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Over the time, pollution has now almost become an integral part of the life in urban settlements. No matter which metro city you refer to, you will come to the understanding that the residents all the metro cities struggle with pollution in one or the other way. Despite continuing efforts from the government as well as other private institutions to prevent pollution, there has not been any substantial positive difference in the poor quality of air. The air quality index of the major urban settlements is barely showing any improvements.

As a board-certified allergist, I’m often asked, “what air filter should I buy?”. First of all, do you need a filter at all? If you’re allergic to just dust mites, don’t bother. Dust mites are carried on large particles (10 micrometers, or microns), and only stay airborne for 15 minutes after being disturbed (such as making the bed or running a vacuum cleaner). They won’t even get to the filter, so no matter what filter you buy, it can’t filter something that doesn’t STAY airborne. But if you’re allergic to something carried on tiny (~ 2 micron) particles, such as cat dander or grass pollen, then by all means consider getting an Air Purifier.