away home the award for energy efficiency. This results in a combination of good customer service and energy-efficient products. In the majority of cases, simplicity matters a lot when it comes to having a solid customer base. It depends on the company to educate the consumer regarding these matters. No doubt Rheem is good at this, but AO Smith looks to be slightly better.

Taking all things into consideration, AO Smith is probably a better choice, only by a fraction, if you are considering buying a gas water heater. However, you will still be benefited and well served by Rheem water heaters with proper maintenance.  


Both Rheem and AO Smith models are alike in terms of features, operating modes, handling, customer service, etc. This is the reason the call for selecting the best amongst them will always rely on your choices and requirements. Having said that all, it is necessary for you to pay deep attention to whatever you’re paying for. Being well aware of the faults and loopholes in the customer service, repair, and warranty policy will prevent any unexpected costs concerning your heaters.

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